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    Part A: Summary
    The Marriott International is a famous four-star hotel located in Melbourne CBD. This hotel has never stopped inventing in order to maintain the heritage of its service since 1927. The founder of Marriott International is J. Willard Marriott and his wife Alice which was in aiming to serve the people during muggy summer in Washington. In the first phase, it came out as only in a form of a restaurant. The phase changing the time of Marriott International was in the year 1957 to 1985 as they shifted their business to the hotel industry. Under the management of J. Willard Marriott, They opened their first motor hotel in Virginia and Arlington which made Marriott International global enterprise for the next 25 years. In the year 1969, they introduced first international hotel in Mexico. In 1988 they successfully introduced the 500th hotel in Eastern Europe. Until the year 2016 Marriott International is the largest hotel company with the inclusion of the 5700+ properties which are offering more than 1.1 million rooms in between 110 countries. In the year 2017, the properties crossed 6500 and the revenue was more than $22. The present CEO of the Marriott International is Arne Sorenson and the present owner of the company is Bill Marriott.
    As commented by Zhou et al. (2014), the local market is an extravagant factor for this hotel. The hotel lies just across the Melbourne shopping village. This hotel is surrounded by an extremely well decorated local market which is the central attraction of the tourists. Many shopping complexes are near Marriott International and variety of shopping centres and shops are across the road which serves as a luxurious platform for shopping. The sporting and cultural facilities are the channelled attractions of this surreal place. As stated by Fabrizio & Thomas, (2012), Marriott International serves as an astounding hotel with superior facilities and quality room amenities.
    Part B: Essay  
    Marriott International is located in the heart of the Melbourne CBD which is marked as one of the most beautiful places in Australia. The historical value and the beauty of the nature of this place have made a vast market for hospitality.  The main attraction of Melbourne is the beauty of the city as it is called the city of a flower. Besides the natural beauty for plenty of colorful flowers, there is some more natural attraction which are Federation Square, Royal Botanic Gardens, Southbank and Arts Centre Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria, Eureka Tower, Arcades and Laneways, Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building, City Circle Tram Tour, Melbourne Zoo, Captain Cook's Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens, Yarra River Cruise, Shrine of Remembrance, Docklands and Queen Victoria Market. Sports especially the cricket is the main reason of tourists from different countries as Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum organizes the international cricket matches.

    The hospitality industry in Australia has reached in a new height which has given birth to new issues also. As mentioned by Brown, Thomas, & Bosselman (2015), growth in the sector is too high for this reason the competition level is also high in this sector in Australia (marriott.com, 2018). These days the raising concern is on finding and keeping the valued customer as the increasing the main issues are regarding the GST, tax and staff cost.
    There are some factors which help the hotel in making business and give a healthy competition. The factors are categorized into two parts one is pushing factor and the other is pull factor. As mentioned by Jones, Hillier & Comfort (2016), the push factors are the architectural design which is eye smoothing, chefs who make delicious foods, Furnished which add extra attraction to the rooms, extra events are the special attraction for the visitors and the customers besides that addition of artists, musicians, dancers enhance the environment. As mentioned by Solnet et al. (2014), the pull factors for the business of the hotel are such as the city is full of attraction for the tourists; museum and galleries are the extra addition to the people to get in touch with the history of Australia.
    Marriott International offers special care in order to raise their service quality to survive in the heavy competitive environment (marriott.com, 2018). The hotel promotes various events, cultural programmers as it can help to attract customers from the market. As mentioned by Prayag & Hosany (2015), in order to remain the customers, this hotel always gives special care to the hygiene factors. This study has evaluated the pull factors and the push factors also and has shown the reasons for maintaining the attraction in the visitors to the hotel.

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    Figure1: Factors in the hotel industry
    (Source: Learner)
    This study has evaluated the natural attractions which have added extra value to the hotel industry in Melbourne. This study illustrated how Marriott International has taken advantage of their existing location in order to reach maximum customers.
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