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    The main aim of the essay is to depict personal anecdotes to provide the reader to engage properly regarding the five given videos. The purpose of reflection essay is to encourage deeper exploration of learning video.
    Essay 1: Cotton on Foundation
    Being the Cotton on Foundation General Manager Tim Diamond, there has been supporting received in the year of 2013 to make the growth of society. I have built more schools than ever before that has provided huge support to start in life among the kids. In the country of Southern Uganda, we have started education system among four thousand two hundred and ninety-five students. We have been planning to educate 20,000 people in the year of 2020 to make this happen at the time developing of partners with Global Poverty Projects. This has helped me to reduce extreme poverty used in the current generation that took part in global citizen festival in the city of New York. This project has accumulated 60,000 of people attended and took action to mitigate poverty in partnership. There has been fifth army campaign that reached many Australians with the message of reducing stigma and raising awareness in mental health (Herrman et al. 2016). We are trying to send our first consumer to the country of Southern Uganda to implement opportunity on seeing firsthand differences on purchases that help on running new sights. I have introduced four events with nine hundred sixty-three thousand and eighty-three dollars that have raised upon the twenty-one thousand eight hundred. The entire accumulation of money from events goes straight to a redevelopment of a young health facility. There are 53 students attending universities with the better education class having largest kindergartens among 300 students. There has been harvesting of coffee 870 Gammons for aids/HIV to enhance missions per million campaign of 1 million dollars among better healthcare over 100,000 people. We have focused on new health hub in the southern Indiana that has raised the stated mission of the project. The maximum numbers of people around the world are getting interested in the entire project work (Gwathmey et al. 2016). 
    Essay 2: Cotton on Foundation Coffee Project
    The cotton on Foundation Coffee Project has been the important project work that has carried out by me. This helps to improve the lives of entire communities on the generations notice. The Webley cotton on foundation has been helping to develop a sustainable Menya. This has brought 100 acres of land that has been planted with cocoa and coffee plants (Ederer et al. 2016). From the plantation of plants has helped me to sustain Menya. This plant provides the important form of playing regarding the growth of infrastructure that enhances productive sustainable farms. This has provided education that enhances empowering of local farmers. The generation of income can be increased from the employment at the time of engagement of the community. Foundation Coffee Project has made the maximum amount of sustainability and enhances advantage on lives as well as health. There is a high chance of the growth chocolates and coffee with 100% of ethical produced. The maximum percent of profits are growing backs on Menya’s farms. I have seen that with the continuation of project work helps in changing laws on future of meander village. The farmers can able to grow the maximum number of plants that helps to increase the profit. The empowering locals farmers can able to generate income from the profit earned through the plantation process that helps to engage a community to make the entire project work sustainable. The village of Menya provides the suitable place for the growth of coffee as well as cocoa and can be exported in various areas (Rijn et al. 2016). From this project work, I can able to develop a school in the community for the enhancement of education among the children. Webley Cotton has been founded in such a manner that helps in sustainable Menya. 
    Essay 3: Cotton on Foundation: We Empower, We End Poverty 
    The six-year ago of 2007, there is a village of Manya in southern Uganda the community has been affected by the aids/HIV and another serious form of illness. This has been the major problem for the village of Manya with the serious threats of illness. I have to develop a new project work from Cotton on Foundation to provide immense support among the community to fight back against the health diseases. From this serious form of illness there lies with only 26% of people can able to pass final school exam (Boutros and Richmond, 2016). This has caused a serious threat to illiteracy level among the people. There is no safe water available in village and children have to walk miles to fetch unsafe water. The entire future has been completely uncertain due to lack of treatments. The suitable project work is possible with the help provided by globally connected 1000 stores and enhancement of better relationship with the customers. I have received support from the customers by a sale of water bottles, bag and bracelets to improve the lives of the people. There has been set four pillars by Millennium Development Goals to implement carrying out a project on health education, infrastructure sustainability and healthcare. From this helps, I can be able to build schools to employed teachers and celebrate students to achieve incredible pass rate to develop dams boreholes. This can assist the community to facilitate more 30,000 seedlings of coffee. In the year of 2020, we are aiming to educate 20,000 people of Uganda and empower a community to live a life free from poverty. However, a creation of 500 jobs believes community to transform the village and helps the people to fight back against the diseases (Hudson and Dasandi, 2014).
    Essay 4: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Social Responsibility 
    The coffee company Starbucks has tried to build shareholders but the people try to work in the community as well as a company. I am Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks needs to focus on the social responsibility of the community. The company has provided a better quality of courses on coffee by creating products regarding the ethical aspects (Hahn and Kim, 2016). I have to go beyond the product and giving back provides me with an ethos that has been used from the beginning from the day. There has been always believing in the better business model that has been the little bit different. It has provided a creation of balance between shareholder values and profit. I have to focus on the staff members as well as a community that has faced maximum amount of challenges with the started to grow. The community provides the challenging areas at the time of started to grow in early years. The Starbuck Company has been 20 years that has generated a lot of values regarding the shareholders with the only way to enhance a maximum amount of values. The community can able to help the bottom line and I think that it has become more important as a maximum number of community across America has deficits the budget.  There have been significant cuts from the social services that business leader and firms can able to recognize the importance of social responsibility. The entire shows provide the suitable orders made by the customers at the time of visiting the company. Being the CEO of Starbucks Company, I have to focus on enhancement of social responsibility by meeting all the ethical aspects. This can be enhanced by the suitable service provided among the customers. There lies with a high demand a quality product in the company with a suitable business model (Marques et al. 2015).
    Essay 5: Issues in Globalization
    The globalisation has made major problems at the fair place in fashion with the making of clothes in last decades This has provided the richest country with the poorest form of computerization with the help of internet (Stromquist and Monkman, 2014). I have to work as the manager of a multinational company where the entire fashion can be maintained by reducing the price from street fashion. There are huge numbers of textile industries on clothing in the country of Bangladesh. There are various numbers of workers in Bangladesh that are paid more in high street fashions and there lies with pressure on improved working conditions in some companies. In order to develop the ethical form of fashion, there are alternative options to buy Fairtrade products. It provides fewer chances of denying and love the entire bargaining process and find perfect piece upon the fashion and develop a price giveaway. The textile globalization provides the cut price of clothing in the capital of Bangladesh and there are 4 million people engaged. I have to focus on the country of Bangladesh to get the maximum number of clothes, as it is the third biggest clothing manufacturer. The entire raw materials are supplied to boost the country with the high amount of selling products among the consumers and mark as the main business players. The main responsibility depends upon betterment of total workforce in the entire world to reduce the problems in globalisation. There is a large-scale factory and production of clothes are high in the country of Bangladesh due to the high workforce. I have to provide adequate support to the textile industries in Bangladesh with the suitable raw materials supplied from other countries. These materials are supplied to the consumers after checking the quality of clothing (Hall and Fenelon, 2015). 
    It is concluded that the I have gathered huge knowledge from the deeper exploration of learning videos. The particular concepts can be gained from five learning videos.