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    Soft Skill Reflective Report Assignment Help

    Soft Skill Reflective Report Assignment Help



    Soft skills refer to the set of skills that helps in forming further hard skills for the workplace efficacy and career development as well as personal development. Soft skill mainly involves people skill, social skills, attitude, belief, emotional cognitive, social intelligence and emotional intelligence quotient. These skills have significant part to play in the career development and success as these skills help in achieving the career objectives in the profound manner (Garcia, 2016). There are various skills involved in the skill codes and typology such as work ethics, effective communication skills, time management abilities, positive and strong attitude, presentable personality and more. Apart from that, it has been evident that, the soft skills are the basic structure of hard skills as the hard skills are developed with the independent variants of soft skills.

     It has been evident that organisational or workplace activities can offer different opportunities and different role-plays. Thus, these soft skills help in empowering the ability to foster the career development prospects and improve the working practices in the profound manner. Additionally, establishing effective soft skills will not help in the career planning but also in the attainment of career success and competence if compared to other professional hired in the workplace. In this era, competency is one of the crucial skills that are required by the employees to operate their activities effectively and the soft skills help in achieving the competency and confidence in the effective manner. Thus, the paper has discussed the impact, importance and influence of soft skills in the personal career development through analysing personal SWOT analysis.      

    Personal analysis 

    It is aforementioned that soft skills play a significant role in the career planning as well as achieving the career goals successfully. To complement my career development plan I have assessed a personal SWOT that has helped me in determining the strengths, weaknesses, my career opportunities and hindering factors of the career development that needs effective improvement to support my career development plan (Hennekam, 2015). Apart from that, analysing the acronyms of SWOT has helped me in understanding that which objectives will require initial focus and which areas are affecting my career development plan. Thus, the SWOT analysis is presented in the following points: 

    Four strongest soft skills as my career strengths:  

    Communication: It has been evident that communication is one of biggest advantage in the soft skills as I am able to communicate with people in the effective manner. Listening is majorly required in the communication process and I prefer to listen first rather than just speaking as listening is acknowledged as the most important skill in the process. 

    Team working: As I am perusing my diploma bi have to deal with various team projects that requires team management quality work, collaborative work and an essence of togetherness so that the purpose of the purpose of team work can be accomplished duly. In organisational context, teamwork is a natural requirement as the workplaces do require teamwork by the employees as it helps in reducing the workload when the workplace is going through pressure.  

    Problem solving: Problem solving is an effective technique that helps in coping up with the challenges that come across in the daily life style. In the workplace culture, problem-solving skill can be very beneficial to complement my professional characteristics in the profound manner. Apart from that, I have experienced its benefits through its application in my real life problems such as difficult classroom activities and problems I used to face in delivering my responsibilities. 

    Leadership: Leadership is not role or character as it is considered as an influencing personality that is able to lead the team with empathy and positive relationship. Communication has helped me in the significant manner in dealing with the effective challenge that has come across in my leadership, as I was responsible to lead teams in the classroom activities sometimes. Through the gained feedbacks and my own experience, I can consider these skills to be my strength that can support me in my further career planning and success.    

    Six skills that need to be developed: 

    Besides the aforementioned strengths, I have assessed that there are six significant soft skills present that needs to be developed so that the career planning can be supported strongly and acumen my career planning objectives effectively (Savitz-Romer, et al. 2015). The following areas can be considered as my weaknesses and areas of improvement:  

    Time management: I have the biggest disadvantage of managing time as I find it to be difficult and in turn, it affects my daily activities prominently. It has been evident by me, that I am sometimes unpunctual in important places, as I have to make haste in the mean time due to disorganised timetable and lack of time management. 

    People skills: People skills infer empathetic and effective communication, patience, trust, building positive relationship, active listening, and flexibility proper acumen, understanding the consent, negotiation and flexibility. 

    Work ethics:  To perform organisational functional activities business standards, ethics norms and standards are important to maintain and follow. I have to develop this skill as well to perform my workplace activities in the ethical manner and gain competitive advantage. 

    Adaptability: Adaptability helps in increasing knowledge and support the emotional intelligence in the effective manner as the skill helps in widening the flexibility skills of an individual. Thus, developing this skill will help me in achieving confidence and presentable cognition in the effective manner.  

    Organisation: As I have previously mentioned I am poor in organising and I need to develop the skill sop that my time management prospects can get help in the consequent manner.  Apart from that, it would be important to develop this skill so that my further career plan can be organised as well. 

    Presentation: I lack in presenting my concept, especially in acumen. Thus, I have to develop this skill to present concepts and myself in the work procedures profoundly.  

    Opportunities and threats that can role-play in my career plan: 

    In modern business having, experience and technical knowledge is not enough to fit in the organisation, as it requires soft skills in the foremost aspect. These skills are invaded in the soft skills however, it is crucial in the workplace as these small skills plays essential role in management, decision-making and brining in efficacy. It is important to take the opportunities and threats coordinated with the personal career planning. The strengths have the significant opportunity to improve and brush up for further enhancements in the career planning. It has been evident that, communication skill is the most profound and acknowledged soft skills by the employers as communication helps in resolving the problems that takes place in the workplace so in the personal life (Carvalho and Rabechini, 2015). Completing the diploma and classroom activities has the significant opportunity. Additionally, the weaknesses can pose significant threat to my career planning. Threats can involve the areas I have to make effective changes. Apart from that, the areas of threat can be addressed with the following proposed career development plan. The threats and opportunities are beneficial, as it will help in improving the entire soft skills that I have to support my further employability roles and traits. 

    Career Development plan 

    In accordance with the aforementioned personal analysis, I have documented an overview of the plan that outlines the dimensions of my career planning regarding the improvements the aforementioned six skills and enhancing the existing skills. In the personal analysis section, I have highlighted six skills that are crucial in the career planning and attaining success (Cottrell, 2015). Thus, in this context I have emphasised the ways I can improve my skills and widen my path to career success.    

    Planning for improving the highlighted six skills in the previous section: 

    I can follow various steps to improve my soft skills and plan for the future employability in the effective manner. For each steps, few aspects and steps can be taken into account that will help me in attaining the skills in the effective manner. In the foremost step, I have to create a timetable schedule so that, I can coordinate my works and daily activities in the punctual manner.  Apart from that, I have to use the benefits of communication skills, as it has been evident that communication is the key to attain effective confidence and people skills in the profound manner. Additionally, I have made a ‘to do’ list that will further help me in noting down my deliverables and pointing out the progress in the effective manner. 

    As I have outlined the ‘to do list’ I can elaborate my actual plan regarding the aforementioned table so that the objectives are clarified in the effective manner. In the foremost step to attain people skills, I have to brush up my communication skills and understand the people with empathetic perception so that the people skills can be attained in the effective manner. Apart from that, I will further try to document my working and list the objectives, as it is very useful in learning. It has been evident that learning through documentation helps in analysing the growth and monitoring the progress in the effective manner. Additionally, the adapting the changes will help me in attaining flexible features and empathetic communication skills regarding the people skill will help me in coping with the changing workplace environment as well as in building positive relationship with the team mates (Morningstar, et al. 2017). Practicing and participation can help me in furnishing the skills and attaining new skills to empower my career planning as well as in attaining success. I can state that following these objectives will profoundly support my career planning but incorporating smart approaches and technological advancement can help in this regards more prominently.         

    Role of classroom activities in the career development: 

    Classroom activities involve both, formal and informal education to the individual in order to guide them in their career planning in the effective manner. In the foremost step, it creates the essence of importance in making the formal gestures such as communication, punctuality, ethics, standards and more in the individuals. Apart from that, secondary education allows the student to widen the knowledge and perceptions on the vocational training in the effective manner (Jackson, 2015). The techniques, tactics and examples used by the classroom authorities unexpectedly help the student to understand real world problem and relate with the deep issue or case scenario as well. Thus, classroom activities play a significant role in the career development with all possible prospects that can help in understanding the importance of soft skills and acquiring them with effective practice and perception.    

    Potential challenges in improving the skills: 

    In order to achieve the soft skills outlined in the previous content various challenges have the potential to come across in the career planning development. The challenges that can come across in my career development are my unwillingness to accept the change and communicate in the acumen. Sometimes it is important to take decisions in the problematic situations and that uncertain situation makes me impulsive and preoccupied. This can be taken into account as the challenge. Apart from that, sudden changes in the timetable can be difficult and make it difficult to work accordingly.  Eliminating the distractions cam be difficult as well as keeping positive distraction is important but nowadays the destructions mainly involves the technological addictions and other things that entertains me. Thus, it would be crucially important to look after these challenges so that this cannot create the hindrance in developing the career plan and attain success. Apart from that, the challenges may involve the challenging prospects of learning new skills as in the initial stage people skills can be difficult to understand and it would take time. However, I can focus on the challenges with positive attitude, as it will help me in self-motivation to attain the skills for further career development.         

    Role of soft skills in career success 

    Impact of soft skills in the career success: 

    Soft skills are crucial in career success as it has been evident that it helps in increasing the flexibility of an individual to cope up with the changes and deal with the contingencies in the effective manner. Apart from that, it has been encountered that appropriate soft skills can play the main role behind the career success as well as in the social interaction success. In this case, it is important to note that having experience and soft skills are not enough in achieving career success as appropriate implication of the skills in the right time and right segment is equally crucial (Hurrell, 2016). Soft skills are crucial in adapting the hard skills and coordinating the workplace activities. In essence, an individual is employed in a manager’s position in a listed company. 

    The employee in the foremost step would need effective communication and people skills, as the manager’s main responsibility is to manage the entire organisational performances along with the human resources. Now, the managers have a situation where is appointed to lead the team and in this regards the employee need leadership skills, time management, self-management skills, confidence to convince people, working ethics to maintain sustainability and so on (Adnan, et al. 2017).  Apart from that, leading team comes with great responsibilities, as the leader has to experience various challenges such as interpersonal conflicts, differentiation in opinions, motivation issues and more. In this regards the entity would importantly require, patience, problem solving skills, critical thinking, monitoring the performance as well as organising the team in the synchronised manner to address the challenges effectively. With the considered example, importance and impact of the soft skills in the career success can be determined in the profound manner. 

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