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    Reflection Leadership Assignment Help

    Reflection Leadership Assignment Help

    Reflection of Leadership


    Leadership is a procedure of social influence in that a people can enlist the aid and help of others in the accomplishment of a general work. In this work, the analysis and evaluation of the issues and elements, which affect nursing leaders as well as professional practice, will include. This reflection work will highlight the leadership expectations for beginning new graduate nurses such as scope of practice, ethical boundaries and legal boundaries.  Gibbs model of reflection like strategies to develop the personal and professional resilience will also include in this assignment. It will shed light on the supportive elements in effectual leadership such as knowledge, communication, networks and evidence. SWOT analysis will also involve in this assignment work. 

    Issues and factors that affect nursing leadership and professional practice 

    It is quite challenging to be a registered nurse nowadays as you do not only have to ensure patients safety but also you and that is what I faced when I graduated as a nurse. I as a Leader knows take the responsibility in my shoulders and with a goal will lead from the front knowing the job ahead to proof a point. The nursing is a mission, which is to provide the best and high quality medical facilities and care and to maintain, and improvement in community health. It is also considered a very important and essential part of all health practices, including the nursing care. Therefore, it also plays a central role in good behaviour of the nurses towards their patients, and which strongly influences the rapid improvement of the concerned patient's health. Professional practices constitute legitimate way or rather a standard that is governed in a proper and a professional way of both the client and their family (García et al., 2016). In fact, professional way of dealing addresses the obligations of a profession towards people who receive services in daily basis.

    A vital part of nursing is to respect for human values, its rights and dignity (Freimann and Merisalu, 2015). From a clinical point of view, nursing care has three basic principles which is communication, collaboration and self care. Vision point of view is that out five elements that are fundamental to nursing, which includes nursing knowledge, which is the most important, then nursing art, right individual knowledge, nursing ethics and obviously socio-political knowledge, I knew that to successfully commence a nursing career these are the things I have to follow. 

    Clinical leadership expectations for beginning new graduate nurses, Scope of practice legal and ethical boundaries 

    As Kim was a registered nurse who graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2018, she had undertaking a Transition to Practice program at a tertiary hospital in western Sydney. Halfway through her program she got involved in a cardiac arrest on the ward. Fortunately, the patient was successfully resuscitated and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. The resuscitation went smoothly, had anything would go wrong she would have been in trouble as legal action could have been taken against her as a part of negligence in her duty. These types of challenges will come where she has to deal it carefully on whatever steps she takes, as dealing with patients is not easy but these challenges will come in this profession. 

    Regardless of the likenesses in the desires for graduates the expectation level is very high, the distinctions persevere in the normal degree of training is with enrolled attendants who ought to be set up to think about the patients with more noteworthy keenness and accept it in more elevated amounts of duty than enlisted graduate medical attendants. The steps of Gibbs Reflective Cycle have been implemented here. 

    Gibbs model of reflection

    Step 1: Description

     What happened?

    As Kim was a registered nurse (RN) who graduated from the University of Technology Sydney, she had undertaking a Transition to Practice program at a tertiary hospital in western Sydney. Halfway through her program she got involved in a cardiac arrest on the ward. Fortunately, the patient was successfully resuscitated and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

    Step 2: Feelings

    What are you thinking and feeling?

    Kim was feeling hopeless, useless, and incompetent as a registered nurse. These thoughts and feelings are causing her ongoing distress and embarrassment, damaging her confidence level, affecting her ability to conduct her practices and her duty everyday, and getting difficult to perform her nursing tasks. For the first time in her career, she was considering to leaving.

    Step 3: Evolution

    What was good or bad about the experience?

    Good thing was the following day; Kim’s Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) approaches her on the floor during the busy morning shift surrounded by her colleagues and the patients to ease her. The Unit manager asked her that they came to know that she was upset and might need some counselling after what happened during the arrest the other day then the manager had asked her to go to her office. Kim obediently followed the NUM into her office, Bad thing was she was feeling embarrassed that the issue was raised in front of her colleagues and other patients. Kim was also feeling uneasy about burdening her colleagues with her workload while she is in the office; Kim sat down and begins to listen to the NUM.

    Step 4: Analysis 
    What sense and make of the situation?

    Yes is makes sense as it was very important for the unit to stand by her and ease her through the bad experienced she faced, when her moral was down and she was feeling low that was the correct time chosen by the unit to sit and make her understand.

    nd put my experience that I faced in my training because this is a very common thing in this profession that I have to face every now and then, it is important not to panic and do what is best for the situation.

    Supportive elements in effective leadership: knowledge, evidence, communication and networks 

    Gaining knowledge normally comprises four fundamentals. The first element is self knowledge. In nursing profession it is important to have general knowledge. Good leaders have a high degree in self consciousness in nursing profession (Dong et al., 2017). Gaining knowledge of other things is also important. The more someone knows about their colleagues at each stage, the more effectual they can be in working with them to reach general objectives. Gaining knowledge contains about the nursing industry. Final step is to know the field of leadership. Discover the abundance of blogs, books and other information present about the leadership to explore trends and best practices (Smith, 2016). 

    According to Dartey-Baah, (2015) effective leadership needs knowing the communication skill with different teams inside the nursing industry, including staffs, customers, leaders and stakeholders. Every team may need a various communication as well as leadership process and though leaders should be capable to adapt founded on the team they are communicating with at the instance. Good leadership communication is easy. In RN standard practice to communicate simply and clearly about the goals and objectives is the main purpose. Leaders make every person important through their communication skill. Strong leaders are apparent in their communications (Martin, 2016). Communication process is a two way process. Listen to the perspectives of the team members is another important thing in leadership process in the nursing industry. Effectual listening assists someone to make relationships, solve the issues, make sure understanding as well as develop accuracy (Kiersch and Peters, 2017). The communicators never suppose that the message individual heard id the real one they planned to transport. Inspire the team members is another way in leadership process. As a leader someone require to be capable to clearly and succinctly explain to the staffs everything from the company’s goals to the works. Leaders should know all forms of communication containing departmental, one on one and full staff communications and communication through the phone, social media and email. A huge portion of communication engages listening. 


    By looking at our qualities, I can take a stock of what pushes us ahead in our profession. These qualities might be character attributes being profoundly sorted out and proficient, yet they likewise might be outer variables that engage us like an awesome life partner and home life, a strong gathering of companions, a trust subsidize available to us, our qualities drive us, prop us up, enable our progress ahead and increase an amazing value (Yue and Peng, 2018).


    Likewise with qualities, our shortcomings might be inner confusion, absence of centre or outer consistent clash with your mate, a tumultuous home condition. Your shortcomings might be diversions, or they may effectively keep you from achieving the subsequent stage. Understanding your shortcomings is foremost (Biancamaria et al., 2016).


    Openings come in different appearances. An open door may be an associate who offers me to be a guide; another may be the opportunity to work abroad where I will adapt better approaches for moving toward general issues (Ervural et al., 2018). Openings might be enormous or rather unpretentious; our activity which is to remember them and exploit those that will serve us the most.


    Dangers are not exactly shortcomings; however a portion of our shortcomings can progress toward becoming dangers (Barksby et al., 2015). For example, a crumbling marriage will surely influence our capacity to concentrate on our expert improvement, and a contrary individual propensity could be seen as a risk, too. In the mean time, the cutting back of our working environment might be a wild outward factor that compromises our activity.

    4. Honesty

    An amazingly necessary part of compelling authority is genuineness. At the point when a pioneer creates an impression or takes a specific choice, all colleagues must have the option to accept that the pioneer will finish and keep their assertion.

    5. Creativity

    Despite the fact that we as a whole endeavor to hit targets, in some cases things don't go as arranged. Unforeseen occasions happen that expect acclimations to be settled on to past choices that were made, or current game plans and think imaginatively to concoct stable arrangements, as staff go to them for help and direction. Whenever actualized, these characteristics improve in-house correspondence, worker confidence, and fortify organization culture and leadership plan.


    It is concluded from this assignment that, there are many issues and factors present which impact on nursing leaders as well as professional practice. There are many clinical leadership expectations for beginning new graduate nurses. It is stated that Gibbs model described the strategies and improve personal and professional resilience.  

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