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    Technology has assisted a lot in developing the educational skills of the students and also the common people. Use of technology has eased the entire process of work appropriately. It is essential to use the technology in a suitable manner for betterment of the society.

    Demonstrate technology in knowledge ,skill and confidence 

    With the changing trend of the world, technology has evidenced to be a major role player, in contributing towards change at the globalized level. In the view of Moore (2013), one of the technological tool, which are used broadly and commonly, in order to gain knowledge on different areas, is the internet. Internet helps the individuals to access different skills, based on the knowledge of different areas, which helps them to understand the mechanism, in a concrete manner. As HuffmanWhetten and Huffman (2013), has commented that, the gaining of knowledge of an individual helps to enhance the confidence and skills of them.

    Accessing the knowledge through using the technology, such as, internet can help them to implement the knowledge in their work, which can help them to enhance their skills and confidence. Moreover, as opined by Bloom et al. (2014), the individuals can now use the social media sites and other blogging websites, in order to increase their knowledge shell.

    Concept of technology use in education

    The technology is used in almost every area of the life sphere, which is helping the individuals to shape their life. As for an example, the institutional areas, such as schools and classrooms use the projectors and computers, in order to enhance the learning skills of the students. In the view of Kimbrough et al. (2013), technology plays the vital component in the social life of the individuals. Using the online tools of technology, such as, several educational websites, the students can access the research skills and thus can develop their knowledge. In the opinion of Stehr (2015), the online technology, can help the individuals to gain the quality information on the internet. Technology has been evidenced as a boon for the society. According to Stehr and Hanson (2015), in terms of disabled students, several assistive technologies are available, such as SARA, which can enhance the learning abilities of such individuals.

    Crittical anayzation of technology use and  its impact on education

    In terms of education, technology has enhanced the skills and knowledge of the individuals. As opined by Oteroet al. (2015), smart board is an example, which is used in the educational purpose for the students.   Smart board can be used by projecting an image from the laptop to the front of room, where the individuals can digitally draw on the image. Such tools of technology help the educational approach to enhance in a positive manner.

    According to Bulman and Fairlie (2016) projectors can be used in terms of enhancing the working skills, at the workplace and educational area. With the help of projector, different facts can be shown on the broad board, which can help the individuals to clearly understand and visualize the ideas.

    In the view of Muller (2015), technology is helping in the educational approach to be accessed easily by the individuals, which can help the individuals, to gain equal opportunities through using the technological tools.

     The different tools and applications of the technology, such as projectors, computers, training software and others are helping the individuals to gain proper ad adequate educational approach, in an easy manner (Knox, 2013). The visual presentations, through computers and laptops, help to gain the advantage of participation of the individuals, thus helping them to enhance their skills and knowledge. According to Moore (2013), there are different websites, such as, Glovio, which offers the educational programs of foreign language.

    With the collaboration of technology, in the educational programs, the skills and knowledge of the individuals can be enhanced. On the other hand, as stated by Beetham and Sharpe (2013, p.57), the educational degree can be accessed, through using the technology. The students can sit in exam, where they have to answer the questions, using the technology, in order to pass the exams, in the distance education.

    Impact of technology on learninig and reaching

    With the advanced technology use, both the teaching and learning factors can be influenced positively. According to Tess (2013), the technology applications, such as internet can be accessed at several devices, in order to access information and data on several issues. However, in terms of teaching, the teachers can use the internet to learn the issues, in order to make understand the students. According to Stromquist and Monkman(2014), the individuals can use the technology, as a communicational tool, which can help them to enhance their interpersonal skills. However, Beetham and Sharpe (2013), has argued that, the technology have negative impacts, in terms of thinking capability of the individuals. As the technology can help to solve the issues, thus, the individuals cannot develop their own skills.

    Evaluate the software uses in education and assessment 

    Apart from the technological equipments, several software applications of the technology can help the individuals to intensify their learning. As opined by Tess (2013), the software such as Microsoft can help the individuals, in completing the tasks and works of the individuals. Such softwares can help to deliver quality work with enhancing their technical skills. On the other hand, as commented by Moore (2013), the applications of software, such as SaaS, can be used, in order to gain quality works, such as words or information. The SaaS helps to store data and information, which are used through installation of application, with internet.

    As opined by Stromquist and Monkman (2014), another major software, which are used in the educational and as well as in professional area is the PowerPoint, which are used, in order to disseminate information, with visual representation. 

    the miracle of digitl display (projector of study materials in school and colleges and how theey are of help

    ere are a few numbers of institutions today, where the introduction of digital method has not been adapted. As opined by Vigdor et al. (2014), a continuous academic lecture or bookish texts can divert attention of students. In Order to make education and learning interesting, the usage of presentations on projectors, screening of relative videos and films, display of images are being implemented.

    Even in case of submissions or projects, online content or digital content is highly preferred today. In case of internships or jobs, a candidate with a hand on technical knowledge and computers shall be given a better preference irrespective of basic skill sets.

    For example, there are institutions like, the St. Xavier’s Autonomous, Western University and many more institutions where certain courses only use digital materials rather than books or notebooks, (Edutech, 2017). Every form of exchange of study materials is performed by using soft copies or digital copies.

    Another evidence state, students prefer to capture information and notes on their personal tablets and laptops. The laptops though appear to be smaller is proven capable of storing a large amount of data and has a longer lifespan than any other device. According to Merchant et al. (2014, p.29), the tablets are easy to handle and are capable of multiple usage of several applications at once. Advanced tablets such as, of Mac, are being widely used across the nation by not only students but also the teaching faculty.

    With the help of such technology, a professor or teacher does not have to worry about crashing of flies or losing data and fetching information in case of distant learning as well. Evidently, a student can now opt for studying distance courses and working at the same time, as per his requirements (Educationworld.com, 2017).

    Assessment software is a popular technology used worldwide today. Nowadays, the examinations or assessments are hardly held on manual papers like earlier. Most schools and colleges prefer an online assessments and testing system. Different institutions use several types of testing software. The way of such assessments is much more advanced, time saving and secured. This technology saves ample time for both the assessor and the students. It keeps a backup and complete record of the test and marks the candidate based on his actual capabilities, as there is zero chances of flaws, since this is a computer-based assessment. This technology helps students to prepare in a better way and get to know the result instantly in some cases, The Verge. (2017).

    Another rapidly growing technology is the ever-advancing versions of printers. Printers are complex machineries and are prone to give problems at the time of urgent needs. In order to diminish such problems technology is presenting us with a large number of advanced printers. One of the smallest printers of HP today is the Sprocket printer. As stated by Drysdale et al. (2014), this printer can be carried anywhere and even while travelling. There are definitely disadvantages to this printer, because it can specifically use for photo printing purposes. These prints give a small sized high quality print that can be used for several project and assignment purposes.

    The E- printing technology also adds to the wonder to some extent. A print out can be issued from any part of the world at any urgent situation. This has been helping in improving the learning process for children at a high rate.

    The above-mentioned technologies have brought about a huge change in the educational field today. The interest of students and the entire approach of new learners towards education has been modified massively. As stated by Moore (2013), there are strategies not only for a specific group but new technologies are also adapted for the weaker section and disabled students. Apart from materialistic advancement of technologies, innovative methods of teaching, such as, involving extracurricular activities, gaming sessions, brainstorming sessions and debates are also implemented in order to improve method of learning. The involvement of extracurricular and online games can help students be refreshed by avoiding tiredness and boredom in long lecture periods or classrooms. The organization of online quizzes and rewards are also part of advanced technology today. These benefits are also reducing the worries of teachers and guardians of keeping the students focused, as they are becoming independent learners and self-motivators with the help of technology.

    As a result, students seem to be much more confident and have a stable approach towards education, decreasing the dropout rates every year (Edutech, 2017).

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