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    LO1 Discuss server technolog that stays integrated with hosting

    P1 Identifying purpose as well as different form of DNS, including explanation and the way domain names are managed and organised

    Domain Name Servers (DNS) are considered as the equivalent Internet of the Phone book that helps in maintaining the directory of the domain names. Based on the viewpoint of Romero-Gomez et al. (2017), DNS is beneficial for translating the domain names into IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. It is essential to manage as well as organize different forms of DNS as it makes machines or computers access the websites that are based on the IP addresses. Putting a domain name on the search browser makes the browser communicate with the name server for finding IP address, which matches the name. Hidayat (2018) added that after the request of the domain name, the next request moves on the server that is sorted by DNS (Domain Name System) hierarchy. The mentioned hierarchy starts from the top-level extension to the down the line. DNS is thereby useful for making World Wide Web easy to navigate that helps in encouraging people for utilising the services. Moreover, it is noted that the domain names are useful for identifying IP addresses one or even more. The domain names are simply used in URL for identifying any Web page.

    Domain name focuses on creating a lasting impression (first) on the customers that helps them to attract towards the website. According to Zager et al. (2018), the purpose of the domain URL is top form initial interaction with the brand. The unique name of domain sticks in the minds of the customers, which helps in attracting potential customers towards the brand. Romero-Gomez (2017) commented that DNS is beneficial for defining brands, which makes the customers well-aware of the products that the company is selling. The domain name provides the organisation to create unique link between the product and the name. Different domain names include top-level domains (TLD), country-code top level domains (ccTLD), Generic top-level domain (gTLD), second-level domains and third-level domains. The example of top-level domains includes .edu, .org, .com and second-level domain includes .co. On the other hand, the example of third-level domains includes "www". In order to organise and manage domain names, it is important to login into the user area, besides going to the My Accounts section. All the domain names are listed in the section of Domain Names that can be easily noticed. On the page "manage”, any edit regarding the information of domain name can be done. 

    P2 Explaining the purpose as well as relationships between server hardware, communication protocols, web server software and operating systems with regard to publishing, accessing and designing a website

    Web servers and browsers communicate via TCP/IP using internet. Based on the viewpoint of Zager et al. (2018), HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) stands as protocol of standard application on the top of the TCP/IP, which helps in supporting server responses and requests of web browsers. Web browsers simply rely on the DNS for working with the URLs. The web server makes use of HTTP for serving file, which creates the web page for the users. It is based on their requests that are sent by the HTTP connection of the computer. The session of web browsing simply works like specifying URL in the browser. It is noted that the browser simply initiates TCP connection to the web server via IP address, as it is published in the DNS.  Web hosting is known as the activity that provides storage space and generates access for websites. It helps the organizations to post website over interest by following some basic rules (Davies, 2018). It is known that most hosting organizations need own domain in order to host with them. It also helps in publishing the website online, which benefits the business from web hosting. 


                                                        Figure 1: Web hosting

                                                         (Source: Dawes, 2017)

    Professional web hosting mainly looks after generating better experience so that focus can be developed by providing hassle-free service. It also helps in developing more effort in business by developing more time. Web servers and web browsers simply function together as the system of client-server. Hidayat (2018) mentioned that the client-server system is referred to as the method of designing the applications for keeping it in the central location. The clients of the web browser have the option of requesting data from the same website. Several technologies used in web hosting and those are;

     Windows hosting- It mainly generates web services that gets run in the Windows operating system. Thus, it is necessary to choose the windows hosting in order to plan using ASP (Active Server Pages). It gets used in server scripting and if proper planning gets done, it gets used in Microsoft SQL Server. Thus, in case of developing Microsoft FrontPage, Windows hosting is considered as one of the best choices to develop a website

    Unix Hosting- In this hosting approach, the main attention is given over running UNIX operating system. It was the first web server operating system that was also considered a reliable source to develop stability. It is also considered often less expensive compared to windows hosting. 

    Linux hosting- It is the hosting of web services that run on the Linux operating system UNIX is like an operating system, which provides free and open source choice, which helps the web hosting industry (Smith and Wong, 2016). Linux hosting can do wonders as it supports CMS like WordPress, and it also provides highly secured environment by managing the attacks. It is said to be an easier application in order to use industry web hosting software such as CPanel so that hosts can be moved without disrupting. 

    Thus, it is necessary to manage website hosting as it looks after developing the secured approach. Linux and Windows hosting are two types of hosting that mainly gets by organisations. In this hosting, word press gets easily installed on the windows server (Smith and Wong, 2016). Apart from the advantages, it is seen that the Linux servers do not support IIS, .NET and ASP. Thus, based on the requirement, website hosting options get selected. 

    Apart from these some other technologies of web hosting are;

    CGI- CSI scripts are used for executing web pages and also to produce dynamic and interactive web pages. It is seen that most internet services offer CGI capabilities to develop server actions. It helps in developing and managing customer servers to have all the necessary things inbuilt within the server.

    ASP (Active Server Pages)- It is the server side scripting that gets used by developing the use of Microsoft. Dynamic web page gets developed by the use of ASP as script gets put inside HTML pages. Once the code is executed, it gets executed by the web server before it gets returned to the page (Dawes, 2017). ASP is also considered as the standard component that gets used in Windows XP, 95, 98 and 2000. 

    PHP- PHP is said as the open source software that gets used as powerful server side scripting language that gets created for dynamic and interactive websites. Thus, PHP is considered as perfectly used for web development as it gets embedded directly to HTML code. PHP also generates support to the MySQL, Oracle, Solid, Sybase and Generic ODBC. 

    LO2: Discuss the website tools, technologies and software that gets used in order to develop the website

    P3. Discuss the capabilities and relations in between the front end and backend website technologies along with discussing its relationship in the application layers

    Front-end development manages the users, which help in developing an application to the browsers. In the case of Front end, development looks after developing and ensuring experience towards analyzing codes. The front-end developer has the responsibility towards managing the design along with developing looks (BREWER, 2015). In case developing front-end websites, technologies that get used are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Mainly UI/UX designers are said as front-end developers who look after developing focus over User Interface and User Experience respectively. In the case of Back End Developer, it mainly refers to the server side development where it looked after developing, monitoring, and functionality by developing primary responsibility.

    The developer used to develop websites using JavaScript, CSS and HTML and these technologies are used to as a Frontend technology to improve a website.  HTML is the backbone of these web technologies, and this structure takes care of all the structure and contents that are needed to develop a website (Fahrenbruch, 2018). CSS is a tool that controls the look of HTML in a webpage; CSSs control the colour background and fonts that will appear in the webpage. Front-end technologies use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to maintain the codes of websites and using this code the functions of the website. According to the view of Seppälä and Yajima (2017), JavaScript is used to add different features; some of these features are animations. These three programs are used as front-end technologies, and Java can also be used as back end technologies due to the update of browsers.

    Three parts of back end development are server, application and a database, where it mainly gets used for conducting communication to the database information to the browser. Languages such as HTML and CSS stays acknowledged in the back end development (Fahrenbruch, 2018). It gets mostly used in dynamic sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google maps. Frontend and backend are considered as two popular terms that get used in the web industry. The frontend is regarded as how it helps in conducting discussion and on the other hand, back end looks after leading development to the organisational role.

    Web development is a huge set of rules and techniques that get used for designing any website. Having in-depth idea can be helpful for integrating technologies that can be helpful for achieving the goal of commercial website development. The three main languages that are necessary to be known are JavaScript, CSS and HTML (Jeremy, 2019). It is known that computers cannot communicate with each other, thus it is necessary to integrate codes in case of developing websites. The technologies and tools are:

    a.Browsers- Information get requested by the browsers and develop the 3way of understanding. Most popular browsers are; Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Chrome is considered as one of the most popular browsers bought by Google and Safari browser is of Apple. Mozilla Foundation also provdes support to Firefox, which is the open-source browser (Timotic, 2019). On the other hand, Internet Explorer is the browser of Microsoft. In the case of choosing a browser, it is necessary to keep in mind that the website can stay easily accessible to the people and can get a load in a smaller time period.

    b.HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)- HTML is a web browser that shows once the request is received. In case of developing a website for commercial purposes, a better understanding is necessary to have over the integration of HTML along with CSS. CSS gets used to describe how HTML elements can be displayed over screen (Silberschatz et al. 2018). HTML gets used in developing commercial environment as it shows the request that gets conducted by the visitors to the website. 

    c.Web development frameworks- It is the framework that gets used by the developers to avoid doing simple or mundane tasks. The framework is said to be simple and by using updated software so that the site can take lesser time to load.

    d.Angular- It is one kind of web technology that gets used for dynamic web applications. Front end based applications also get used to the frameworks in case of developing a website for commercial purposes (Swain et al. 2015). In this web technology, MVC architecture, code generation and code splitting get used to not use any loops. 


                                                   Figure 2: Angular technology

                                                              (Source: Timotic, 2019)

    5.Zend- in case of developing a commercial website, it is necessary to maintain security so that details of the consumers can be kept under proper security. Zend is considered as an open source framework that gets used to develop websites based upon PHP. Apart from these, Zend also looks after developing and generating security to the reliable web apps and services.

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