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    In recent times application of web in various sector affect our daily life in various ways. In order to communicate with the outer world globally this is one of most important options.  Therefore designing of web page is most important to attract more visitors and to increase the publicity. Web system actually provides so called web based instruction as one of the most effective technical aid. With help of hypertext network or information network it provides most innovative and importer features. First of all this kind of technique provides specific tools that are used to manipulate information that are multimedia information of a specific and particular web page. Second part is that the entire authorized user can modify and edit and update all the information that is present in a particular system. Therefore to look better the entire web page designing process are required therefore it web designing is most important and required technique.    
    Home page
    Home page is the   main page of any website. Generally, visitor gets attracted if the structure of the home page is perfect. It can be consider as the landing page to attract the user or visitors (Fielding et al. 2017). Without proper home page it is not possible for any organization to design the website. In this portion, a short description about the user or about the organization is conducted. In some cases home pages consists of specific tagline according to the users choice. The following steps are
    1.      Start with doctype
    2.      Addition of <html > tags and language specification
    3.      <Head>
    4.      Character set need to be specified
    5.      Indent the code
    6.      Add comment
    7.      Put proper title <title></title>
    8.      Bulk of the page in the <body>
    In the home page another important part is about options and in this part generally user maintains their details. In this part user can insert name, age, and skill and interest part. Apart from that in this about option user can include any images and also can include hobbies and interest. In order to create about option in the home page user need to create at first a dynamic web page. From this about option any visitor can check in details of the particular user.
    Image gallery
    Image gallery is another option that is attached in the home page of the website. In this gallery the user can include their own picture and also include more pictures in their gallery according to the user's choice. This is an image gallery based on HTML programming language. User can save and upload their images in under <figcaption> attribute. Image gallery is used to design the server and it helps to attract the visitor.
    In the home of the website user can include a career option. In that part some cases user can include an embedded video link that actually expresses user's viewpoint. In career option user can include career ambition that are related with the user career objective. This option can be implemented in different way in case of any organization. In their home page admin generally   provide their career option for the visitors.  Career is also one of the marketing strategies for any organization. For personal website it can be treated as a place where user can include his or her viewpoint and ambitions. 
    This part is totally connected in the career options. With the help of this approach it is possible to make the career opting more realistic and effective towards the visitors.  Skill part represent that what kind of additional skills that are required with the career ambitions. Skills option can be executed in different manner for different purpose.  In case of any organizational home page they can explain their required d skill for any particular positions.  In case of personal webpage user can include any kind of skill according to the requirement.
    Another part is related with the home page of a user. Generally, sitemap are used in the system to make link in between all the pages that are related with the web pages. It actually helps the user to visit website very easily (Scott & Koh, 2017). The entire outline that is bulleted explains the sigh of navigation that is created by the user. Apart from that side visitors of the system can reach any kind of topic which is generally difficult to find. Hence with the help of the site menu visitor can navigate in different direction. 
    The home page is also including footer option in the web page. Actually it is not any kind of page rather it is the section of page.  Most of the cases all the footer includes copyright option that are related with the web page.
    In order to design the home page in proper manner the user need to incorporate all this above-mentioned thing in proper manner. Before that   personal web page creation is required (Michalska et al. 2014)). After the webpage creation is conducted then all the attributes are going too incorporated in above mentioned manner. First attributes that are going too placed is about and after that image gallery, career, skills, sitemaps and an option of footer. It can be constructed from left to right alignment.  
    From the  above  discussion  it can be deduced that in  recent time  without  proper  designing it  is not  possible to present  that  particular  element  in a proper way . In case of web designing it can be constructed that to make the web page more appropriate and user friendly designing is most required.  From  the above discussion it can constructed  that the personal web page that  going to designed attached all that fields that are mentioned in the discussion part. all the part t6hat are mentioned in the discussion  part is  used  to make the webpage  more  logically and  user  friendly so that  any visitor can navigate in every options with the help  of  sitemap. From the above discussion it can be deduced that an authorized user can only maintained and manipulate the entire system according to requirements.