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    Research Business Assignment Help Uk

    Research Business Assignment Help Uk

    Research Business Assignment Help Uk


    For the purpose of revealing the answers of research questions in the most effective and efficient manner, there is a need of effective data and information. In order to collect, organise and analyse raw data, research methodology can be considered as a systematic process. The presented chapter is directed to provide a blue print regarding different processes and techniques used for the collecting the required data and make it useful for retrieving desired solution of the research process (Axinn,& Pearce, 2006). In respect to this, the chapter also eleboartes the rational and suitability of the methods selected in the context of the research work.

    Purpose and relevance of the research:-

    The presented research work is a business-related research work, which is directed to explore the potential of a new market for a new product. The prime quest of this research work is to elaborate some crucial aspects which helps the organization to establish its business in a new market place. In the specific reference to the presented research work, the purpose is to check the viability of pearl sets and other beads sets business through shop in Kazipet (Warangal District). The company will also have online business facilities through which global customers can also make their purchasing. This research work is quite relevant to the new business ventures, which are directed to establish their business in a new business place. The findings of the research will allow the young entrepreneurs to have right market for expanding their business effectively. In this way, this will be a relevant research work in the business domain.

    Explanation and justification of research tools:-

    For the purpose of collecting data and developing a valid research finding, there is a need of some crucial and valid data. In order to collect this data, in the presented research work, two different tools have been used. For the research work, library research method and survey through questionnaire methods will be used for the collecting secondary and primary data related to the research context. Library research method is an effective method for collecting a large pool of secondary data related to the research context. In this method, different sources of secondary data including books, Journal articles and research papers have been explored for the purpose of collecting some crucial and relevant data related to the research context (Axinn, & Pearce, 2006). With the help of this tool, a valid, conceptually strong and verified information can be collected. Moreover, with the help of this method, conceptual evidences can be generated which are validated through theories and models. These evidences can be used in order to provide theoretical justifications to the findings of the research work.

    The prime research tool used in the research work is survey through questionnaire method. This research tools will be used for the purpose of collecting primary information which is confined with the personal experiences, perspectives and point of views of different people. In this regard, for the research work, an intensive field survey with the help of a specific set of questionnaire has been taken into account with the selected entities (Crowther,& Lancaster, 2012). In the survey, several questions regarding the preferences of people have been asked from the sample population in order to identify a specific trend prevailing in the market so that potential and feasibility of the market can be revealed. This method can be considered effective and justified for the research as this method helps in generating some practical and current data related to taste and demand of the target population available in the market place. Moreover, with the help of this method, quantified data can also be generated on the basis of which effective and reliable statistical methods can be applied and valid results can be revealed (Axinn,&Pearce, 2006). Along with this, another crucial tool for collecting primary information is interview method, which is undertaken with marketing managers and executives of organizations operating in Jewellery shops. For this purpose, interview have been conducted with 6 interviewees in the field so that some crucial and expended primary data can be collected. In this way, these two research tools are directed to supply relevant information related to the research work.

    Sampling and rationale of sampling designing:-

    For any research work, which is directed to use survey method in the research work, sampling become quite essential and effective aspect of the research work. In this regard, sampling can be considered as a process with the help of which a specific sample out of the entire population is selected. For the presented research work, the survey is aimed to reveal the potential of the market for the jewellery business. In this regard, the customers who come to the jewellery shops are the appropriate population for the research work. In respect to this, a sample of 100 respondents have been taken in to consideration as a sample in the research work. This sample can be considered appropriate as only customers can provide crucial information related to their requirements and needs related to the product. Owing to this reason, this entity can provide effective information regarding changes required for the products.

    For selecting this sample out of the entire population, random or non-probability sampling design have been used. In this type of sampling, the selection of the respondents in the sample have been undertaken without having any specific consideration (Babbie,2009).This randomised selection has been done without having any detailed information of respondents so that any kind of biasness in the research work can be eliminated and fair and valid results can be obtained. The decision of selecting sample of 100 randomly selected respondents was based on the availability of time. Since, I am based in NZ, and for revealing the actual data, I would require to come back to India and conduct field survey. From the research perspective, it was quite crucial for me to conduct face to face survey so that actual requirements regarding the research context can be revealed up to a significant level in order to run the business in the most specific manner.

    Evaluation of quality and performance of the research tools:-

    The survey research tool use in the research work is directed to provide quantified information associated with the research context. However, for the purpose of validating the suitability of the research tool, pilot survey can be considered as one of the effective method. After the development of the suitable questionnaire, a small pilot survey has been conducted in which the questionnaire has been distributed to 5 randomly selected respondents out of the entire population. These respondents have also been asked to review the questions included in the questionnaires in terms of relevance and language. On the basis of the responses, the validity of this research tool has been determined. In order to make the questionnaire more interactive and understandable, some of the questions have been redrafted (Creswell, 2002). Along with this, the pilot study has also revealed that there some questions for which the respondents are not ready or they are hesitating in answering them as they are related to the personal identity of the people. These questions have been changed for the purpose of making the survey research tool suitable for the research work in the most effective manner.

    Impact of sampling on the research outcomes:-

    Sampling procedure can caste a significant impact over the outcome of a research work. Sampling can be considered as the base for selecting the respondents who are to provide valuable response and information regarding the research context. The response of the respondents directly affects the results and trends regarding the research context. Owing to this reason, the selection of the respondents can be considered quite crucial. For the research work, sampling allows the researcher to get adequate and effective data and information related to the research context, so that the desired results can be obtained (Cochran, 2007).

    Effects of biasness and steps taken for controlling such biasness:-

    Sometimes, due to the lack of concentration and lack of adequate time, the researcher makes a biased selection of the respondents. He selects the sample which is convenient for him to explore. However, this biased sample is not able to provide fair and adequate information which is required for providing effective information related to the research work. Owing to this reason, the researcher’s bias regarding the sample selection directly affects the validity of the research results. In order to control this biasness and its consequence, the researcher is required to use the randomised sampling technique in which there is no any consideration taken while selecting any respondents. There is no any specific information available regarding the respondents. Owing to this reason, there is no scope of any kind of biasness in the sample selection (Babbie,2009). Moreover, this method will also increase the overall validity and reliability of the research results.

    Validity and reliability issues:-

    Validity and reliability issues can be considered quite prominent issue and requirements of the research work. The manipulation in the data supplied and usage of non-validated and non-verified resources for collecting information can raise issue of validity and reliability in the research result. For dealing with such issue, in the research work, for dealing with such issues, random sampling method have been used. Moreover, in the research work, only valid and confirmed sources have been used in the secondary research so that any kind of issues related to validity can be resolved (Belk, 2006).


    On the basis of the discussion made in the chapter, it can be concluded that the measures of library research and survey through questionnaire can be considered as one of the crucial and effective research tools which are critically justified in the research context. Moreover, the presented chapter of the research work is also reflected that sample selected for the research work is also quite effective and crucial which will help in retrieving the desired results.


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