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    Special Issue Artificial Intelligence Assignment Help Uk

    Special Issue Artificial Intelligence Assignment Help Uk



    Since the last few decades the concept of Artificial Intelligence has taken a tumultuous turn in every sphere. Humankind has gained a new definition to performing all the works following the conventional methods. Artificial Intelligence in the basic terms denotes simulation of human intelligence processed by machines. Computer systems are the most prevalent form facilitating the tasks of Artificial Intelligence. It involves learning, reasoning and self correction that has added to the dimension of this technology. The ease of work promised by AI is one of the major reasons for its rising popularity especially among the business sectors.    

    The dramatic increase in demand of Artificial Intelligence speaks for its success ratio. Its close ability to human reasoning, learning and analyzing facilitating the most critical works to be accomplished within no time has contributed to its growth. Artificial Intelligence has proven its expertise in different perspectives of engineering, psychology and even philosophy.

    Importance of Artificial Intelligence

    In this brief span of time since its inception, AI has acquired the attention of several researches for better understanding of the concept and utilizing its strength to meet maximum standards in most of the fields including cognitive subjects. The need for researches is specifically to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence and how it can be incorporated in a specific field to make the utmost benefits. The technology has proliferated its roots in various interdisciplinary sciences such as automation, cybernetics, linguistics, mathematical logic and the list goes on, as pointed out by Shukla Shubhendu and Vijay (2013).  Even, psychology and neuroscience finds their bases on the concept of Artificial Intelligence. Thus, considering the spread of the subject and its importance in advancement of contemporary life the research based on Artificial Intelligence takes an interesting turn and invokes attention on further utilizing its potentialities giving options of development of other disciplines as well. 

    Inception of Artificial Intelligence

    The birth of Artificial Intelligence is marked in 1956 where the official credit of the concept is attributed to John MacCarthy in his first held academic conference in Dartmouth College (Yudkowsky, 2014). Gradually, the robotics programs started to be popularly adopted and significant developments in the field was noticed since then. It is one of the most common and known subjects, however, the full potential of the subject is still evolving. This is the major reason for interest of the researchers in the particular subject where the most prominent trends are spotted to be it usage in different industry and how it is contributing to the success of each of the sectors, as observed by Geisel (2018). It is interesting to observe the caliber of computer systems in driving the growth and development of the economical status of the nations thereby pointing towards the reason for the gaining importance of Artificial Intelligence.        

    Research Project Background and Objectives 

    The basis of the research is formed in parallel building of the objectives that together sum up to surface the inside out story of Artificial Intelligence. The vast scope of AI prevents limitation to one particular area and demands the attention to its core strength that would automatically indicate to the areas that are excelling and would advance in future with the aid of this mechanized program. Thus, the objectives are identified beforehand to pay heed to the main areas for comprehension of the concept of Artificial Intelligence in a convenient way. 

    Research Objectives

    To understand the terminology and concept of Artificial Intelligence

    To evaluate theoretical and experimental aspects associated with Artificial Intelligence

    To explain the applicability of tools in Artificial Intelligence and its importance in varied fields

    To identify the advantages and challenges associated with Artificial Intelligence

    To recommend effective ways for mitigating the problems and utilize the benefits of Artificial Intelligence the most

    Concept of Artificial Intelligence

    Computer Science brought forth one its most significant boons in the form of Artificial Intelligence. The role of AI is to exhibit intelligence through programming systems that are capable of learning new concepts and tasks. At the same time, the mechanism would be able to perform applying logic and reason, which makes the conclusion more useful. Formation of such a piece amalgamating science challenged human types of intelligence, as remarked by Bostrom and Yudkowsky (2014). Its efficiency and affectivity have been proven time and again. The inevitable proof of it success focuses on the surging demand among the business world, who are constantly bettering its implementation and programming for facilitating uninterrupted success and benefits. 

    Aspects of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is more commonly known as robotics which has the ability to outperform human intelligence through following all the process of thinking, learning, solving problems and making decisions, states Sotala (2012). Thinking ability is the most advanced technology that has been added as Artificial Intelligence software into robots or computer systems that gave it unmatched competency with human intelligence. The human-like characteristics of the machines have increased dependency on technology, as the works can be accomplished faster compared to human manpower, states Tirgul and Naik (2016).        

    Operation of Artificial Intelligence requires excessive incorporation of tools with high potential of processing huge amounts of data, along with the competency of controlling and analyzing all the information. One of the strong reasons behind its gaining popularity and high demand among industries is the representation of human brain in simulating all the range of learning and executing process within very limited time and involving lesser resources, mentions Luo et al. (2018). 

    However, there are fields related to AI that need further research on the ways of solving tasks and reduce the chances of committing errors. Robotics rising with the support of Artificial Intelligence is hugely aided with technical machinery that enables it to perform varied tasks without human interference or assistance. Owing to vast expanse of its advancement, its advantages are mainly classified as production of smarter artificial intelligence systems that would replace human labor giving way to a complete automation mode of working, as mentioned by Geisel (2018). The need and want for this is to avail cheap labor and use the finances in other parts of the sectors. The efficiency and accuracy promised by AI is unquestionable in terms of its performance and holds as a concrete reason for investing so much effort in its gradual development. 

    Issues faced with Artificial Intelligence

    On the other hand, quite evidently, automation would lead to structural unemployment and way more unpredictable consequences that might impact the social, cultural and economic backbone of the society, observes Petropoulos (2018). The programming of Artificial Intelligence can imitate the human expertise, but there remains question on its superiority in terms of logical reasoning that cannot be confined to automation and requires real human interference. The most vulnerable position of a system is that it can be messed up completely by a non-knowledgeable user or due to any technical faults. The problems are very specific for machines and cannot be overturned easily, as remarked by Soni et al. (2019). 

    Advantages of the AI technology

    Despite the problems faced by AI, its power cannot be overlooked and that is why instead of limiting to one stage intense research is in place to improve the functioning of AI systems. The world is moving at a faster pace and to compete in it speed and accuracy both are important. Thus, it continues to be a highlighted and most discussed topic especially in context of today’s business scenario and interests the researchers to delve deep into its roots and discover and innovate new branches that would give a completely new dimension to the conventional norms of working. In this research, the focus would revolve round the different streams that are generated by the help of Artificial Intelligence causing long term benefits and improving the quality of work.           

    Research Problems

    The dramatic change in the history and present of computer system through the advancement of Artificial Intelligence of theoretical as well as technical ways has resulted in a revolution. The big companies are adapting to the latest changes and implementing these to be at par with their rivals. However, there are some difficulties in understanding and complying with the multi-disciplinary features. The processing tasks of AI like verification, security and controlling system put an impact on the society because of its intelligent actions, as opined by Soni et al. (2019). 

    The management of the gigantic data source that is the core to facilitate the analyzing and resulting process is a considerable task and any flaw in the system can ruin the entire system. The understanding of the system is crucial that necessitates extensive study and understanding of the concept and then put it into full use. Artificial Intelligence is not a brief concept to be understood following theoretical works. It works on the concrete knowledge of theories, as well as experimental model for making the process free of flaws. It makes the full knowledge on the subject even more necessary as many disciplines have invested their interest in this and requires every bit of information that would more than suffice their business processes. 

    Understanding of the concept of AI is the fundamental research problem and considering the fact that it involves extensive use of data imperfect or incomplete knowledge of the process might cause disasters. Coming to the available secondary sources of information on AI, there seems to be overall focus on analyzing the features that aids in the decision making process of the AI extracting the required information from a diverse range of available information. Thus, there is need to understand the pillars of Artificial Intelligence gauging on its points of strength and weakness along with providing real-time applications of the automated systems. It is a widespread subject and should be dealt accordingly instead of highlighting one bit of it that would not provide essential information on all the related aspects, as pointed out by Shukla Shubhendu and Vijay (2013).            

    Research Methodology 

    The purpose of research methodology is to implement procedures for bridging the gaps that have been identified as problems in completion of the study. It indicates towards the lack of evidence in certain areas that require the attention for meeting the desired goals. Once the completion is assured successfully, the value of the research is added along with possibilities of offering insights to the utilization of the specific concept. Hence, the suitable methods to take the research in the right direction have been identified and probable processes suggested to exhibit accurate results from the conducted study.   

    Among the three research philosophies of Positivism, Interpretivism and Realism the last one would be used for studying the role and importance of Artificial Intelligence (Choy, 2014). Positivism philosophy relates the stability of real facts and narrated from an objective standpoint without any interference, while Interpretivism is based on subjective interpretation of the selected topic and assesses the reality. On the other side, Realism philosophy is based on understanding the independent factors for extraction of the originality of the topic. Hence, the nature of the chosen subject would be best evaluated through realism philosophy applying the scientific approaches the data and building a fundamental idea. Also, realism philosophy helps in collection of real world data without limitation to previously interpreted observations. 

    According to Bryman (2015), conducting a research necessitates a clear approach that would lead the path straight for the researcher. Deductive and Inductive approaches are generally considered in a research where the former method helps in designing of ideas based on earlier theoretical patterns and models. Inductive approach is a qualitative method in which the researcher frames a completely new theory through availability of the qualitative data. In this particular study, Deductive approach would be followed in this study to understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence in full depth and analyse the factors closely associated with it. It would be helpful for the researcher to utilize the available data and draw results through tested theoretical factors. 

    The Descriptive design of researcher would be integrated for conduction of the research wherein the relevant sources and materials would be gathered on Artificial Intelligence and a logical flow would be attained for analysis of the research problems. There remain several non-quantified factors that might not be directly bearing an impact but are somehow beneficial for comprehending the perspective of the original variable (Dumay and Cai,  2015). 

    Another important part of a research is the collection of data through sampling. It provides the real scenario and the take of people on the particular subject. Here, the most common and helpful medium of sampling would be adopted and that is the non-probability purposive sampling technique. Even, the collection of data would incorporate both primary and secondary qualitative and quantitative methods that would provide maximum information on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Most importantly, the underlying problems will surface by the quantitative data. After collection of data its analysis is important that would be done through simulation of all the collected evidence. Mean, Median and Mode method is a common process to evaluate the collected data and calculate the graphical interpretation thus advancing the study more accurately with proper units (Bryman and Bell, 2015).       

    Research Significance 

    The significance of a research always depends on the value of variables in the contemporary times. The purpose of the research clearly highlights the factors that would be taken up for further evaluation based on its popularity in the present times. Similarly, as presented above, Artificial Intelligence is a big talk in the recent days due to its increasing success ratio in the business world. It is important to understand the varying aspects that are related to AI and conduct advanced understanding of the inter-connections of the factors that would pave the path for future development. 

    Artificial Intelligence is already backed with researches and extensive study in different disciplines owing to the benefits that it exhibits. A detailed study for understanding the basic components of AI and its associated benefits and problems with a brief presentation of the theoretical and experimental approaches would lead to an improved understanding. AI has marked its impact in every big companies round the world, as it needs both intensive knowledge of operations and handling and also good amount of finances. Its importance is unavoidable which is directing towards more research and study so that innovations do not take a halt. 

    At this juncture, the present research would deal with bringing forth the integral aspects related to Artificial Intelligence, thereby, signaling all the specific pointers that need to be known for a strong foundation. Also, future researches would be able to gain relatable insight on Artificial Intelligence and might focus on specific areas for specialized investigation of the subject.      


    Inferring the importance of Artificial Intelligence is an easy task these days considering its prevalence in different interdisciplinary fields across the globe. Moreover, creating and simplifying the technology has not been the mark to be achieved. Umpteen researches and developments are taking place to improve the scope and programming of Artificial Intelligence. Very clearly, it can be concluded that there is no conclusion to the advancement of Artificial Intelligence systems. With every passing day it is gaining power through technical interventions and the process is getting better to yield the finest and uncompromised results. 

    Artificial Intelligence acts as an integral part in many spheres and has its own share of advantages and disadvantages. When there is a promise to advance there are many setbacks, but every hurdle is crossed because progression is the only key to succeed in the long run. AI has been given almost every feature to act as a human being, thus possessing the power to think, learn and analyze. Every attempt is made to mitigate the chances of failure of such systems. IN case, there occurs a technical glitch, technology is all equipped to address the situation. In fact, further improvisations to AI are aimed at maximizing its efficiency and accuracy without major breakdowns.    

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