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    Taxation Law Solutions Assignment Help

    Taxation Law Solutions Assignment Help


    lii the era of global competitii eness.  the accuracy  in  tax  detnils along ii itli  accurate  paj ment re gime has been the indispensable need for the hour Accusations and revie» implications of the iask along ii’ith diagrammatic presentation of thc income statements further  hclp in arrii’ing at  the accurate tax amount. The accessibility of the expenses under the regime of tax has been idcntificd as thc main subjcct matter of thc rcscarch. Accuratc adi’icc  abidcd  by  thc goi’crnmcntal rcgulations has bccn identified as the main clcmcnt of the rcscarch.

    Question 1:
    ⦁ Discussing the taxability of the cxpC nses in terms of bascball skills
    Idcntification of the income thnt is liable for taxation is a complex issue. In this juncture. rci’cnuc recognition forms an iiiiportant eminent that helps in determining the accurate tax elements that arc to be iakcn ii ithin the regime of taxation. In this casc. also it has bccn sccn thnt Andre»’ is not a pcrmancnt rcsidcnt of the county’ but during thc holiday period hc has signcd »’ith the contract sho» nig that as the player is a nonresideiit lie » ill be liable to tnx as per the couns of the nonrcsidcnt taxation. Only thc amount of sponsorship contract can bc claimed for iax dcdiiction (hoiiic kpmg coin. 201S) The total amount of $ 45000 can bc claimed for deduction as it is a part of his incoiiie The incoinc holder » ho maj be rcsidcnt or nonresidcnt can claim for tax dcdiiction and in this casc. also Andrcii can claim thc amount of $ 450G0 as iax dcduction
    ⦁ Discussing the taxability of the expenses in terms rental property income
    In thc sccond casc. Andrew can claim for the rcntal incomc also. Thc play cr has dccidcd to siai in Australia during thc lcisiirc timc and apart from that thc person also ii ants to rcnt ont thc house for the rest of the period (hoiiie.kpmg coin. 20 lS) Tliereforc, this is a tj pe of incomc that is to be carncd by the income holder. Thcrcforc. in that case. thc accessibility of the incomc is to be taken into consideration for deciding i hether the income is accessible. Andre» being a iionrcsidcnt can claim for deduction of H5000.
    Question 2:
    Explaining the principle of Mycr Emporium V FCT to determining the accessibility of reception as capital gain and ordinary income
    The principlc of ii hcther the income is to bc treated as an income or capital gain has bcen decided  in  an  effective  manner  ii ith  the  help  of  MYER   Emporium   V   FCT  case (lan ato.got’ am. 2Gl S). The ruling scts fiirthcr short’s that undcr the Income Tax Asscssment Act of 1936 and the rule sets of Australia it has been stated that as per the case it has been seen that tax bearing interest loans that hat e been assigned by the taxpaj er has been assigned with the right to rcccii’e interest. In this juncture. the court has grounded justice by gn ing 2 grounds of reasoning (2.deloitte.com. 201S) Firstly one has to determine » hether the amount in issue is giving ant profit to the business is to be dccidcd at first. Secondly . the transaction that has bcen entcrcd into profit has been related to thc commercial or biisincss opcration is to decide at first

    Based on the aboi’c ntling the dccision of ii’hcthcr the amount is acccssiblc as capital gain or ordinary’ gain. Certain principles are to be accessed i 'mile deciding the accessibility of the decision. As per the judgment of Dixon J in Sun newspapers, Ltil VS FC of T has determined thc diffcrcnccs that can bc nscd for deciding the accessibility of ordinnn’ incomc oi’cr capital gain (lai ato got au, 201S). The entity of the business structure, organisational setup and earning process of the company scri’cs as the bascline for thc distinction process. Mainly the profit and thc regular return outlay  from  thc amount hai’c  been used as the process for dctermining thc
    accessibility of the aiiiount (home kpmg coin. 201S). As per the case la,the principle states that
    primary test ii hcrc thc detcrmination of the priinnri rccipicnt along ii ith maligncd income flow can be used for dctermining the difference. Thereforc, bascd on the tcst and principles the organisations income can be differcntiated i ith the capital gain
    Question 3:
    A: Explaining the rate of ileiluction in terms of Interest ileductibility
    In the Softer ood Pulp and papcr LTD V FCT . thc taxpaj cr compare is looking for thc start of a papcr mill for a Canadian Company but could not proceed ii ith thc samc diic to lack of funds (ato got .au. 2018). According to Interest ileductibility Act after TR 2003/D8 sincc thc busincss is in the starting period it bccoincs obi’ioiis that thc income carning actii’itics has not started in the business (tved net.au. 201S) As per the decision ii as taken under the act it has been scen that i liethcr the interest to bc deducted coiiipriscs of net profit or not it can be deductcd as iaxablc incomc In this casc also as thc loan amount has bccn takcn for thc bcncfit of thc biisincss it has been taken into consideration. The act further stntes that i hether the company’ has utilised the amount for gencrating thc profit or not thc amount can bc claimed for deduction
    B. Explaining the relcs'ancc of Inciilenlal anal Relevant Test
    The relei ance of Incidental and Rele ant Test has been detennined in the conte xt of Ronpibon Tin NL v. Fcdcral Commissioner of Taxation (1949) 78 CLR 47 states that the tcst is iiscd for determining the allot ability of the losses not by taking the likelihood and expectancy but by deciding the natures of the expenses and the character of the business expenses are used. There lies the uniqueness of the lais (ato got’.au/law’. 2G17). Thcrefore. in context of the case studj. it has been seen that by using this test the interest on the loan has been identified more accurately and based on nature the amount of acccssibility has bcen decided.
    C. Explaining the accessibility of interest at the lime of business cessation
    Under the Taxation niles of ITAA 1997. it has been seen that ant' interest arising from the cessation of the business arc not dcductiblc under the act (law’.ato.got’.au. 201S). In contcxt of the FC of T v. Broo’n 99 ATC 4600; (199f} 43 ATR 1 it has been seen that » hen anj’ income arises at thc time of cessation it could not bc inclndcd in thc ruling list of accessibility thc incomc bccomcs undctcciablc and could not be claimcd for deduction as per the taxation law Thc expenses that could not proc ide any gain in the business are not deductible. Ho» ct er, in this casc. the company has bccn ccascd from thc opcration proccss thcrcforc. it can be statcd thnt the company cannot claim anj deduction against the cxpcnses that have arisen after the business has stopped its operations.
    Question 4:
    As per the CGT niles, it can be said that » mile calculating the capital gain (After f›tIi May 2012) 50% dcdiiction in terms of discount is a must for the company Thc assets that comply ii ith the basic norms arc subjcct to CGT  concessions  thereby  considering  it  as  thc  good  policy (ato got .au. 2018). The reward for sho» ing compliancc » itli thc basic CGT niles sho» s that not only’ thc policy rClnains good but also dcnotes the transparency in riilc sctting proccss by the got eminent. It has been seen that the discount rule of 50% is applied to the assets that are or ned by the company for at least 12 months prior to the ct ent of CGT (ato.go an, 2018) According to the good indicators. it can be said that assets that arc snbjcct to CGT nccd to maintain thc superior criteria that further shot s the indicators of good policy system.
    The tenure of the assets and the nature of the gain that could be earned from the capital gain are uscd as the main indicator of capital gain (gotocoiirt coin am. 2018). Henccforth it can be said that the basic rules of CGT ii hen fulfilled can claim for the discount in the tnx rate. This can further hclp in reducing the problem of tax ai’oidance that is seen in thc tax regimes. the CGT tax discount can be used as the indicator of good tax policy that further can be used as the source for collecting the tax quickly thereby reducing the problem of tax at oidance.
    The assignment has focused on the norms of the tax regimes that are to be follow ed for detecting the feasibility of those elements The amount of expense accessibility along i 'itli complete abidancc »’ith thc law’ regimes has made assignment rich in content. Furthcrmorc. the content of the research along i ith the references of the case study has been used for determining the authenticity of their principles from MYER Emporium V FCT ii here the accessibility of thc capital gain has bccn determincd as thc main clcmcnt in the research Refercnccs from thc Softo ood V FCT 1976 ma e been used for conferring the opinion of the accessibility regarding thc adi’anccs takcn in the loan at thc prcparatoy’ stages.