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    Strategic Models,Concepts And Theories Help

    Strategic Models,Concepts And Theories Help

    Strategic Models,Concepts And Theories Help


    • There are many approaches to strategy

    • A multitude of Strategy texts are available

    • Similarly there are many analytical models that will impact upon strategy

    • This is a quick review of some of the various models, concepts and theories………

    Beware with the application of Models!

    “The first bridge on which we need to reflect concerns the nature of models. Models are mental constructs of what we rather uncritically call “reality”. The term reality makes intellectuals uneasy..................................................... Models are not to be confused with the reality of which they are the models -- if indeed there is such a further reality, which is open to question”

    Application of the Models

    Bowman’s Strategy Clock

    • A further development of Porter’s (1985) Generic Strategies

    • Hybrid strategy

    • It focuses on prices to customers as opposed to costs to the organisation

    Bowman’s Strategy Clock: Competitive Strategy options


    • The experience curve effect is observed to encompass all costs - capital, administrative, research & marketing - and to have transferred impact from technological displacements and product evolution

    • Personnel from the Boston Consulting Group and others showed that each time cumulative volume of a product doubled, total value-added costs ... fell by a constant and predictable percentage. • Increased labour efficiency e.g. shortcuts, improved dexterity

    • Greater specialization / redesign of work methods e.g. More effective plant, increased automation

    • Changes in resource mix e.g. a move to less skills

    • Product standardization and redesign

    • Experience curve provides the opportunities to lower costs but strategies are required to grasp them


    The Business Portfolio / Growth – Share Matrix

    Directional Policy (GE-McKinsey) Matrix

    Strategy Maps


    Strategic Boundaries?

    • Ohmae’s (1982) constraints to Strategy – The three R’s – Reality

    • Must always be aware of the customer, the competition & the company’s field of competence – Ripeness

    • Timing of the strategy is critical otherwise it will certainly fail – Resources

    • Be sensitive to the limitations of your internal resources & skills

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