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    Executive Summary
    This report provides the demonstration regarding the management set that helps to fulfill the roles. There are various issues within the workplace that can be solved easily from managerial leadership with the enhancement of theory and styles. 
    The main aim of this report is to demonstrate usefulness regarding competing values of the framework and the requirements of managerial leadership. In order to demonstrate the usefulness of competing values in framework among managers there is a necessity to develop better functions among leaders. There lies with two modules that include improving productivity and promoting of necessary changes that help to encourage adaptability. The proper form of understanding helps to ensure the suitable areas regarding the proper form of functions as the leader in the organization at the time of managing the entire working.
    Module 3: Improve productivity and increase profitability
    The leader tries to improve productivity and helps to increase the profit in the organization. An effective form of managing of entire work in the company can be carried out through leadership. It is possible to segregate on behavioural functions of leadership and managership. This becomes an important act for developing high influence regarding matters on the relevance of organizations within the certain degree to act properly as leadership. As stated by Anca (2014), the managers of firm try to control, direct and organize the entire activity to meet the specific goals. The leader provides high confidence and develops trust among subordinates with a maximum number of cooperation with the guidance form of activity with the organized efforts. The managerial leadership develops the behaviour with the elicits among the volunteers with the better form of followers with the behaviour that lies beyond the association regarding high performance with the provided job. The leadership in the company implements the influential with the better form of increments regarding suitable performance as directed routinely. As referred by Blom and Alvesson (2014), managerial leadership provides the combination of skills among the manager through the enhancement of quality among leader. The main concepts lie in managerial leadership provides the importance to introduce the necessary things to increase the performance of the company as well as develop the effectiveness of human. The managerial leader tries to develop the evaluation regarding accomplishment of formal tasks and informal form of basis at the time to meet the set goals. 
    As opined by Bolman and Deal (2017), there lies with the suitable leadership styles which enhances the three set of forces used by the organization for long-term aspects. The manager of the firm needs to develop the forces, the suitable amount of force needs to develop among the subordinates and situations on the force. This provides the suitable form of approach to see the effective working manager with the act, flexible and select the behaviours of leadership in a needed place as well as based time. As stated by Chai et al. (2016), manager of the company tries to influence regarding knowledge, background, experiences and values that help to increase the productivity. The managerial leadership helps to increase the productivity and profitability of the suitable planning process that enhances the growth of a company. The manager of the company tries to introduce the leadership through an effective form of leadership styles by using relevant theories. There is a necessity to focus on leadership framework at the time of carrying the entire procedures by the company. There lies with the set of principles that helps to define manager with the incorporated practices with the essential things that provide the growth of production in future as well as present aspects. As referred by Galvin et al. (2014), a framework in leadership provides clearly all the necessary requirements for the growth of leadership with set consistent and practical form of standards. It delivers toolkit of principles among the manager as well as the team to address the challenges that are faced by the organization. It provides simplification upon leadership with the understanding and contribution towards the entire process. The framework of leadership lies with the three main elements that are followed as:
    i. Leading of people
    The effective leadership framework lies with the main elements, which includes with the leading of all the employee within the workplace. The leader tries to develop the productivity of the firm from the suitable process that enhances a better form of productivity and further helps to earn the profit.
    ii. Leading the entire organization
    The effective form of leadership framework lies in the process that enhances leading process which delivers the better process in which growth happens of an entire company. The leader tries to develop a better form of the planning process that enhances to increase the growth of firm from the effective working of an employee (Jaques, 2017).
    iii. Leading the manager
    Effective leadership framework tries to develop the manager working by showing particular directions that provide the suitable form of recruitments process. The suitable recruitments process helps in the involvement of dedicated staff members that can easily develop a better relationship with the customers.
    Module 4: Promoting changes and encourages adaptability
    As stated by Topping, (2016), the leading is vital factors for proper function of entire management through a proper form of planning within the workplace. The leader provides better qualities to increase the performance of the firm. Leadership qualities lie in personal traits as well as managerial traits. As opined by Trivellas and Reklitis (2014), personal traits include self-confidence, intelligence, flexibility, acceptance of responsibility and decisions making capacity. The managerial traits lie in the knowledge of human skills, technical knowledge, ability to deal with the people and ability that can judge at the time of the making of decisions. The organization tries to follow a particular form of leadership styles with the proper process regarding patterns behaviours that helps to increase the productivity. As stated by Tuberville  and Danehower (2017), managerial leadership are followed in such a manner in which the suitable theory helps to make better decisions that provide the suitable form of promotion and encourage the adaptability. The leadership theory lies with the great man theory, trait theory, behavioural theory, contingency theory, transactional theory and many more. The appropriate theory is adopted by the organization to make the suitable changes and helps to develop the beneficial form of relationship with the employee. As referred by Jaques (2017), the organization needs to adopt the two important styles of leadership that includes the boss-centred leadership and subordinate centred leadership. Managerial leadership tries to use the maximum form of authority by the manager at the time of dealing with the boss-centred leadership. The manager to implement a better form of functions within the workplace carries out the minimum use of authority. As stated by Jaques (2017), manager of the company needs to make the choice on leadership styles that might reckon regarding situational forces. It lies with preferred styles, working with groups, developing of pressures on time and managing the entire team with the suitable areas. These help to increase the productivity from the better way of planning and enhancement of leadership styles as well as followed theory.
    It is concluded from above report is that the managerial leadership is vital factors that need to be followed by the organization. This helps the company to face various challenges with the guidance of the leader. The organizational set goals are achieved from the followed styles and procedures that help to increase the profit as well as productivity. The managerial leadership tries to promote suitable changes and encourage the adaptability.