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    Reflective Report Assignment Help Uk

    Reflective Report Assignment Help Uk



    The present reflective report focused on shedding light on my experience during my internship. The achievement and challenges that I have encountered during the internship are going to be reflected in this study. In the 12 weeks of internship, I have learnt about the technologies of battery production. The reflection will be helpful for explaining activities in the journey of the internship. The contribution of my personal skills and knowledge to the organization. the personal benefits of the internship are going to be analysed further in the study.  The study will be an essential piece of work to demonstrate my personal values behaviours in the context of the internship.

    Activities undertaken       

    The activities undertaken during the internship are based on the 12 weeks. I have learned each of the processes of manufacturing batteries during the internship. The first activity that I have identified in the internship is the development of battery design. According to Jin et al. (2017), all kinds of batteries use similar processes to create electricity. However, a variation in the materials in the manufacturing process creates different types of batteries. I have found that batteries are generally a group of linked cells. 

    The designing activities of battery manufacturing have provided me with the idea of cathodes and anodes. In the activities of the internship programme, the process of formulating anode and cathodes has been identified in regards to lithium-ion batteries. In the formulation anode, active materials such as graphite (90 w%) are required (Heimes et al. 2018). On the other hand, the formulation of a lithium-ion battery requires active material like Li (NiMnCo)O2 (90 w%). Apart from this, the activities of creating the batteries have been included in the internship program. It has helped me to understand active material of lithium-ion batteries is mixed up with dispersing water in an intensive mixer with the help of a mixing tool. 

    The discussion on the process of parameters and requirements of the lithium-ion manufacturing process was one of the major activities of the internship.  I have learned activities that mixing time of active materials and dispersing elements takes place for 30 minutes to 5 hours, and it needs to be done between the temperature of 20 degrees to 40-degree Celsius (Heimes et al. 2018). Quality management was further important for ensuring the quality of produced batteries. There are two elements of quality management namely quality influences and quality features. The major activities of quality influences are mixing and dispersing sequences. The shear forces, mixing temperature, filter materials and filter systems are important for quality influences. On the contrary. Quality features of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process are highly dependent upon particle size, purity of elements, viscosity and homogeneity of the slurry (Heimes et al. 2018). 

    My internship has further helped me to understand the coating process of lithium-ion batteries. In the process, activities of coating foils with slurry are undertaken. I have learned the aluminium and copper foils are usually used by manufacturers for coating batteries. The aforementioned activities were some of the major considerations in the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries. The activities that have undertaken in the internship were crucial for gaining in-depth knowledge on the battery manufacturing process. The experience that I have gained from the activities of the manufacturing process can be utilized in the professional development process in future. 

    Contribution to organization  

    Internships in particular research such as battery development techniques are important for the preparation to gain significant knowledge on the topic area. The knowledge of technologies of battery development can be utilized for developing my professional career. However, we also have a certain responsibility of contributing to the organizational or research field that we have been working on. The best that an intern does for an organization or research field is provision the best of his or her to the organization requirements. As mentioned by Patacsil and Tablatin (2017), the supervisor of the research or the managers of organizations wants their interns to be committed to the learning activities. 

    The organization of the internship has allowed me to take part in the learning activities of battery manufacturing. As a result, I was able to contribute to the manufacturing process as a human resource. Interns keep growing their knowledge and skills while working with the company and learning different technologies. I have made myself efficient about the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process, and it helped me contribute to the team's output enormously. According to the studies Šimičević and Štetić (2017), an intern can help an organization to get done different tasks within a deadline with minimum training. Hence, it can be understood that my contribution to the internship organization or research field is based on increasing productivity. 

    As an intern, I have the attitude of gaining sufficient experience regarding the technologies of battery manufacturing. Therefore, I was ready to do my best to give a great impression to the management team through my dedication and commitment to working as an on-job trainee (Almeida et al. 2020). In the context of the research field, there are limited studies that are present in existing literature regarding the development of limited-ion batteries. Hence, the findings of my research on lithium-ion batteries are going to help future interns to learn about the different patterns of the technology of battery manufacturing. The knowledge areas of lithium-ion battery manufacturing technology have been expanded through my research on the topic area. 


    The contribution of internship in the knowledge and skill development of students is based on the changing external dynamics of the present world. The changing world economy, society and technology have led to the emergence of developing talented employees who can meet the organizational needs. The job market has further become competitive, where companies are only looking for hiring candidates who have specific knowledge on personal requirements (Karunaratne and Perera, 2019). The most significant aspect of my internship program is its ability to provide practical knowledge of theoretical and conceptual topics of battery development technology. Based on my experience of the internship, I have learned that internship is a great way of applying classroom knowledge to real-life experience. 

    In the classroom activities, I have only learned batteries manufacturing processes and technologies. However, the internship program has helped me have practical experiences on the technologies and processes, which has expanded my knowledge to a significant level. As cited by Ali and Muhammad (2018), the practical activities of internship make a long term impact on the knowledge of students, which can help them in seeking different career alternatives. The internship has helped me gain a significant number of experiences in the technologies of battery development, which is a significant career alternative that I want to pursue. 

    The knowledge I have gained during the internship is essential for having an edge over candidates who are also looking for similar jobs. The internship has not only made me participate in the manufacturing process but also develop research studies on the topic areas. As a result, the combination of practical and conceptual knowledge regarding battery technology took my experience and skills to a significant level. 

    Personal Benefits     

    One of the most significant personal benefits that I have attained from the internship in battery technology is network. A professional network is always beneficial for interns who want to develop their career without facing any hassles. According to Chakraborty and Badran (2020), professional networking is crucial for interns to have personal, professional and academic constants that help them while searching for a job. It provides an opportunity to learn about the field of battery technology by the knowledge sharing process. 

    I have got contact with a range of people such as peer interns, supervisors and employees, whose guidance can help me in gaining more knowledge on the research area. Along with this, the professional network established during the internship of battery development technology. I must say that the internship has provided a huge advantage of meeting with professionals as well as interns who have interests same as mine. Hence, this can be beneficial for me to get an advantage to pursue a professional career. The other benefits of the internship program were financial compensation (Baranko, 2018). I have received a decent payment for the internship of 12 weeks. This was important for creating a sense of motivation and engagement in my personality. 

    I was not gaining knowledge of battery technology but also getting paid for my efforts, which was important for motivating myself. Despite having personal benefits, I also have been encouraged to certain challenges during the internship. The most significant challenge of the internship in battery technology was time management. According to Zreen et al. (2019), the lack of abilities of time management has a negative impact on the mentors or supervisors regarding the commitment level. It was challenging for me at the initial time to ensure self and time management. 

    I have overcome issues over the course of time of internship by the formation and adoption of an organized living style. The hesitation to ask questions to mentors and supervisors were also a major challenge at the initial time. The fear of being judged by others was the major reason behind the emergence of the issues. The continuous support of my colleagues, supervisor and mentors have helped me to overcome the challenge. The fear and anxiety have been eradicated through the inclusion and collective work environment. Despite facing small challenges, the journey of the internship was extremely beneficial for professional and personal development in the broader picture. 

    Professional values and behaviour   

    Knowledge on the topic areas was not the only aspect that I have gained from the internship program. I have learned about professionalism through the internship program, which has benefited me. The massive contributions of internship of battery development have played a pivotal role in increasing knowledge on professionalism (Qu et al. 2021). It is worth mentioning that interns are bound to work under policies and ethics despite not being an essential part of the organization. As a result, meeting deadlines, being polite and remaining committed towards organizational goals becomes the part of internship tenure of interns. 

    As a result, a sense of professionalism has been gained by me through the regulations, practices and decorum of organizations. Professionalism is one the most significant factors that are demanded by employers while hiring employees. Hence, the presence of professionalism in the behavioural aspects is essential for having an edge ahead of rising competition. As a student, I was lacking inter professionalism. This could have caused a negative impact on career development. However, the behavioural norms that I have learned from the disciplines and drums of the organization, was important for grooming my professional and behavioural values. As per the views of Aboshaiqah et al. (2018), behavioural and professional values are considered as major aspects for developing a strong personality of interns. 

    It is important for interns to work on their values for ensuring a successful career development plan. At the initial times, it was quite challenging for me to adjust to important aspects such as attendance, deadlines and discipline. This particularly because my habits were not compatible with the organizational values and objectives (Qu et al. 2021).  However, the guidance and support of my supervisor have helped me to become competent to adapt my personality to the environment of the organization. In this regard, I would like to show my gratitude towards my supervisors whose constructive feedback was necessary for establishing positive professional and behavioural values. I believe that the values I have gained through the internship are going to provide the direction of growth in my professional career. 


    It can be concluded based on the above discussion that the internship program of battery development technology has helped me in my personal and professional development. The internship has helped me to provide a huge contribution to the productivity of the organization. It has further allowed me to broaden the scope of the research field of battery development technology. My professional and behavioural values have been enhanced with the help of this internship. 


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