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    The Assessment Task Assignment Help

    The Assessment Task Assignment Help

     Demonstrate personal and professional competence 

    The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
    Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See specifications below for details.
    Performance objective
    Candidates will demonstrate knowledge and skills required to demonstrate personal and professional competence.
    Assessment description
    You are the Operations General Manager at Max Lionel Realty (MLR). Through Assessment tasks 1 – 3, you have undertaken various roles such as:
    a) Following a WHS incident, you have communicated organisational mission and goals to investigate incidents in accordance with legal and organisational requirements.  
    b) Influenced groups and individuals to plan the implementation of a change strategy  and building support for the implementation both internally and externally into wider community
    c) Supported a team of managers to implement a change strategy.
    In this Assessment Task, you will set out personal and professional goals in a professional development (PD) plan. Then, you will obtain third party verification of participation in networking or professional development to achieve goals set out in your PD plan. 
    a) Review documents in Appendix 1 ‘Max Lionel Realty’ and Appendix 2 ‘Templates’ for possible use or adaptation in completing assessment task requirements.
    b) Reflect on your leadership skills in the context of your work or profession. Complete a professional development plan. Use template provided.
    c) Complete three professional development activities identified in your PD plan (for example, training, networking, or professional development) designed to achieve goals and overcome weaknesses set out in your PD plan. Of the three activities undertaken, two must  involve networking. 
    Note: Ensure you gather third party verification of participation and performance in at least three activities, including at least two activities involving networking. Use template provided. Use reports from three different third parties.
    Acceptable third parties include: Your managers, superiors, trainers and assessors (for additional training undertaken), industry representatives (for networking undertaken).
    d) Submit documentation as per specifications below.
    You must:
    a) plan professional activities in PD plan and perform three activities.
    b) submit:
    c) professional development plan
    d) three third party reports
    Your assessor will be looking for:
    a) interpersonal skills to communicate and inspire trust and confidence of others and to ensure their cooperation and support
    b) networking skills to ensure support from key groups and individuals for concepts/ideas/products/services