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Top 7 Best Universities in Boston

Top 7 Best Universities in Boston

 Top 7 best universities in Boston

Boston is one of the largest cities and capital of Massachusetts, however, it is one of the largest cities in the New England area of ​​the United States and one of the oldest cities in the country as well. Founded in 1630, it was a major location in the American Revolution and served as host to many important events that culminated initially during independence from British rule. In general, its historic importance and cultural vitality make Boston the best tourist spot, but there are students who flock to the city only because of its amazing reputation in higher education. Boston is the largest university in the world and five more in the top 100 universities in the United States. Boston is certainly the strongest competitor among cities expected only for students who are ambitious.

Therefore, it seems quite clear that at least one in the American city should appear in the top 10 list of the world's best cities for students, but in some cases only. This year Boston breaks the national general formula at first climbing five positions to eighth overall. As you know, Boston is one of the world's most famous and popular academic networks and has been further enhanced by universities located within the Greater Boston area of ​​nearby Cambridge. Among the rest, some of the most popular institutes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University ranked first and third appropriately in the OQ Global Classifications initially.Boston is one of the most historic cities in the United States where Boston is initially clustered among the hustle and bustle of major cities and cultural landscape, the arts and politics that occur basically, an abundance of open green spaces and amazing autumn colors inhabited by Massachusetts and the region. From New England is popular at first. However, Boston is home to six world-class universities, a network of logical projects, also known as Athens in America.In fact, students studying in Boston evaluated the experience highly and in terms of academics, this city comes in seventh place for any new students and special assessments for ease of movement, friendliness, arts and culture.Here are top 7 universities in Boston you need to know about:

1.Massachusetts Institute of Technology i.e. MIT: This university is located in Cambridge and is a major asset of Boston culture. It has been ranked as the number one institution in the world because it focuses primarily on technology and science in particular and has a strong image of leadership and innovation. Apart from its name and main focus, this university initially covers a wide range of topics. The MIT registration includes about 11,000 students, and about 6,600 graduate students, but acceptance here is very competitive, and about 10% of new applicants are accepted each year. Here about 3000 or more undergraduate students live on campus in particular.

2.Harvard University: Harvard University is ranked second in the world and is considered the world leader in the Ivy League. It was founded mainly in 1636 because it is also one of the oldest institutes of higher education in the United States. It is also home to 6700 undergraduate students and about 14,500 graduates as well as professional students At the same time. Apart from tuition fees, they are one of the highest ranked universities worldwide and about 60% of Harvard students who pursue graduation receive financial assistance as well. However, about 97% of Harvard University students choose to fully live on campus for a full-time course which is a very immersive experience. Harvard University is also located in Cambridge, where it is close enough to any student to emerge across the river and at the same time explore Boston's nightlife and culture at the same time.

3.Boston University: The University is initially ranked 79th in the world but 26th in the United States. Boston University is a private research university located in West Boston on the banks of the Charles River. The university has a total of 16,000 undergraduate students and about 14,000 graduate students with a total of 250 programs.

4.Tufts University: This campus is located in Somerville, about five miles north-west of Boston, and only a few minutes from the famous Davis Square, the best shoppers' place, concert halls, stalls and a home to Boston's Museum of Bad Art. There is one other university campus that is initially located in Chinatown in downtown Boston. The Chinatown campus is home to health science programs and is initially located within the country's theater, commercial areas and finance. It ranks 204th in the world but ranks 52th in the United States, and Tufts has about 11,000 students divided into two departments in graduate and university in particular.

5.Brandeis University: This university was founded mainly in less than 70 years and is considered one of the smallest private research universities in the United States. The University is initially 9 miles from Boston on an area of ​​235 acres located just beside the Charles River. There are shuttle buses outside Boston proper that make about 30 ripping within a week to the City of Beans itself, and make it easier for students to travel for an urban culture experience there. It is ranked 324th in the world and is home to the Rose Museum of Art. Currently, the University has about 3504 university students.

6.Boston College: It ranks 331 in the entire world but occupies 74th place in the United States, and is also the Jesuit Research Foundation, which is initially located in the Cistent Hills on the southwest side of Boston and is in fact the best known only for gothic collective landscapes. Traveling to Boston is not far away and is an essential and regular part of the BC lifestyle. This college has initially received 75% of the increase in undergraduate applications in the past few years, initially enrolling approximately 9100 students and about 4,700 graduates as well as professional students.

7.Northeastern University: It is one of the experimental research institutions and focuses mainly on contemporary and global world issues. It ranks 397 in the entire world but in the United States, its center is 84. Northeastern is one of the few universities in Boston that has its main campus in the city itself. The University offers a wide range of courses and activities including the IDEA Project Accelerator, which provides support to ambitious innovators and entrepreneurs who provide both gap financing and investor linkages. There are about 12913 university students present and with them, there are about 7,855 graduate students as well. It is located in the area next to the Museum of the Symphony and Fine Arts. This university is an urban university but at the same time surrounded by grassy areas and trees as well. It focuses mainly on society, and from 2006 onwards, students initially participated in completing or ending more than one million hours in community service.

If you plan to study here, what is the wait? You can experiment with something different from studies you can travel to in different places and experience urban culture at the same time.

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