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    Success of any Company Assignment Help

    Success of any Company Assignment Help

    Customer Experience that can Lead to Success of any Company

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    Customer experience is a factor that can determine if a company will succeed or fall. I have had poor customer experience with one product Vodafone Smart Tab 3G tablet smartphone.  This tablet does not have features of a tablet smartphone. It has 2-megapixleback camera, 0.3-megapixel front camera 4.4.2 Android version and the price of the phone is very high $125. When I bought the phone, I thought that it had high definition camera and large internal memory but the features were poor. That has made me dislike Neon smartphone and cannot allow my friends to purchase the product.
    I have also had a good customer experience with Samsung Galaxy s7 because of its features which match its price. It has 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Rear Camera 12-megapixel, Front camera 5-megapixel, OS of Android 6.0, battery capacity 3000mAh, processor 1.6Hz octa-core, resolution 14440x2560 pixels and screen of 5.10-inch. I really 

    The manufactures of this product did not care about their customers by branding highly and while the customers were expecting high quality product yet the product did not meet the expectations. Vodafone Smart Tab is only good because of its price; it’s cheap considering its name “table”. The product does not have features of a table phone. The features of tablet phone are: table has minimum specification of 4MP rear camera, minimum of 4GB ROM and minimum of 16GB RAM. Considering these features, the Vodafone tablet was manufactured poorly. 
    Apart from its features the customer service of the company that manufactured the product is also poor. There is no contact where you can connect with the manufactures when you have uncounted any software problem. 
     The two-pain points in this process was at the customer care or customer support team and sales team. The support team at Vodafone Smart Tab 3G were not responding to all the questions about the product. This almost made me to walk away from their shop. Second poor experience was with the sales team. At the shop sales team were not interactive to me as I was expecting. This will lead to the draw backs that might be converted into customers evidence story. Due to draw back prospect will not have decided or make any purchase. The two CEM concepts are the customers intelligence and customer and continuous improvement. Under customer improvement the following will involve service concept management, service value and management development. While, in continuous improvement leading to raising in performance even if customers are satisfied by the service providers. This means that there will be continuous benefit as customer providers will be effective to reduce cost of the company as well as the picture of the company.
    The customers support team were friendly and ready to service me as well as the sales team.  The sales team were also able to explain all features of Samsung Galaxy s7. The description was good, price was negotiable as the sales person was even read to consult the management if I can be given discount of not less than 20% of the total price. The support team we ready to answer all my question concerning the product and this was my best experience or positive with the component.
    Positive pain point was ready feedback from the company sales team as well as ready to listen at my problem at any time. Listening is an effective way of finding customers feedback and company was ready to get my feedback on the sport. Continuous Improvement process is a CEM concept with involves the following; plans for improvement, implement improvements, evaluate improvement initiatives and deciding what next. Continuous improvement enables ready feedback from the company enhance, positive experience. While, Account Management concept maps between the service provider and customers that enable a company to evaluate customer experience. This was positive experience as it bridges the gap between customers and service providers enabling them to give 100% services to the customers.
    Relationship between good and poor customer experience
    Good customer experience wins customer’s heart compared to poor customer experience. Customers will love your product very well if you are giving them a quality product; you have website where they can complain and rate the product and have a friendly customer service. When the customer’s heart is won his or her loyalty will increase and he will come again to buy your product.
    Good customer experience increase sales while poor customer experience reduces the sales. When a company has branded their product well and ensures that it’s of high quality, the sales of your product will increase. According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it is very expensive to acquire new customers than maintaining the old ones hence it is important to maintain the old
    Good customer experience brings good reputation while poor customer experience brings bad reputation to the company. If the company has good reputations it attracts new customers and other partners to work with the company. Good reputations come from the reviews and comments of consumers who have used the product. 
    Good customer experience increases customer advocacy and referrals while poor customer experience does not. When the customers are satisfied with the quality of the product they will refer more people to buy your product. It is very had to convince nun-referral than a person who has been referred. Referred customers want to experience what their friend experienced.
    Good customer experience reduce customer churn while poor customer experience does not. A report by Accenture global customer satisfaction report (2008) found that the reason for customer churn is due to overall poor customer service.

    It is healthy for a company to keep good customer experience as it has many benefits for the company, its products, its sales and revenue.