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    The employees Assignment Help

    The employees Assignment Help

    Identifying the public in BP and Queensland ftood case studies

    The public of PBP constitutes of both external and internal ones. The internal publics of the company include the employees. The ink estors are yet another publc finds the operations of the organisations. The consumers of the organisations and the cm ironmental institution of British arc the external public, The organisation is liable to maintain publ i$ relation u ith them.
    The public in relation to the case study of Queensland includes the common people du elling in the location, the proi’idor of they natural resources. the cm ironincntal 1st of Queensland, The minister of Queensland that is Julia Gillard is responsible to maintain public relation i 'itli them and is liable for the safetj and security of the public as i 'eII.

    Segmenting and Prioritising Publics
    It is i’ery important for and organisation or institutional bodies to identify the stakeholders and then prioritise them in order to build public relation u ith theiti and then maintain the public relation u ith them. Thoudh the stakclioldcrs and thc public s arc di ffci cut. that is dctcrm incd by  the segmentation  of the both The publics may be the shareholders. employ ees. leaders as per they type of they organisation u hether profit like BP oil or non-profit. The Stakeholders are typically related to the business organisations only. The segmentation and the prioritization of the public arc done differ b; different
    organisational for instancc, in businc ss organisatioi thc intcrnal and the cxtcrnal publics  ai c catc doi iscd  and tlicn  tlic prioritisation  of both  of tlicin  is doric  in  different ie  cls.his conte xt. the  linkage model of public relation developed by Grunig and Hunt needs to be referred to by the bodies u hether institutional or organisational.

    The  different  approaches  that  were  adopted   by  the  leaders  in  the  two  cases The approach that i as adopted bj‘ BP include s thf utter scnsclc ss acti› itj  bj  the then CEO that is Ha ii ard that « as iiiicrprctcd b the incd ia and thc  pubic  as his  Britishncss“  Therefore.  the organisation changed the CEO » ho belonged to the American origin that is Bob Dudley, in order to
    further ai’oid am kind of race based connotations u hen there is any crisis u’ithin the operations of the organisation This u’as not at all the only solutions as the public relation needs to be focussed and not the instant solution for snaking the media di erted
    The approach of the Prime Minister of Australia that is Julia Gillard ii as hardlj noticeable. Since. her approach u as not at all sympathetic to» at d$ flood victiitis. Ho» ci ci . this ii as a natural calamity . for

    » It ich she or thc do› ci nrncnt u as not i csponsiblc. mo» ci ci . thc i csponsibilitj of the dot crnmcnt
    to» ards its public is i gnorcd ii hi ch ii as on  the other hand fulfi fled b›  tlicJ Anna Bliphapproach of the minister u’as i’ery disappointing and the media therefore presented the approach that impacted the image of the go ernment negatii eIy
    Define Corporate Image. How differs from corporate reputation'/
    Corporate image is the immediate mental  picture that isto one’s mind that may be publics and the stakeholders of any business, This is just related to the image of the brand of the organisation unlike the corporate reputation. The corporate reputation refers to the perrormances of the corporation in the
    different segments and functional departments oi’or a certain period The corporate image is more related to the i’isual representation and in taking o the perception of an› corporation that is dependent more on the marketing tactics of anj organisation. The corporate reputation is related to siicccssfUlJ performance of the organisation in the market or industr› , Ho»’ci’cr. there arc similarities bctii ecn the t»’o concept that inclndcs communication ii’ith the public and representing them for the purpose of public relation,
    If you had been the CEO of the BP what different strategies and tactics would you have adopted
    If I w ere, the CEO of BP then the first strategy  that I mould have taken for minimising the iitipact of this mishap u ould hat e been to go for the coiiipensation for the lives of the employees in order to console and help the family of the dead employees. The next strategy that I should have taken u ould include changes u ithin the organisational policies in relation to the eco-friendly actin ities that are required. All changes that u’ould be planned must be initiated and communicate to the public. In this case the publics u ould include the iiu estors. the shareholders. the employees. they goi’ernmental bodies. the common people report mill be prepared for the intenial public, and media will be used to communicate u ith the common public. The legislation of the county u ill be taLen into consideration
    in making tin  changes in the organisation. The need to go for the identification of the issues faced by  the employ ees u hile operating must be taken into consideration through the feedback system. I » ould has e given the effort in evaluating the issues and then proi’ide necessay’ solutions in order to enhance the operations u ithin the organisation in order to at oid such mishaps in tutur c Furthermore, tactics related to the presentation of the neu s releases in the media u’ill be carried out u'ith expertise professionals in order to as oid misinterpretation of the image of this corporation that has been impacted the company me gati eIy. The aim is to improi e the perception of the corporation that has been marred u’ith this mishap. I u ould like to take some initiatix’es in relation to the Corporate Social Responsibility of the coiiipany with the consideration of the other internal public of the company.
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