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    Wireless Communication Assignment Help

    Wireless Communication Assignment Help

     Wireless Communication Assignment Help

    When data is transferred from one device to the other device or when two people more devices share some data in the same or another network we say that communication is taking place. The network in which devices are communicating can primarily be off two types wired or wireless. When devices are directly connected to each other with some cable and arranged in some topology it becomes wired network whereas when the devices share same communication channel for transmitting data, it is termed as wireless communication. Wireless communication is basically used with mobile devices which are continuously changing their positions. It uses electromagnetic signals that are transmitted by embedded devices considering air as the medium of transmission. For all the devices that are involved in a wireless communication share the physical channel and bandwidth of that channel for sending data. Wireless communication is of several types and it may include Infrared communication, satellite communication, Radio Broadcast, Microwave communication, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. Similar to wired, wireless network also has a bunch of protocols that make the communication possible.

    Importance of Wireless Communication Course

    The whole world is now shifting from being manual to automatic. With this, the interest of people is inclined towards the use of mobile devices. Also now a day the concept of the internet of things has evolved which has totally changed the way computer network used to be in earlier days. With all these advancements it has really become very important to learn the concept related to wireless communications. So, this become one of the core courses in computer science and information technology discipline and cannot be neglected that easily. With this new research is coming up in this field and in coming few years every mobile device will start communicating with each other. Not only mobile devices but even home appliances, automobiles and wearable devices have started communicating. So, for students to be in touch with the recent trends in wireless technology and keeping them updated with upcoming wireless communication services it is extremely crucial for students to learn this course during their engineering program.

    Difficulties faced by a student while solving wireless communication problems

    Wireless communication is possible only with the use of protocols. The student generally doesn't understand the internal working of protocols due to the complex language used in the RFCs. With that, it is also very difficult to implement those protocols because it demands an in-depth knowledge of network programming, simulation tools, network designing and many fundamental concepts of a computer network. With wireless communication, another biggest issue that students find difficult to some is of security. We really need to have completely secured communication among all the moving as well as stationary devices because data transmitted over the network is of prime importance. Another difficulty faced by students in this field is installation and configuration of various wireless devices.

    Few important tips while writing wireless communication assignments

    Some important guidelines for solving issues from wireless communication are first, it is completely dependent on the level of practice done by the students to implement the wireless communication network and knowledge of the protocols that are used in it. Several free tools are available in the market which covers almost all the features that are involved in the implementation of wireless protocols in any communication network. These tools are available for free and can be used for practice purpose. Designing of the wireless network can be made simple by using Packet Tracer, NS3, or OMNET++ as simulation tools, these tools are easily available and simple to configure as well.

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