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    Work Related Learning Media Assignment Help

    Work Related Learning Media Assignment Help

    Work Related Learning Media Assignment Help 


    Work-related learning is important for professional development that helps in achieving goals and objectives. This study is based on evaluating potential learning objectives from employment skills and experience in the professional field. The study is going to evaluate 5 potential objectives and critical analysis for representing relationships between workplace learning outcome and career development. The aim of the study is to highlight the contribution of workplace circumstances, portray employability skills, and areas of improvement of skills and competencies.

    3. Critical Analysis

    Kolb's reflective model is considered for providing critical analysis of the selected learning objectives based on work-based learning. 

    Active experimentation

    The considered learning objective includes content development, graphic designing, web designing and communication, post-processing of videos & photos as well as animation skills. These are the important experiences earned from the workplace environment. I have provided my maximum interest in learning the art of developing attractive content by selecting different targeted audiences. As argued by Phillips et al. (2017), the art of developing content is important for the media field to ensure the impact of content on viewer mental and emotional health. The development of age-appropriate content by incorporating macro-environmental factors is necessary for maintaining the efficiency of various media content. In addition, I had also considered graphic designing as an important skill that needed to be developed for surviving in the media industry. 

    Graphic designing skills are required for outlining websites and any other digital content for maintaining value representation for the audiences. I had also practiced web designing with digital media strategies to develop quality media content. According to the view of Smith & Kouchaki (2021), post-processing, photo editing and video editing areother important objective I had planned for learning from the workplace experiences to improve my professional skills. Learning of post-processing elements is necessary for managing quality and controls of photographs used for media cover is purpose. On the other hand, video editing and photo editing are essential for managing advanced picture quality, video lighting and colour & contrast of the subject to a standard margin. As argued by Peter et al. (2017), post-processing, photo-editing and video editing skills are important for developing quality content in major awards and for maintaining targeted customers significantly.

    Animation skills are another important objective that has been considered as a learning element for developing careers in the media industry. As supported by Mikkonenet al. (2017), animations are widely used for creating character or model by inspiring from a real structure. In addition, animation skills are required for providing a proper visualisation to the targeted customers or audience regarding the topic to maintain their interest. I had learnt the implications of animations in media activities for developing quality content by considering the audience of different age groups.

    Concrete experience

    The experience with the learning objectives is magnificent and it has a great contribution to improving professional skills for the development of valuable content. As influenced by Tews et al. (2017), the most potent experiences of engaging with the media industry are the importance of information flow, proper planning, sound and video quality and proper communication process. During my work with Minch Media, I had understood the importance of providing quality content to the audience for improving their general awareness and supporting life improvement. For example, I utilised animation, media and web designing skills to create unique contents and connect with customers. As I worked with You Tube, I understood the need for proper planning and timeline for the development of new media content by considering the appropriate topic, information collection, fact check, and verification of customer interest.

    The learning experiences contribute to improving knowledge on maintaining a sound and pixel quality of video alarm with contrast for maintaining significance standard and customer interest. During my work at Trading style of Flight Link International Ltd, I had also experienced the importance of using the proper mode of communication and proper languages for maintaining interest in the audience along with the quality of content developed (Lundgren et al. 2017).

    Reflective observation

    From the personal experiences of learning important objectives involved with the media industry, it can be stated that understanding different functional levels representing news or developing content is important for professional development. I had observed improvement of my practical and professional knowledge regarding various areas of the media house from the work experiences. I have realised there is a huge difference between classroom learning and the workplace learning process. As per my observation, I had noticed classroom learning helps us in understanding ethical implications, theoretical consequences and legal consequences of various actions. On the other hand, workplace learning helps in completing tasks in a limited time, managing small issues, adjusting with team members and learning from real-life situations. According to the view of Watson et al. (2018), the identified learning objectives that include content development to the animation process has played a significant role in improving the skills of various fresher and employers. 

    The major observation from the experiences of workplace learning is time management, adjusting to cross-cultural issues, opportunities for professional development and balancing professional and personal life. I had observed the importance of improving time management skills for working in the media industry due to the existence of a high level of market competition (Jackson, 2018). In addition, the requirement of understanding cross-cultural differences amongst the team members is a potential observation from the experiences. I had also observed that work-related experiences improve understanding and analysing capabilities and support the decision-making process for future improvement. The opportunities for professional development and future scope in the workplace helps in selecting the right profession and improving personal effectiveness along with leadership for receiving personal as well as professional goals (MacKinnon et al. 2017). 

    Abstract conceptualization

    Based on the discussion and observation, it can be concluded that all the objectives have potential importance in the media industry. Skills of developing quality content are necessary for serving on the marketplace by proving capabilities and effectiveness. As per the view of Billett (2020), the objective of graphic designing is required for establishing a brand image on the competitive structure with a unique identification and high-quality graphics. In addition, the skills of web designing and digital media strategies helps to formulate the right plans to promote a content. Moreover, strong communication skills help in maintaining good relationships with teammates and collecting quality information by interacting with key people for developing media content and story. On the other hand, objectives of post-processing, photo-editing and video editing are required for quality by design and developing quality video or photographer content that help in transferring information to the maximum people and retain target customers. According to the view of Jackson (2018), animation objectives are important for developing a career in the media industry by enabling character and moral development skills. Therefore, the mentioned objectives are important for professional development and improving personal effectiveness for succeeding in a career in the media industry.

    4. Conclusion

    From the above analysis, it can be stated that engaging in the workplace helps in developing professional skills more effectively by providing access to face the reality. Theoretical learning during the educational process is based on concept and understanding however, workplace learning is based on experiencing practical situation personality. Job roles and responsibility help in improving their communication skills, analysis skills and other employability skills. The five important objectives considered in the study are skills of content development, graphic designing, web-designing and digital media strategies with proper communication, post-processing, photo editing& video editing and animations


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