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    Study HR Innovation Assignment Help



    I would like to show my gratitude to my professor for assisting me in proceeding with the project. I am also grateful to my professor for selecting the topic that helps in understanding the relevance of HR management and its effect of the employees. I would thank my professor for the encouragement and motivation that helped me in completing my research work. I would like to thank my fellow mates for helping me in finding out the data required for proceeding with the project. A seminar arranged by the professor helped me in prioritizing the areas where importance could be given. I would again like to show my gratitude to my seniors whose active cooperation has helped me in doing the project successfully.

    Heartfelt thanks and warmth wishes

    Yours sincerelyAbstract 

    Human resource is one of the most important clusters within any business domain. Especially in the innovation domain, it is extremely crucial to consider human resource management as an integral part of the business process. It can be identified that the businesses in the contemporary business domain. It is very evident to know the fact that human resource management can make a significant improvement of the business process. Most of the business consist of a number of different clusters the human resource department usually holds the job to make connection between all the distinctive clusters within a business and make sustainable development to the business process. An HR’s role in the inmno0vation industry is quite extensive. A relatively larger firm has a number of HR management personnel who have to take care of a range of duties. This study enlightens all the factors within the course of HR management in relation to enhancement of different aspect of the business in order to improve its operation in Malaysia. The study also emphasizes a range of obstacles faced by the HRs in terms of overall improvement of the organization. The factors are quite extensive in nature. In the contemporary business domain, an HR have to take care variety of aspects including employee satisfaction, managing all the clusters of the business, connecting with the upper hierarchy and solve different issues within the workplace. Thus, this study can prove to be extremely crucial for improvement of the professionalism of the HR. Malaysia is growing fast as a place for good business. In this connection this study has a distinctive significance that helps the organizations to make sustainable development within a range of action area.  

    1.  Overview

    1.1 Problem statement

    Employees that are working in an organization gets to face so many problems that are related to poor allocation of tasks and dissatisfaction related to their salaries. The main objective of this research is to analyse those problems and suggest necessary steps that can be taken by the human resource manager of Malaysian companies (Analoui, 2017, p. 457). It will help in providing the requisite boost and will increase the working capabilities of the available workforce. In order to get proper results, various theories have been taken into consideration and based on its relevant ideas has been formed and suggested. It can be implemented for utilizing the working capabilities of the employees in a better way.  

    1.2 Research aim

    The aim of the research is to identify the various roles of the human resource department to foster innovation in the organization of Malaysia.

    1.3 Research objectives

    a Main objectives that are important to be focused on is the prevalence of working policies that are adopted by an organization. 

    b Ensuring that the working policies do not create any sort of problems personally or professionally to the employees. 

    c Communication of relevant information related to work timings, payment of wages and safety measures provided to the employees at their workplace. 

    1.4 Research questions

    In order to gather true and unbiased information regarding HR’s role in a company in Malaysia, the following questions have been evaluated:  

    1.How to understand human resource practices in order to get innovative elements?

    2.What are the clustered processes that are adopted for getting innovative outputs?

    3.What are the reasons regarding the growth of human resource capital formation?

    1.5 Research rationale

    a What are the issues that are causing trouble for the HR managers?

    Unavailability of qualified candidates that can be recruited for the better generation of outputs is causing major problems to the HR managers in Malaysia in getting a good quality of work output.

    b Why is it an issue?

    The main problem that is related to getting good candidates are the drastic changes that have taken place in the last two decades related to the working procedures adopted by Malaysian companies HR (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016, p. 125). People of Malaysia are unable to properly understand the working methods of the HR managers that are creating trouble in maintaining a steady workflow of the organization.

    1.6 Significance of the research

    In order to achieve better outputs from the employees at the workplace, various methods are implemented by the HR managers. The research helps in analysing the positive or negative effects of working policies that are adopted by the organization. Any sort of problems that are faced by HR personnel in creating innovative ideas can be detected and relevant steps can be taken for solving it. The loyalty of the employees to their respective companies based on the working environment provided to them by the HR managers can be maintained (Brewster, 2016, p. 185). Based on its implementation, proper growth and development of the company will take place on a global basis.

    2. Literature review
    2.1 Introduction

    Development of substantial changes has taken place in the working procedures implemented by Malaysian companies HR managers. They are facing tremendous difficulty related to getting better candidates for the mentioned job profile. Communication and understanding of work procedures are not taking place at a positive pace that is creating the companies in lagging behind its performance and also there is a sense of dissatisfaction among the employees regarding the type of working environment that is provided to them (Cooke, and Kim, 2017, p. 458). Changes that happen due to the interference of the federal government in the working place of organizations are also creating a problem for human resource managers. They are unable to execute their formed and formation of ideas is also being done considering the guidelines lay down by the government. Management of the existing system in a firm is either based on choice or pressure that is not being considered suitable by the individuals of the organization. Since HR management plays a major role in the growth of an organization, they need to make better policies that should be perfectly structured based on an individual's and the government's perspective. 

    2.2 Roles of human resource in Innovation

    Innovation is the introduction of some new idea, technique or tool that helps in increasing the working efficiency of an individual or a given organization (Muhamad and Salleh, 2019, p. 654). Various departments of a business organization conduct periodic meetings in order to gather ideas and suggestions that can help them in inventing new policies. Implementation and successful execution of these ideas help an organization in maintaining its consistent generation of high profits. Management should be able to utilize the practices that are being implemented by the HR management and should segregate it under the various subheadings for better understanding to the employees (Lasrado and Pereira, 2018, p. 235). New challenges should be given to the employees in order to help them in getting a better amount of rewards and remunerations. It can help them in being more responsible and dedicated to their work and company that will be beneficial for the company. Arrangements should be made in order to provide proper training to the newly recruited employees. It will enhance the working performance of the employees in a positive direction (Lasrado, and Zakaria, 2018, p. 254). The increased amount of compensation should be provided in order to increase the business output of the company and also the number of profits generated. Both the employees and investors get maximum satisfaction with regards to the profits that are collected by them (Nankervis et al. 2016, p. 278). It involves the contribution of several in order to develop a particular idea that can be beneficial for the business.

    Human resource management plays a vital role in order to develop new and innovative policies and its execution in order to maintain the equilibrium of the workplace. 

    Social meetings that are conducted with senior management of the organization helps the HR department in collecting new ideas and using it in order to develop suitable working principles (Ordoñez de Pablos, and Tennyson, 2016, p. 548). It helps in giving rise to new processes that can be implemented by the help of two-way communication between HR managers and senior directors of an organization. HR managers should continuously apply their effort in creating a proper network of communication that can help in sharing new ideas that can help in generating new ideas and policies. Positive generation of new ideas can help the companies in being more dynamic and innovative in their approach to their external sources.

    Appointment of those individuals should be done that have the capability of achieving a target within the specified time (Örtenblad, 2018, p. 326). The important managerial position should be given to them so that they can formulate new ideas for the better working of the company. HR managers can provide appreciation in the form of incentive and bonus related to the extra work that is done by their employee. It will help in creating a sense of encouragement among the employees and will also decrease their inefficiencies related to their work. Various workshops related sessions can be conducted in order to create a friendly relationship among the employees and also a transparent relation with the managers of the company (Wilkinson and Johnstone, 2016, p. 658). It will help in removing any kind of doubts or any negative that might affect the performance of an employee in the future due to lack of proper communication.

    Proper changes should be made in the outline of the tasks that are provided to the employees and inculcation of new ideas should be done in order to make them more engaged with their tasks (Akhir et al. 2016, p. 60). Application of various strategy based tools can also help in maintaining the disciplinary flow of information within the team and its members. New challenges should be given to the employees in order to help them in getting more experience related to the working principles of the organization. Small and efficient steps can be taken by the HR managers in order to help the employees with the jobs allocated to them. It will also help in maintaining a positive flow of work in the department that can help in generating a better amount of profits in the future. 

    It is not necessary for HR managers to change the policies and guidelines of the company very often. However, they can take small steps in making positive changes in the working methods that are implied for the employees. This will help in preventing any kind of chaos that might happen due to frequent changes adopted in the policies. Implementing systematic new ideas based on the planning that has been made by consulting higher authorities can help in the creation of a developmental atmosphere within an organization. Various social media platforms can be used by HR managers in order to create a dynamic range of advertisements. It will be easy for them to get more candidates based on their skills and talent and proper tasks can be given to them for getting more benefits to the organization.

    Interactive software can be used by the HR to track a requisite number of applicants based on the job profiles available in the organization. HR managers should try to make a positive branding of their organization with the help of the increased market value of capital that is incorporated in the organizations financial statements. Applicants can analyse the remuneration that the company can pay them in order to satisfy their basic needs. Periodic analysing the performance of employees can also be done in order to provide an increased amount of salaries for the work done by them. Training related to the technical department and managing customer's queries should be properly given to the employees in order to make them more efficient with their work. Senior management of the organization should pay attention to the steps that are being taken by the HR department for maintaining a continuous innovative flow of ideas.

    2.3 Organizational innovation and HRM practices

    Organizational innovation is a very important weapon to compete with rival companies in a profitable and efficient way. In order to achieve better outputs from the available workforce, knowledge-based tasks should be provided instead of labour-related works. It will help to develop the thinking ability of an employee of the organization and will help in generating an increased amount of profits. Better career-related opportunities should be given to the employees so that they can be able to develop their knowledge along with their career. It will help in creating a positive image of the organization for its employees and they will be more dedicated to working for the betterment of the organization (Ali et al. 2016, p. 150). Various research and development related programs should be conducted within an organization in order to detect problems that are being by its employees. Positive and loyal relation should be maintained between the employees and HR managers of an organization so that efficient conduct of communication can take place about any related issues. Regular analysis of performance should be done of the employees. It will help in detecting any sort of lacks that are being faced by them during working hours. Proper training and knowledge should be provided related to changes that have been made in the working methods of the organization. It will help in creating a developed flow of motivation among the employees regarding the work assigned to them. Increasing the number of salaries of employees based on their performance helps them in getting better rewards and builds a sense of confidence in them. It is then reflected in their future performance related to the more important and difficult tasks assigned to them and their efficiencies can be increased. Time to time providing promotions given to the employees can also be helpful in creating an innovative environment at the workplace. It will encourage other employees to take active participation in their so that they can also get a better amount of remunerations by getting promotions. It will also help them in generating new ideas to complete their tasks and will help in bringing a positive change in the growth and development of the organization.

    2.4 HRM Theories

    It is mainly recognised as the theory of interpretation which is followed by each and every social and technical organisations of Malaysia. These theories are based on the inspiration which is provided to the employees of the company so they can earn self-confidence among themselves and furnish their tasks with full attention. The administrator requires being more systematic to recreate the organisation and it manages workers to keep track of their daily task records. There are three major theories which fall under HRM. These are AMO hypothesis, Maslow’s theory and anticipation theory. The capital of human resource also falls under this theory which maintains the annual gross income of the companies in Malaysia. Various strict managements are also very necessary in order to make employees free from any doubts and issues. 

                                                   Figure 1: HRM Theories

                                                  (Source: Alroaia and Baharun, 2017)

    There are lots of serious alterations occurred in human resource management (Alroaia and Baharun, 2017, p.460). Previously many organisations hire employees with basic rules and policies according to the managers but nowadays the core administrative of organisation in becoming weak and feeble. Organisations recruit employees on the basis of their social and cultural skills and not on their technical and analytical experience. Another main importance of HRM is proper and constant education. Without proper qualification, it is impossible for an individual to become a manager of a particular organisation. While hiring workers for the company the management needs to preserve their reputation and standard so they can offer better deals to their candidates. The response of the HR management to their staffs is one of the very key features of the companies in that country. They conserve the most basic way of monitoring their employees with the help of proper training and lessons so the staffs never make any mistakes regarding their own job.

    2.4.1 AMO theories

    AMO theory states that there are mainly three individual work technique constituents who develop the workers and staff of an organisation. So, they can provide benefit to the company as well as to the HR administrator by their unique and technical piece of strategic work performance. The basic three major aspects of this theory are personal skills, generating stimulation and by creating the best chances for a particular company. It is one of the main aspects of the high recognition of a multinational company based in Malaysia (Al-Tit, 2016, p.43). This is also helpful in monitoring the employees of a specific organisation by noticing their performed tasks and individual ideas which workers use while they are working in the company of Malaysia. 

                                                                       Figure 2: AMO Theories

                                                                          (Source: Alwahaibi, 2017)

    This is also helpful in monitoring the employees of a specific organisation by noticing their performed tasks and individual ideas which workers use while they are working in the company of Malaysia. Inspiration to the workers is also very crucial theme to increase their work function of the employees and to inbuilt the personal and social development of the organisation. Incentive-based performances for employees also fall in this category.

    The better and better the performance of the employee is the more is the amount of incentive given to him. Skills in this hypothesis may be considered as the individual skill and developed knowledge which in further assists the staff to maintain the working space with full of overwhelming. At the time of work, proper motivation is must be required to serve employees with better benefits and deals within the organisation. HR management is most essential in each and every company within the country as it helps the organisation to grow at a constant rate (Alwahaibi, 2017, p.2033). This extension of the company depends upon the services which they provide to their customers. It will assist the company to earn a lot of profits and financial wealth.

    The task performance of the employees also falls in this catalogue which helps the higher hierarchies to manage their experiments and tasks. Minor Mistakes with the staff is one of the major problems which the organisation is facing. In this case manager and other higher members need to correct those faults and provide motivation to the employees so they cannot de-motivate themselves and maintain the work according to the company's benefit. This major theory also connects the bonding between human wealth development and their social practices which they apply on a daily basis (Asmawi and Chew, 2016, p.446). These aspects are also applicable within the company to make a strong bond with the manager in order to develop the skills and management towards the specified work.  

    Chances must be given to each and every employee to manage their own task in a proper way. This will increase the basic work theory of the workers as well as it increments the mental thoughts which employees use to design their statistics. 

    It basically furnishes the technical capabilities of a particular employee within the organisation. Malaysia is the most popular country for the development of technical organisations. Managers and HR required developing a social personality and analytical techniques. Employees need to interact with the consumers and trade their products and commodities in order to bring specific profits within the organisation. This can be done by creating a real bond with the consumers by communicating with them in regards to the basic topic (Azlan, N.A.B., Zakaria and Yunus, 2019, p.768). Workers also need to complete a specific task which is allocated to them during office hours. This work experience will assist them to maintain their presence on a high scale. This inspires the manager as well as the higher staff of the organisation. The key elements of this specified theory are to maintain a proper work rendition within the company's policy which meets the fundamental rules and regulations created by the manager. The main purpose of giving most of the chances to the fresher candidates as a part of the company is to create new basic knowledge of research and ideas. This is the most helpful equipment which an individual can gather to increase their metal as well as physical requirements. These methods are one of the most recognised processes which the company of this country follows according to this theory.  

    2.4.2 Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory

    This theory indicates the psychological state of a human regarding its working environment that how an individual is coping up with the basic workflow and work pressure in the organisation. It is the most basic hypothesis for the proper motivation of employees to increase their performance at a high rate. This theory includes a lot of statistics which HR management of the company can apply for their workers. These basic techniques are self-motivation, acclaim requirements, love and affection towards employees by motivating them and security requirements of each and every staff (Bishop, 2016, p.49). The most crucial aspect on which administrators have to look for is the security of the workers. It should be done by keeping the records and data of the employees strictly maintained by providing employees with username and passwords so they can log in their own working desk. It will resist the data to be hacked from the ethical hackers. Managers have also kept their eyes on the proper physical and mental health of their workers because while working they need to be very cognitive.


                                                                 Figure 3: Maslow’s Hierarchy

                                                                   (Source: Chian, Aziati and Yusof, 2017)

    Proper needs of motivation and inspiration are also very necessary for the employees by their managers. It makes them work properly and freely and enjoyable in their office. Motivation is the most necessary technique which managers can use to change and improve the mindset of the working staffs (Chian, Aziati and Yusof, 2017, p.1298). Many organisations in Malaysia provide lessons about the motivation on how to overcome the difficult and critical challenges while working in the company. Motivation brings the most key success to everyone’s life and it will further provide the staffs with a better solution regards to the required job. Managers need to give lessons about the job requirements of the employees and they also provide with the resolution that how it should be resolved by applying proper solution. 

    Various tasks are provided as per the eligibility of the employees and they need to submit those works according to the time which HR provides to them. There are lots of opportunities for growth and development if employees can perform with their full motive. In this way, they can also earn incentives by the manager for their extra income and be known as a valuable employee of the company (Ghalamkari et al. 2015, p.118). Product and Sales Company of that country requires inspirational thoughts and furnishes it to the employees so they can interact with the customers and bring a large amount of profit and financial wealth to the organisation. Managers and other staffs must give respect to the workers in order to build a strong relationship with them. By this process, they also get respect back from their own employees and the interrelation between the employees and their administrator will become smooth.

    Physical necessities for the employees are one of the basic requirements for their survival like foods and water. These are the most key aspects and without them, they cannot work with their full strength. The HR manager needs to be friendly with their workers during office hours (Halim et al.2016, p.675). Friendly behaviour assists employees to interact freely with their higher hierarchies without any doubts in their mind. It also develops the social and mental skills of the employees while working within the organisation. 

    2.4.3 Expectancy theory

    Expectancy Theory initiates that an individual is being persuaded by the managers while working in the organisation but the employee needs to evaluate the proper value of that inspiration provided to him. This proper motivation will help employees to work on the basis of their domain. The manager needs to hire employees on the basis of the company’s expectation. This theory states the result beyond the employees’ expectation. Anticipation is the key tool which increases the efficiency of the work and to make the task compatible with the workers of the company (Halim et al.2015, p.81). This theory proves to be one of the vital tools for the organisation and the management of that organisation. During interviews, Human resource manager obliges to expect some exciting knowledge and social kinds of stuff from the candidates. 

    The manager must identify the exact effort which candidates give in the interview and they must notify the basic targets which the candidate suits for. This is the most basic technique that if someone works hard in their own domain of works so gradually its performance and initiative of work increases day by day. Further, if the employee's performance is outstanding then they will be awarded some exciting pieces of stuff which must be a high amount of incentives as per the company's basic requirement of policies. This theory mainly focuses on the goals and achievements of each and every employee in the organisation of Malaysia. The main thing regarding this theory is to accept the truth of the social and technical development of the company with the help of employees (Halim, and Muda, 2016, p.4257). Different types of rewards are provided to the workers by furnishing better task management in product and business management organisation.

    The basic role of the manager is to cooperate with their staffs and to make them feel confident about themselves and in regards to their own work.  HR needs to discuss the basic situation which might occur during work. These might be some issues or some rewarding statement on the basis of the overall interpretation of each and every employee. There are also many restrictions regarding this theory which has made a major impact in work management of the employees. These may include the high stage of the relationship between presentation and recompense of the task which is allocated to a specific employee. The gift techniques to employees must be confidential within the organisation and this system should be managed by the head of the department (Hassan, Marimuthu and Mahinderjit-Singh, 2016, p.646). Companies must create and allocate special, strategic and complicated jobs to their employees. Management of the company needs to increase the depth of motivation. High hierarchies need to uplift the performance statistics of their staffs by furnishing them with full of motivation and resolution of their job issues within the company. These are the basic and key elements of this theory which is applied by the organisation for their beloved employees.  

    2.5 Process of innovation for a particular organization in Malaysia

    The term innovation refers to the consideration of new efficient ideas and concepts for improving internal as well as the external quality of any organization or any individual. Any object or person can be involved in innovative activities. The main purpose of innovation is to achieve enhanced activity and exceptional improvement in the overall context of an organisation or an individual. It also makes sense about modifying old traditional ideas according to the new logical and scientific idea for a preferable scenario. Hence, thinking of an innovative concept and implementing that with authorized consideration, both are open opportunities for any person in any organisation regarding ultimate improvement.

                                                         Figure 4: Innovative Business Organisation

                                                                      (Source: Yusoff et al. 2015)

    The procedural steps of innovation mean the strategy for a structure that makes sure about the innovative idealizes for a team or an individual and activates properly and successfully until final implementation. However, the establishment of an innovative concept is significantly influenced by the procedure of understanding a successful innovative concept. Here, the discussion will include, why a structured innovative concept is always good to be used and implemented. A clearer demonstration will also be provided regarding this process to be implemented stepwise (Yusoff et al. 2015, p.15). 

    The structured procedure of innovation will always be considered as helpful for facing any kind of challenges and then to take the issue more seriously than ever. It also provides strength and strategies for overcoming any kind of imperceptible pathway in the way of improvement. Without defining any specific structure for accomplishing any kind of improvement, the innovative concept must seem complex and almost impossible to achieve the expected outcomes. After knowing that, if someone tries to follow a structured procedure then it will be easy to implement for any organisation or an individual (Wahab, Ismail and Muhayiddin, 2016, p.6990).

    Creation of Urgency: As everyone knows that any innovation is not urgent, it is just an idea or an extraordinary concept for self-improvement or organisational improvement. Therefore, consideration and implementation are generally accomplished during a long period. The authority of Malaysian HR management is generally subjected to think about ideas and creative strategies regarding the improvement of organising procedure of employees in any business organisation. Moreover, any individual has also the opportunity to think and consider any strategy or innovative idea regarding long time procedure for implementation. This is an important fact to be considered that any sudden move for organisational improvement will not meet perfection regarding ultimate business outcomes (Karim and Majid, 2017, p.1731). Another fact is immediate issues and updating has arisen every moment during the improvement procedure, and the authority is subjected to postpone the activity, being manipulated by any kind of trouble and other updating. Besides this, nobody requires any big amount of time for planning successful strategies of innovation or creation (Voo, Long and Soehob, 2017, p.1564). So, the HR authority can follow and set any kind of daily or weekly schedule, for meetings regarding the innovative discussion. While any individual or any authority generally spend more time for proper implementation of innovative idea, then a crystal clear progression report can be visualised successively. Hence, no interruption will occur by the newly considered innovation and also the steps and procedures can be recorded and remembered (Kian, 2016, p.876).

    Increment of effectiveness and efficiency: According to worldwide statistics on various leading organisations it is seen that all successful companies mainly fasten innovative conceptions with their organisational improvement as principle culture. Innovation or Creative idea may be a continuous and descriptive process or may be a single time process. By believing in a structured and systematic process of innovation the HR authority can easily increase organisational efficiency and the effectiveness of different modules or functionality of that particular organisation. Hence, the achieved outcome may appear as similar as expected before the plan was considered. This fact must separate the undertaken organisation from all other companies where HR management does not consider innovation or creative ideas seriously (Nasir and Author, 2016, p.67).

    Enhancing performance: It can be easily seen that, a structured strategy of innovation generally follows a stepwise model. This fact always provides the opportunity for any individual or authority of organisation to improve all the weaknesses. An example can be given that, if an organisation or an authority or an individual is found to be weak in the analysis of any particular idea but reversely good in implementation of that idea, then it is clearly defined that, analytical skills will be the most preferable consideration and must be improved for that authority. So, it can be seen that the structural process of innovation successfully enables the HR management authority to properly apply and mention all required aspects of the process (Musa et al. 2016, p.532).

    Rewards and Incentives: Every authority or individual always require an effective team of efficient participants for properly carrying out innovative strategies successfully. It is not mandatory that all proposed thoughts and considered strategies will meet proper and expected success. There will be cases of failure regarding several strategies and thoughts; however, these cases should not be considered as a matter of disappointment and depression factor for taking innovative steps. There are lots of successful cases which are generally subjected to meet proper and expected outcomes already. The principle strategy behind this success is an appreciation for employees and co-workers. Good, skilful and efficient employees must be thanked and appreciated by providing those exciting incentives and other rewards (Mui, Basit and Hassan, 2018, p.567). This will be considered as proper encouragement. An appreciating encouragement is always needed for an employee to provide complete efficiency to the organisation. Thus, they can work harder and this will cause enormous improvement for the particular organisation. Besides this concept, employees are subjected to learn proper lessons from their conducted mistakes and errors (Majid et al. 2017, p.876). A structured procedure of innovative implementation will always help in identifying new mistakes and errors. Another fact can be considered that this will make the whole procedure easier to implement. All the employees must perform well and regularly to solve any the HR authority must monitor critical problem and this matter. Regarding the fact of providing proper incentives and greetings, all employees will be considered as efficient. This fact will ultimately improve the overall performance of the organisation (Manzoor, Sadozai and Jan, 2016, p.56).

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