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    Website Designer Assignment Help

    Website Designer Assignment Help

    Website Designer Assignment Help


    • Make people spend more time on ecommerce store by beautifying it.

    • Let the users fall for your ecommerce store.

    • Tips to enhance your online store.


    If you want to go shopping, where do you visit? If this question was asked before the Estore was introduced, the answer would have been, “to the market.” But now, the answer has changed. Instead of spending long time travelling to the mall now, people prefer to go online and purchase from the ecommerce store. The awareness about the stores has given a chance to the online store holders to grow and earn as much as they can.

    As a lots and lots of ecommerce store are present online the level of competition has raised. In the midst of this competition, the online store that has a minimum bounce rate gets more success. You must be wondering what this bounce rate is and why this term is introduced here. Well, when a person visits an Estore and returns after getting on the first page, it is assumed that the bounce rate is high for that particular website. The conversion rate is said to be low if the bounce rate is high as the user do not panic to look at the other pages of a website.

    To increase the conversion rate, you must choose a website that can engage more and more people for greater time. As we all know the importance of web design, we will now discuss about how one can enhance the website design.

    Don’t be self centered

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    Whenever you meet a person who keeps talking about himself, do you prefer talking to him? No, you don’t. In the same manner, if your website is full of the content bragging about you, nobody would like to read the content and visit the website again. So, keep a short detail about you and instead provide the details of how it can be helpful to others, the services it provides, etc.

    Be simple and attractive

    The website design you prefer for your website should be simple. If you think a simple design cannot attract more people, do have a look at the Apple website. It is simple yet people prefer visiting it. A website that is clean, simple and natural is always easy to understand. And people prefer the things that are more understandable than compared to the one that requires more time to comprehend.

    User-friendly content and features

    First of all, the ecommerce store should have a responsive web design that is compatible with all the devices used now a day. Secondly, the content used in the website should connect to the objective of the website. The content used in the website should not sound repetitive and also the navigation should be easy.

    Add photos, videos and highlight headlines

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    When we use photos, videos instead of words, they are easy to understand and sound attractive. So, ask your designer to immediately revamp the website and add lots and lots of images to it. Besides this, also highlight the headlines and important topics, so that they can be easily differentiated. Also, prefer responsive web design over static.

    Add hues to make website the perfect match

    If you think a website cannot be attractive when you make it simple, you are wrong. You can experiment with numerous colors to make it captivating. Colors on a simple website can make it look classy.


    When you go to meet someone for the first time, you prefer to look perfect because, “First impression is the last impression.” So, why not apply the same for the website. Design it in such a way that not even a single page of the website goes unregistered. As we all know the importance of web design, if you have the requirement for the same, you can contact us as we are experienced in these services.

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