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    Successful Business Organisation Assignment Help

    Successful Business Organisation Assignment Help


    The succeeding business study is completely based upon comprehending the business environment exactly so as to run a successful business in a highly competitive atmosphere. The study would enlighten the various types of business and their purposes with proper examples. It would also allow studying the size and the scope of such business. The micro and the macro-environmental factors and all the other factors that would affect a business are effectively elaborated in the study. The internal and the external factors that would determine the strengths and the weakness of the business are also illuminated in a proficient manner. PESTLE and SWOT analysis are also done in order to comprehend the situation in a professional way. The pros and the cons of the interrelationships between the functions of the organisation are also elucidated in the study. 
    Activity 1
    P1Explain different types and purposes of organisations; public, private and voluntary sectors and legal structures.
    Different types of organization posses’ different functions and structures. In the view of (), public organizations are basically owned by the governments in order yo provide services for the public, such as health care organizations. On the other hand, private organizations are owned by some personality or in partnership, which provides services and products, which are demanded and needed by the individuals. In addition to that, a voluntary sector on the other hand voluntary organization provides social activities as duties, which are undertaken by an organization and are based on non-profit criterion. 
    NHS Choices (Public Sector) – The NHS or the National Health Services is one of the public services for the health of people in the UK and mainly operates in England, Wales and Scotland. This public sector organisation was established in 1948 for the welfare of the residents of UK. The main purpose of the organisation is to make the residents of the place available with a wide range of free health services. The organisation do charge some nominal fee for the prescription, for some dental treatments, and for some optical cares, but it can almost be neglected as the organisation offer a large range of exemption from all these charges and all the residents of the UK are not charged anything for the medical treatments (NHS Choices, 2016). 
    BCA Logistics (Private Sector) – The BCA logistics is a private sector organisation which was founded in the year 1946, is a vehicle remarketing and logistics organisation & now is one of the leading companies that deals with the market for the used vehicle and are operating in more than 12 countries. The purpose of the organisation is to offer the customers with services like vehicle inspection, integrated IT solutions, vehicle driven and vehicle transporter movements and also vehicle refurbishments. The company also deals with the remarketing of the vehicle in the entire UK and is the leading one in its stream. This organisation does not usually own the stock that it uses to sell, but the company acts as the intermediary between the sellers & the buyers (BCA Logistics, 2015).
    British Red Cross (Voluntary Sector) – The British Red Cross Society is one of the organisations that believe in helping the people all over the world. This is a voluntary organisation that runs on charity and is completely focused on providing help to the people that are in crisis in the UK or even overseas regardless of their religion, their origin, political belief or nationality. This organisation was founded in 1870 for providing these services to the people and now is one of the most renowned ones in the world. Their key principles are unity, independence, impartiality, universality, voluntary service, neutrality, and humanity (British Red Cross, 2017).
    M1 you should analyse how the structure, size, and scope of different organisations link to the business objectives and product and services offered by your chosen organisation. 
    NHS Choices:
    The structure of the NHS Choices would be wide enough as the composition of the entire workforce would be having a lot of people ranging from high to the low post. The work of the organisation is usually based on large and wide subjects due to which even the data of the company is represented in the form of large databases and books. 
    BCA Logistics:
    The structure of this kind of organisation would also be high but the members would be less than in the case of the public sector. The success of the organisation would only depend upon the quality of the products and the services that the company provides to their customers and clients. Concerned employees and members if the organization, in such private sector helps to achieve the organizational aims and objectives through their quality work delivery as a team. 
    British Red Cross: 
    In this case, there is no such wide hierarchical structure as the complete organisation is fully dependent on the volunteers working for it. Each of its tasks is performed with the help of specialist volunteers that are experts in a particular field. Organization aims and objectives of delivering social activities or the well-being of social and environmental actors, volunteers deliver the social works. 
    D1 You should provide a critical analysis of the complexities of different types of business structures and the interrelationships of the different organisational functions.
    Complexities of different types of business structures – each business is unique in its own kind and mainly due to its business structure. The structures of the different type of business differ mainly due to these factors: type of business, project size, number of partners or owners, et cetera (CPCC, 2017). 
    While according to Pingboard (2013), the major complexity in the businesses arises due to the differences in these contexts: customer expectations, business functions, the product, the geographic region of the business, et cetera (Pingboard, 2013). 
    On the other hand, in terms of complexity in different business types several organizational complexities might encounter in relation to the levels of organization, management and control. In the opinion of Schmidt (2015), organizational complexities might vary from one organizational lecvel to another. In terms of level complexions, a small business might not have to deal with different interconnections, as the small businesses are not widely expanded. However, on the other hand, a large organization has different partnership and has to deliver different products and services to different customers, which forms a complexity in the operations of an organization. 
    Other than the complexity in layers of an organization, managerial complexity is another issue which are encountered in the organization. A larger organization cannot deal with all their stakeholders and different departments at one place. In addition to that, organizations might encounter complexity in terms of organizational decision, which are influenced by the customers, suppliers, collaborative partners and other stakeholders. 

    Interrelations of different organisation functions – interrelations of different functions of an organisation should always be present so as to ensure the well-being of the company. The organisational structure of the company should be moulded in such a way that there should be proper synchronization between the functions and if there would be any misalignment the complete well-being of the company would be affected due to it. The operations should be managed in such so as to adapt to any change in a very rapid pace. 
    P3 Explain the relationship between different organisational functions and how they link to organisational objectives and structure.
    In order to meet all the goals and to fulfil all the objectives of the company, all the function of the company are required to work in proper collaboration. The collective work of all the functions would help to meet the needs and the wants of the company in a proficient manner. The basic functions of any organisation are the administration, finance, sales & marketing, research & development, design & production, and the most important human resource. The attainment of the proper alignment between the functions is mandatory for every organisation so as to ensure a better future for the organisation. Lack of communication between any of these fragments would create a commotion in the organisation which can even be disastrous to the company and can serve as the biggest disadvantage for the company (Griffin, 2017). On the other hand, team work is one of the major key factors, which can help the organization to meet their organizational aims and objectives. Proper team work can help the task to be delivered in an effective and efficient manner, which can influence the organizational performance and procedures in a positive manner. 
    The organisations taken in the preceding part of this report have one thing common in all of them work for the welfare of others on a national as well as international level. Through their functioning in a proper way each of the company promote the same reason and is dedicated to the service of others. Different organizations and business possess different functionality and structures which are included in the hierarchy of business. In addition to that, the business functions and structures, which are included in the organizational hierarchy works on the same organizational policy, aim and objective. All the organisations have a different functional business structure but all of them perform for the same reason. The major functions of any organisation that are even prevalent in the three chosen organisations are the operations, marketing, and the finance.  

    NHS Choices – This organisation, being one from the public sector continuously announces new forums and properly planned strategies to execute the operations of the company. All the stakeholders hold the responsibility for participating in the marketing fragment and the finance part of the macro-environmental is handled by the government of the nation.

    BCA Logistics – this organisation, being one from the private sector completely depends upon its goods and service & on their quality for the well-being of the operations segment. The marketing part is done by the marketing team of the company to spread the awareness about the company and about its good and the services that it provides. The finance part is single-handedly managed by the company itself.

    British Red Cross – the company is one from the voluntary segment and so all the operations of the company handled by the stakeholder themselves. The marketing part is done by the works that the company does as it is a kind of charitable society that is known only for its works. The finance fragment of the organisation is completely dependent on the donations it gains from the society and from various other sources and the volunteers play a vital role in the well-being of this organisation.
    M2 You should analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the interrelationships between organisational functions and the impact that they can have upon organisational structure.
    Interrelationship between organisational functions 
    Advantages:  The major benefit, which can be accessed by the BCA Logistics, through approaching the strategy of interrelationships, is efficiency, which can be gained by achieving of organizational objectives through proper team work and collaboration of employees. This would also help in the segregation of the work and would allow the work to be finished in a more efficient way.
    Disadvantages:  The major disadvantage to the BCA Logistics is that the functional areas of the work get distracted and sometimes it becomes very difficult to manage. 

    Impact of Interrelationship between organisational functions on structure 
    Advantage: The advantage to the organisational structure of the BCA Logistics would be the enhancement that it would provide to the performance of the organisation. This would draw the complete attention towards achieving the goals.
    Disadvantage: The major disadvantage to the BCA Logistics would be the poor structuring and due to which conflicts may even occur among the workforce if not managed in an effective manner. 
    Activity 2
    P4Identify the positive and negative impact the macro environment has upon the business operations of the organisation (M3) (D2).
    BCA logistics is a vehicle logistics company which provides managed delivery of vehicle including inspecting, collecting, demonstrating in time. Their target customers extend to nationwide. Macro factors are generally the external factors that exist in the market, which can influence business. These influences can be both positive and negative. Macro factors are generally measured through the tools, such as PESTLE analysis. PESTLE analysis helps business to analyse existing structure of company in relation to business strategies and to place changes in their plan if required. PESTLE is an acronym for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Logical and Environmental factors, which can both positively and negatively influence the business (Business Dictionary, 2017).
    Political Factor
    Negative Impact - Different region political parties may make different trade barriers, which will account on the cost plan of business. Different political factors, related to the tax and legislative policies might influence the business, such as introduction of new regulation in terms of business. 

    Positive impact- BCA logistic is a transportation industry carrying vehicles nationwide. This industry carries goods through roadways. Granting permission across nationwide delivery and not imposing tariff barriers allow business to run smoothly. In addition to that permit of delivering the pro ducts and services across nationwide can help the organization to expand their organization and thus to establish them, at a global level. 
    Economical Factor
    Positive Impact:  Improvement in manufacturing sectors of automobile industry can help the business to hold a strong market position through high productivity rates, in relation to high demand of automobile from customers. High productivity and sales of BCA Logistics can help them to gain large numbers of customers and thus to gain high revenue and sales. In addition to that, high productivity needs more workers and employees, which can be recruited and thus can help the national GDP to increase with an upward curve. Increase in currency value in the market can give a boost to the revenue generation of a business.
    Negative Impact:  Rise in prices of a commodity can negatively influence the business of logistics industry sector through their different rates. The fluctuation in cost related to the transportation charges and economic condition of the different region affects the cost stability and cost plan for a business.
    Social Factor
    Positive impact:  High living standard of customers nationwide increases the demand of automobile industry. Thus, high demands of automobiles can hlp the organization to increase their productivity, which can help them to enhance organizational position and performance through high revenue and sales. This helps the business to grow more, as a purpose of delivering the product. 
    Negative Impact: Increase in cost investment on labour force can disrupt the cost plan of business. Security of vehicle through road transportation cause trust issue among the customers. Increase in storage space and availability for the vehicle in time constraint by manufactures disrupts the operational function of a business. High labour cost might increase the cost of automobile which can influence the buying behaviour of customers in a negative manner and thus can influence the productivity and sales of business.  
    Technological Factor
    Positive Impact: Business has updated its operation with the new advancement in technology. The updated system helps a customer to keep track about their delivery and to calculate time estimation for the arrival of their orders. Direct feedbacks and interaction with customers had helped the business to identify barriers and make changes based on the feedback. 
    Negative impact: Poor management of database affects business to lose their customers. Lacking in synchronization with their existing infrastructure can lose their clients and proper management of timely deliveries. Un-updated software according to changing pace of technology affects business through incomplete information about their order to customers (Oxford College of Marketing, 2017).
    Legal Factors
    Positive Impact: BCA logistics is continuously following the laws implemented by the existing government in order to run their business effectively. It follows the certification asked by the government to transportation of goods through their carriers. Following the laws for the transportation industry for movement from one region to another had made their service fast.

    Negative Impact:  Price discrimination among different region makes the service questionable. Working hour’s operation is legally objected by the government and working force. The time constraint for delivery has to be made properly in business to develop certain changes in the laid rules for the movement of good. 
    Environmental Factors
    Positive Impact:  Introduction of the new environment-friendly mode of transportation helps the business to cut cost in investment in the heavy vehicle. Using technology in their business operational functions makes the business paperless operation for the transportation of goods. A mass movement of the vehicle through the single transport mode plays a positive impact on the environmental condition.

    Negative Impact: Changing weather condition affects the delivery rate as it affects the movement to nationwide service. Laws relating to the environment conservation restrict the business to invest in lightweight goods carriers (Claessens, 2015).
    D2 Analyse the macro & microenvironment for the impacts upon the business objective & decision.
    The complete analysis of the macro factors has been done in the preceding fragment. The internal factors that influence the development of the business and the decision making and can be controlled if proper methodologies are used and applied are:

    Positive - The effectiveness and the efficiency of the supplier may boom the productivity for the company.
    Negative - The position of the supplier in the supply chain and the nature of the supplier may also cause a negative impact on the business.  
    Positive - The distributor may help in multiplying the name and fame of the company and can also help to increase the sales for the company.
    Negative – The distributor can also hamper the business as they have a large availability of the products with them, which could also negatively impact the business (Learnmarketing, 2017).
    Positive – A healthy relationship with the customers would allow the business to expand at a very high pace.  

    Negative – The customers hold the responsibility for the regulation of the supply and demand of the products in the market and can highly impact the business.
    P5 Conduct internal and external analysis to identify the strength and weakness of the organisation (M4).
    It creates a complete range of competitive advantage for the company that analyses their roles in the market and the product for the betterment of the company. 
    Generation & implementation of attractive ideas by the company for the purpose of attracting more and more people to the business. 
    The abundance of vehicles in the place helps the organisation to enhance their services by reaching out to the maximum number of customers. 
    The BCA logistics encompass several teams of highly trained professionals that serve to be the strength of the company.The properly designed strategic plan is not made for the future of the company that is leading to be the major weakness for the BCA logistics. 
    The market for this specific field is very competitive and to fight all the competitors, rising up of new technologies is crucial. 
    The requirement for the implementation of new and creative ideas is necessary.   
    Global markets are very wide for the business and provide a lot of opportunities to spread the business. 
    New target markets are to be found and the overall development of the existing market is required.
    The growth and the development rate and the overall profitability of the business are high.The technological updates are not easily available that becomes a major threat to the company. 
    The lack of continuous innovation may divert the customers.
    The strategic plans and innovative ideas would help to conquer the threats for the company.  
    M4SWOT analysis to analyse affect upon decision-making approaches of BCA Logistics.
    The complete SWOT analysis is done to analyse the complete set of strengths & weakness and the opportunities & the threats to the BCA logistics. The complete set for the advancement in the technologies, the areas for the improvisation, the impact on the organisation; the risks to the company all are analysed in a proficient manner with the help of the SWOT analysis. The results of the SWOT would help the company to focus on the increase in the profitability from the business, and for gaining the competitive advantage in the market for the enhanced growth and development of the business in the local as well as in the global market.
    The preceding business study entirely concentrates upon understanding the business surroundings exactly so as to run a flourishing business in a highly competitive atmosphere. It would also allow studying the size and the scope of such business. The micro and the macro-environmental factors and all the other factors that would affect a business are effectively elaborated in the study. The study would enlighten the various types of business and their purposes with proper examples. The pros and the cons of the interrelationships between the functions of the organisation are also elucidated in the study. PESTLE and SWOT analysis are also done in order to comprehend the situation in a professional way. The internal and the external factors that would determine the strengths and the weakness of the business are also illuminated in a proficient manner.