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    Student Suffering Assignment Help

    Student Suffering Assignment Help

    Question 1
    What are the responsibilities of the school authority if in case an aboriginal student suffering
    from Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in sourft Ausfra/iii ir being harassed by school mates ?
    In a classroom the teacher is the authorip and the teacher is responsible to handle any unwanted situation. The teacher should be careful not to let ony negative experience hoppen to any student by his or her Glnssmotes. As per Possel ct at. (2016, p.427). a strong sense of association in the teacher-student relationship is important so that the students can have a direct conversation regarding any problem. It is evident in Kevin’s case that he has not been able to speak to any of his teacher regarding this.
    In the given case, the 15 year old boy Kevin Johnson has been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 6 months ago. Having o weight of 97 kg end o BMI of 29, he is definitely obese. He is in a serious need of an active lifes le. However, he is reluctant to go to school regularly as he says thot he has been confronted by students at school, who are constantly calling him by names. This can be a serious mental-health issue leading to depression. According to Possel ct al. (2016. p.435), the exhibition of depressive symptoms at Australian high-schools is really alarming. Such a distressing atmosphere at the place of study can aggravate his recent health issue of T2DM that he is currently dealing with. In his case he has become irregular at school in an effort to deal with such bullies. However he must understand that avoiding the issue cannot solve this problem. Instead he must fight these through face to face interaction right at the spot. He has not discussed the actual words the students are throwing at him with Paul. It is understandable that he might be hesitant to discuss the actual situation as it might be humiliating for him. In such cases, it is the responsibility of school authorities to look into any such issue that might hamper the mental strength of a student. This could include organising regular counselling sessions with the students. making them comfortable and trying to extract from the them the real incident. After this, it is the responsibility of the school authority to repori it to their hierarchy and resolve the issue as soon as possible.
    It is also the responsibility to educate the non-aboriginal students about the cultural and moral values that the aboriginal communities follow in their society to save the aboriginal students from being bullied for the same. This would help to create an ambience of fraternity benveen the aboriginal and non-aboriginal student group.
    Part 2
    Hiiiv might thc• c-ultu rail dc•terniiii tint.s oJ! lic•ri/f/i be upplicnl frz )'our clios’en i u cation '' ”
    Tlic aboi igincs in Afish alia consiitiitcs i oughh 3.?›"ñ› of tlic total population. hcncc constitutc s a slcndcr pcrccnla c of the student-gi’oup in  a class  li  is  ci’j  common  for a tcachcr  to fail  to  proc idc the right amount ol spccial carc and attcn tion thcj mutter  bc in  ncc d ol’. I i is because of’  this ininoi’ilj that thc› lay bchind acadc m lcall› and the tcachci’s fail to pa› full attend ion to them u h ilc tcaching a u holc dii crsc class of students com in g fi’om diffci’cnt background Thcj might hat c a tcndcncj of rcspondin g pass ii ch in a class. such as at oidirig dii cci cj c-con tack u Atm hoc teacher to sho» i’cspcct or hat ing difficulties to tell the teacher about an; problem he or she is lacing in ilic c lassi oorn. dii c to tlic fcar ol cm ban assrncnt. Tlici cl orc. tlicj  can  bccorn c  the soft-  tar Act of school -bulh mm bj hoc rnaJoriij of the now-aboi iginal  stiidciiis  ( Benton  and  Fri tcrs. 2(I17 p 47) in order to a ord such th in gs a teacher must be an arc of the cullui’al determ mams
    llJ 0[   114 C   ijSO1. 1 @1l2 fl I   SIll dCiJ IS   IC14 d    IO   TO l lO\\  ,   I    Raj    IN   [UC   IC ¿IC l4Cr   I S   IU C   Cls IC1-COO rd  I Uh[Or   I IN   [HC

    classi’oom so he or’ she is accountable to spi’cad  the an ai’c ness  anion  the  non-aboriginal  studc nts of the class
    A hcaltlij  and  stron g comm un i ij  contributc s posi i n clj  ton ai dS th c Social  dcicrin i nants of  hcal th of a pci’son Accoi’ding to Dyer e/ a/ (2tl 17. p 1 3f›8). an alarm ink nuns bcr of thc indigenous people of Australia is suffering from the condition of Obesity. According to  Unhealthy  food- habit and in-actin e lifestyles among the youths are causing gradual deterioration in the licaltli of aborigincs Therefore. hc must deal ii’ith the problem from thc outset to  ai’oid  any  scrious medical condition in future. The school might play an important role bj  making  the students aware about the benefits  of leading  a hcalthi  and actii’e life  More so for a football  enthusiast like Kei’in. who has currently gii’en up plan ing it as he fcels tired becausc of his cxtra kilos
    Kei’in comes from a tight-economic background, for i hich he hesitates to spend for his health in an cxpensii’c clinic. Thc school authority can proi’idc some financial concessions  and scholarships to relief hon from this burden. The school can also arrange for some  physical exercise regimes for such obese students.