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    ReportVisitorBehaviorManagementAssignment Help

    ReportVisitorBehaviorManagementAssignment Help

    Report on Visitor Behavior and Management 

    Executive Summary

    This report has been formulated to put significant emphasis on Visitor management and behavior by motivating tourists to attend Venice, Italy. The tourists have been motivated using different reasons by the help of visitor motivation theories. The report, therefore, sheds light on the understanding of the visitors and their motivation level that helps the destinations to gain long term sustainability and longevity as an attractive and eye-catching tourist destination. The report formulates three motives for tourists to visit Venice, Italy along with the identification of factors that helps the place to achieve long term attraction as a tourist spot or the weaknesses it encounters in being one.


    The report has come up with the projection based on the scenario that has been developing for visitor behavior and management. The work has been incorporated through the help of selecting a destination such as Venice, Italy. The report has come up with the interpretation based on the scenario of over viewing the destination through the support of geographical annotations; it's a unique selling point that will be helping to attract several tourists to that destination. The report has been delved with the projection that demonstrates the specification based on the concept of retaining the destination's position in the long run.  

    Overview of the destination 

    The report has selected the place, Venice, Italy which comes up with the geographical presentation based on the northern side of the Adriatic Sea. This place lies on an archipelago and this appears in the shape of the crescent moon. Venice, Italy comprises the geographical area of 32 miles and the place has been drifted over Chioggia, which is situating on the southern side. The place has been developed with the help of several unique selling points which help the place pull towards it, such as, Piazza San Marco, St Mark's Basilica, the Grand Canal and many more.

    The existence of such spots in Venice, Italy helps to create a level of motivation and aspiration for the visitors in the long run. The presence of enriched culture and heritage has helped the place to maintain the position for further retention in the long run in terms of tourism (Mariani & Guizzardi, 2019). The key stakeholders of Venice, Italy's tourist places are several local inhabitants, the governmental body of Italy. There is the presence of other people who are associated with the group of tourist places that works for further development of the attractive visiting places that will help to maintain cordial relationship between the place and tourists.


    Analysis of the Three Main Motives for Tourists to Visit this Destination 

    The city of Venice in north-eastern Italy is a beautiful place for attracting the attention of the tourists. There are several motives for tourists to visit this beautiful city and capture the city at its best (Ravid, 2018).

    The tourists can encapsulate themselves with the enigmatic architectural exquisiteness and the rich strata of artistic dominations that make Venice an enriching tourist attraction. The highest point of visit in Venice also provides a magnificent experience to the visitors due to the city’s encapsulating artistic and natural beauty that offers every individual an enriching experience (Asero & Skonieczny, 2018). The primary area of gathering in the city's historic public square is the Piazza San Macro that makes one of the most attractive motives for the tourists to visit the city in Italy. By experiencing the ambiance that this square offers amidst the crowd of Venetian citizens proposes an authentic experience of Italy at the best of its essence.  

    The serene raft ride at the Grand Canal cannot be missed by the tourists who visit Venice. The raft ride is a journey towards tranquillity amidst the crystal clear water down the Grand Canal that allows no fuel induced vehicle to shatter the peaceful experience that this place offers (Asic & Lukovic, 2016). The ride among the Grand Canal is a major reason for motivation that needs to be experienced by the tourists who can have the ideal chance of exploring the water ride in the beautiful city of Venice.  

    The historical and architectural beauty at Venice provides a motive for the tourists to experience the artistic intricacies at St. Mark's Basilica and Campanile. The sky-reaching 30-story Campanile and Basilica are the greatest attractions in the city that serves as an enigma of Venice's power as a military force (Whybrow, 2015). The mediaeval architectural styles along with artistic pleasures provide an enriching experience to the tourists who cannot miss this exotic destination while in Venice. 

    Identification of Any Environmental, Ethical, Political or Cultural/Social Issues that may Impact the Success of this Destination in Attracting these Visitors in the Long Term 

    In spite of the enriching beauty of Venice, there are environmental issues that are highly affecting the city's perception of attracting higher tourists. The greater turn-up of tourists every year is causing environmental problems due to the immense usage of resources and also the contamination of natural beauty (Spagnolo et al., 2018). This also poses a huge threat for the Venetians to live a normal life. Another issue that falls under the social concern for tourists is the boost in living expenses at Venice. Due to huge tourist visits, the city has been charging extra costing for entering of the tourists in Venice (Marinetto, 2018). 

    The city for the Venetians has been a problematic place to live in due to 30 million tourist visits each year. Such is the condition that UNESCO has listed the beautiful city of Venice among the world’s most endangered sites due to huge population turn-up in the city (Seraphin, Sheeran & Pilato, 2018). This has also blocked the waterway through the Grand Canal in significant transport of ships for economic benefit in Italy. This huge constriction of the population in the city is, therefore, causing problems for the handling of the local Venetians and the visitors who visit the beautiful city in Italy.  

    Identification of the main competitor destination of your chosen destination and an analysis of the destinations relative strengths and weaknesses for attracting visitors 

    Through the help of analysis, this has been found that the main competitors of the selected destination, Venice, Italy are France, Paris, and Prague who have several attracted places that have been visited by the tourists across the nation. This has led to the projection that Venice, Italy needs to facilitate more attraction visiting places to maintain the cultural heritage in the long run. However, the analysis of the strength of Venice, Italy is an ample matter that will help to attract the number of visitors. Venice, Italy stands erect through the support of intact heritage and the place has its name engraved on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage List (Fistola & La, 2017).  

    Additionally, Venice, Italy is considered as one of the topmost destinations that people like to go to. The place is highly enriched with the help of attractions that can be countered with cultural aspects. Venice comes up with nature esthetic presence and provides visitor’s nature's exquisiteness.  One of the pivotal factors that are found by most of the tourist the presence of elite museums and palaces that demonstrates about the celebration of rich culture in Venice, Italy. Therefore, the amalgamation of cultural aspects and heritage has helped the place, Venice, Italy to maintain its dignity in terms of being a famous tourist spot.  

    On the other hand, there are several weaknesses of Venice, Italy that restricts the area to attract more number of tourists.  The weakness can be projected through the help of avoidance of funds and proper staff to provide functions and helping aid the tourists (Celotto, Ellero & Ferretti, 2015). The presence of variations in a number of stakeholders also creates multiple numbers of loopholes such as miscommunication, leading towards poverty, etc.


    The recommending part can be projected through the help of the following two steps that will help the place to draw more visitors in Venice, Italy, such as;

    a First Recommendation: The selected destination, Venice, Italy should try to reduce the number of indifferent stakeholders. The presence of a mixture of stakeholder is creating several issues that may deflect the place from attracting more number of consumers and this can be prevent by tourist motivation theory, in terms of career ladder technique. The place should try to develop more features that will help to reduce the level of employee turnover in the organizations that are the tourism industry.

    b Second Recommendation: Through the help of tourist motivation theory, Venice, Italy should intake the theory based on the concept of decision-making technique (A Theoretical Introduction to Tourism, 2019). This will help the staff of tourism industry to motivate the visitors in Venice, Italy.


    The encapsulating and enriching cultural and historical beauty of Venice makes it an attractive tourist destination in Italy. The beautiful locations and historical and architectural intricacies provide a rich experience to the tourists who are enriched and inspired by the beauty of the place. The destination has certain environmental and political issues along with competitive tourist destinations that can lower their gross advantage in the tourist market. The tourists are highly recommended to visit this city of serene beauty in Italy. In accordance with the Decision Making theory, the tourists have been motivated through this report to visit the city of Venice in Italy. 

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