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Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)) is a communication protocols suite. It is used to connect network devices on the internet. It can also be used as a communication protocol for a private computer network (extranet or intranet). TCP/IP often refers to the entire internet protocol suite. However, TCP and IP are the two main protocols.

This suite functions as an abstraction layer between internet applications and the switching/routing fabric. Oz Paper Help is the number one provider of first-class TCP/IP networking homework help. We boast of a dedicated team of online TCP/IP tutors who work diligently to make sure that your assignment is ready within your deadline.

TCP/IP provides end-to-end communications that identify how data is to be broken down into packets, addressed, transmitted, routed, and received at the destination. In simple terms, it specifies how data is exchanged over the internet. The suite is designed to make networks reliable and requires little management. It can recover automatically from the failure of any device on the network.


Transmission Control Protocol defines how channels of communications can be created by applications across a network. It also manages how a message is broken down into smaller packets before it is transmitted over a network. These packets have to be reassembled in the right order at the destination address. TCP also oversees that this happens.


Internet protocol makes sure that each packet reaches the right destination by defining how the packets are addressed and routed. This IP address is checked by each computer gateway on the network to determine where the message should be forwarded.

A subnet mask helps a computer or any other network device to know the portion of the IP address that represents the network and that which represents other computers (hosts) in the network. The virtualization of the Internet protocol addresses is called a Network Address Translator (NAT). NAT decreases the number of IP addresses needed by an organization hence improving security.

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The common protocols of TCP/IP

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

It consists of a set of rules for transferring files like graphic images, video, sound, text, and other multimedia files on the World Wide Web (WWW). As an internet user, you will be indirectly making use of the HTTP as soon as you open a web browser. The HTTP runs on top of the TCP/IP suite. The latest version of this protocol is HTTP/2, which was published in 2015. Its predecessor HTTP1.1 is not obsolete.

Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS)

HTTPS is also known as HTTP over SSL. It uses the Transport Layer Security or the Secure Socket Layer as a sublayer under regular HTTP application layering. This protocol encrypts and decrypts pages that are returned by the web server as well as user page requests. Both SSL and HTTPS support the use of X.509 digital certificates from the server.

This makes it possible for a user to authenticate the sender if necessary. HTTPS uses port 443 unless a different port is specified. On the other hand, HTTP uses port 80 in its interaction with the lower layer.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

This is a standard internet protocol used to transmit files between computers on the internet over TCP/IP connections. An FTP works like a client-server protocol. The user asks for a file and a local or remote server provides it. The local host machine is the end-user machine. It is connected to the remote host through the internet.

The remote host is the second machine running the FTP software. An FTP type that allows users to access files and other data without an ID or password is called an Anonymous File Transfer Protocol. Today, a lot of file transfer is handled by using HTTP.

However, FTP is still popular and commonly used to transfer files behind the scenes for applications. For example, it is hidden behind website building tools like Wix, user interfaces of banking, etc. FTP is also used to download new applications through a web browser.

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How TCP/IP Works As Described By our TCP/IP Networking Project Help Professionals

The TCP/IP suite uses a client-server model of communication. In this model, a user or machine (known as the client) is provided with a service such as (loading a webpage) by another computer (called a server) in the network. The TCP/IP suite of protocols is collectively classified as stateless. This means that each client request is considered new because it is unrelated to previous requests.

The stateless feature is essential because it frees up network paths so they can be used continuously. However, the transport layer itself is stateful. Its connection remains in place after it has transmitted a single message until the packets have been received and reassembled at their destination. Hire our TCP/IP networking project to help service providers if you need a detailed document on how this suite works.

TCP/IP Model Layers

The seven-layer OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) networking model and the TCP/IP model are slightly different. The OSI model is designed after the TCP/IP model. Also, the OSI reference model determines how applications over a network communicate.

The TCP/IP model layers

The functionality of this model is divided into four layers. Each of these layers includes a specific protocol. We know that several students often struggle with grasping these layers. Our TCP/IP project help is the service you need when you are not well-versed in the TCP/IP model layers.

· The application layers: This layer provides a standardized data exchange for applications. The payload is the actual application data at the application layer. The protocols in the application layer include HTTP, FTP, POP3 (Post Office protocol 3), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

· The transport layers: The transport layer is concerned with maintaining end-to-end network communication. TCP provides flow control, reliability, multiplexing, and handles communications between hosts. The protocols in the transport layer include UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP. UDP is sometimes used instead of TCP for special purposes.

·The network Layer: It is also called the internet layer. It is specifically concerned with packets and connecting independent networks to transport the packets across network boundaries. The protocols in this layer are ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) and the IP. The ICMP is used for error reporting.

· The physical layer: It is also known as network interface layer or data link layer. Its protocols only operate on a link. A link is the network component that interconnects nodes or hosts in the network. The physical layer is the lowest and has protocols that include the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) and Ethernet for Local Area Networks (LANs).

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Is TCP/IP Important?

TCP/IP is not controlled by any company. It is non-proprietary. This means that the Internet Protocol Suite can be modified easily. Also, since TCP/IP is compatible with all operating systems, computer hardware, and networks, it can communicate with any other system easily.

TCP/IP is a routable protocol and highly scalable. It can determine the most efficient path through the network. TCP/IP is extensively used in current internet architecture.

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