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    Reflective Research Report Assignment

    Reflective Research Report Assignment

    Reflective Research Report Assignment

    1.    Introduction

    Hospitals are the primary institutions in any country so they need to deliver services efficiently as good health is paramount to a happy society. As a result every hospital needs a system that will enable it to make effective and efficient decisions. In current scenario it is hard to deliver effective results without an automated information system.

    Information system is a computer system that will collect and store data, process it, retrieve and display needed information (Malliarou, 2006; Malliarou et al., 2007). Such an information system has numerous benefits. They will reduce errors, and speedup the process of care and accuracy, billing management and many more.

    2.  Background

    The Royal Rundle Hospital (RRH) is a multi-specialty hospital that includes a number of departments, rooms, doctors, nurses, compounders, and other staff working in the hospital. Managing the data pertaining to different departments and staff is a challenge to efficient working of RRH as hospital needs to process a lot of data and handle much paperwork. Various books and registers are maintained for patient’s record, staff entries, registration and other details. This manual system possesses various challenges such as insecurity of data, poor data retrieval system and inefficient data updation system. So management of RRH wants to deploy IT solutions so as to eliminate the problems associated with manual system of data maintenance.

    overview of RRH 

    Various operational works that are done in RRH are :

          ·       Recording data about that patients

          ·       Generating the bills

          ·       Tracking the staff working in various departments

           ·       Keeping records of doctors

           ·       Communication and cooperation with doctors and other health care workers

    1.  Organizational Structure of the Hospital (old system)

    In the current system the whole operation begins with the visit of the patient who will be first issued an entry card containing name , arrival date- time and other information. Patient will visit a relevant doctor in a particular department. Depending on the seriousness of the patient’s condition they are either prescribed medicines or admitted in the hospital. Then patient is allotted a room (private or general) after fulfilling certain formalities. Again before discharging a patient certain formalities needs to be completed like doctor fees, room charges, test fees etc. Current procedure is to capture these operations starting from patient’s entry to discharge from the hospital, on paper with some use of spread sheets. This system is very tedious and requires a lot of processing while retrieving the information by other staff members.

    Final presentation system,HEALTHCARE INFORMATION SYSTEM

    3.1 Problems with current system

    ·     Lack of immediate retrieval- It is very difficult to find specific information. For e.g. If a call-on doctor needs patient’s history, one has to search various registers.

    ·     No immediate information storage- All the bills collected on a particular day will be updated in the records after sometime and it is possible that some data may get lost.

    ·     Prone to errors- human calculations are prone to error, hence false information can be recorded. For e.g. wrong figures for some transactions may be captured.

    ·     Preparation of reports – Information is stored in various locations hence cannot be used to generate accurate reports.

    2.  Need for Automated System in RRH

    Automated system provides a common source for all the information for smooth operation of any institute. It will keep all information safe and secure and also facilitates proper coordination among the staff members.

     Automated System in RRH

    ·  It is evident that RRH has to store a lot of data pertaining to doctors, nurses, other staff members and patients so data processing becomes crucial.

           ·       There are various limitations of manual systems with many loopholes and more chances of errors. Since all information is stored manually in RRH so retrieving any information is a hectic task.

           ·       It is important for doctors to get timely access to patient’s record for giving the best treatment. With automated system doctor can directly record patient’s diagnosis data.

           ·       Such an information system can simplify the accountability process of the hospital.

    1.    Expectations from the New System

            ·       To fully automate the operation and management of RRH hospital.

            ·       Managing all data at one place, reducing the work of staff in arranging the documents and records.

            ·       To provide timely access to patients and personnel records.

            ·       Track all activities of patients starting from their entry to their treatment and discharge from the hospital.

    6. Design brief

    The information system which will be developed for the RRH needs all the information about the doctors, patients, staff members, nurses, payment, rooms, etc. which was earlier recorded on paper.

    To develop a database, the data requirement is essential things and this data requirement will be captured in the database in a table form. Before creating the ER diagram, the understanding of data requirements is compulsory.

    An Information System should include following information:

    ·        Doctors — schedules and emergency numbers, regular, call-on

    ·        Patients — medical history and personal data, admitted, discharged

    ·        Departments- cardiology, orthopaedic, Cancer department, OT etc.

    ·        Staff — contact numbers and professional details

    ·        Occupancy — the availability of rooms, private, general

    ·        Billing — calculation of patients’ expenses

    Various healthcare systems across the world are seeking the help of computer-based information management system to develop a robust hospital management system (Murdoch & Detsky, 2013). The best solution for RRH is also implementing an automated information system.

    Basic ER for Hospital Management

    As per the operational structure of RRH there are numerous departments whose information is important for database. Every patient will have entry id, he will contact the doctor for treatment. Patient will get the treatment by a particular doctor, may be admitted and then discharged after the treatment. So the department, doctor and patient information will be needed for creating this design brief. Furthermore, various staff is engaged in different activities whose information is also crucial. Billing information is an essential part of Hospital management. This information contains the id of the bill, the id of a patient, amount, etc.


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