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    Public Relation Assignment Australia

    Public Relation Assignment Australia

    Public Relation Assignment Australia


    Public relation is one of the rapidly growing field and dynamic approaches as which offers different options and variety in career path. In order to develop the public image and organization need to deal with the market, media and need to manage all the issues. Basic concept of public relation theory is to maintain and builds relationship with the public in a proper environment. Four basic model that are associated with the public relation theory that are publicity, Public information model, two ways symmetrical model, two ways asymmetrical model. Volkswagens is one of the leading automobile industry and the company maintains proper relationship with the public and generally manages all the issues that can hamper their public image. In recent time diesel emission scandal of this company fail to maintain their goodwill thereby, hampering the PR of this enterprise.


    Volkswagen's diesel emission scandals:-

    The Volkswagen emission scandal is one of the biggest cases which have been spread out. Volkswagen has broken the law of many jurisdictions and also lied to the public, customers and stakeholders. The news displayed that the cars that were equipped with test-rigging system with software i.e. overestimated. As a result, Volkswagen faced a bad reputation in that year. Main issue that are identified from this scandal is Volkswagen provide false report in emission test. According to the report all the cars are far less polluting than actually they are. From the report of EPA or environment protection agency almost 4.8 lack Volkswagen diesel cars are emitting toxic more than 40 timers than other cars. The total amount of cars that are doing same thing in worldwide almost 11 m

    Impact on environment:-

    This kind of diesel emission is more harmful for the environment because more diesel emission releases huge amount of NOx. It also includes carbon monoxide and nitrogen-di-oxide (Jung & Park, 2017). All this harmful gases are directly pumped in the air. The report suggests that the amount of emission that is conducting by VW cars in every year is almost 1m. The hidden effect of this fact is it totally damaging the environmental equilibrium. Therefore by this kind of approach the organization also violating the CSR policy.

    Reason behind this issue:-

    The problem that are occurred in the VW’s cars is not a physical device problem rather the problem that are occurred in the engine software or in the programming part of the engine software. Apart from that it can also be considered that the problem is also happens in the time of anti- pollution testing. The clean diesel technology that the car industry is going to introduced in their car fail to adjust the amount of air fuel ratio and increase the exhaust flows. Apart from this, to reduce the effect NOx the car industry uses Urea based solution to increase the performance but all these things are fail to perform according to their expectations. The main issue is detected by the EPA or environment protection agency by their practice. In order to find the issue the agency actually run all the cars for certain of period and the speed of the car need to increase in proper manner. With the help of this kind of practices all the engine related problem is discovered. Apart from that the central computers that are used in the VW car detect all the difference of input and output conditions.

    Impact on health:-

    Diesel emission is affecting the environmentally then it is obvious that it will affect human health also. Toxic CO and nitrogen dioxide gas are very harmful for human health (Tse et al. 2017). After increasing the certain range it occur serious health hazard. Long term pollution of this kind of toxic element hastens death.

    Public Relation error due to the scandals:-

    In public relation the Volkswagen emission scandals became very interesting story. Crisis planning, crisis management have an image to restore and there was a huge role of social media in case of fuelling and they wanted to solve the crisis. The team of Volkswagen Company had communicated to the public about the company’s trust. The company always told that their cars and engines are the best but they have been failed in the pollution test. WV had admitted about their cheating in U.S and created good will to the customers. Many people in Europe were not pleased. The public wanted to show a small tolerance for labour issues (Wilcox, Cameron & Reber, 2015).

    Impact on VW customers:-

    Obviously it makes huge impact over the customer and for this kind of performance the market share of automobile giant goes down globally. Apart from that approximately 18 billion $ fine is going to face by the organization. The company recalls all those 4.8 lack cars and stops their selling. As a result it makes a huge loss and fails to generate the revenue. Apart from that the scandal directly affects their goodwill and the brand value of this company get down. The result of this scandal affect totally in the car industry. As result many reputed companies and their diesel model gets badly affected. The result also makes huge impact in the car industry. Government and consumer want to check all the review reports which are described by the manufacturer company. Goodwill and brand value which the particulate company constructed in these years get massively affected. All the trust and liability that the company is gained by their performance destroy with this scandal. Major effect on the customer is after this scandal the sales rate of specifically of diesel cars get low down excessively. As a result the organization lost their huge customer base. For any car industry mechanical performance is the ultimate matter of concern but in this particular case actual fault is occurred in the engine installation process. For any product especially for any car industry most important things the brand image and it can be achieved after proper performance and customer service (Holtzhausen, 2013). In case of Volkswagen the they just lose their brand image with that specific scandals. In order to repair the public relation the public relation expert of this particular company clear the arguments that the company have total knowledge and understanding about this matter. In order to increase the organization’s growth and to develop the customer base the particular company must have to revive their manufacturing process.


    Press agent or publicity model:-

    It is one of the basic concepts of public relation theory and practices. According to the concept all the PR professionals uses their persuasion to figure out all the thoughts and idea of the key audience. According to the model accuracy is not the highest concern for any organization and at the same time the organization does not give any preference to the audience feedback and does not conduct any kind of analysis. According to the scandal report it also can be identified that Volkswagen also does not give any kind of preference to the customer’s viewpoints. As a result the car manufacturer organization does not give any kind of preference to in the accuracy part at the time of making the car. The result is the mention scandals. Apart from that initially the Volkswagen company also does not give any kind of preference to the customer viewpoint. As a result it hampers public relation. In order to maintain proper public relation practice the organization need to reprised the customer safety and on the product quality, according to this approach it can be understood that all those things are not performed according to the requirements.

    Public information model:-

    It is another basic concept that is related with the public relation model. This approach suggests manipulating tactics that are used to provide more efficient and accurate information rather than press agent. It is one way communication process. According to this concept PR expert or practitioner does not analysis public feedback and any kind of research. Therefore the tactics and strategy of any particular organization does not get any kind of guidance for this kind of approach. In this particular scenario Volkswagen also manipulate their information and produced that test result as accurate information. In reality the amount of pollution due to the diesel emission is massively high and it totally violating public information concept. This kind of cheating or manipulation means not only misleading the consumers at the same time Volkswagen has broken the law of many jurisdictions (Mostafa et al. 2015). Beside that it can also be stated that the organization just ignore every kind of analysis that can change their strategies at the right time. With the help of this kind of false test report the organization mainly wants to grab more attention and wants to create more publicity.


    From the mentioned case scenario it can be constructed that it is one of the biggest scandal that are happened in the automobile industry. In order to avoid this kind activities any organization need to maintain some important activities. ● First thing that any car industry need to maintain is it required proper and authentic test result such as pollution test report, security measurement report. This are essential thing for any car industry therefore all the car company need to publish the actual report that are come out from the examination .

    ● It is very important for any automobile industry is to maintain all the policies of corporate social responsibility. In order to maintain the environmental equilibrium the manufacturer and all the car engineer need to perform more carefully. Organization like Volkswagen and all the diesel car of these companies eject huge amount of NOx and that are forty times higher than normal rate. Therefore in the time of installing the engine any car company and specially VW need to be very careful so that in future all the diesel ca can avoid diesel emission.

    ● Any reputed car organization like Volkswagen need to be very careful about their brand value and goodwill. Main key factories to maintain healthy public relation between the organization and consumers. Beside that to increase and develop the relation any organization need to produce more quality product because if the quality of the product is satisfiable then automatically it will increase the customer base. Other thing that needs to be maintained by the organization is the security level of a particular car. In case of VW they need to focus on this matter very effectively because for any car company customer safety is the most crucial and important matter.


    From the above mentioned case scenario it can be described that public relations is one of the most important thing for maintaining the proper growth as well as to run the business more smoothly. In case of Volkswagen it can be described that due to their diesel emission scandal the brand value and good will of the particular organization get highly affected. From the concept of public relation it can be deduced that this scandal fail to relate with the concept and models of public relation. As a result the organization faces huge amount of financial loss and accept huge decrease in their strong customer base. Therefore it can be deduced from the above mentioned case scenario public relation is totally dependent with the performance of the organization. Beside that from the discussion it can also be conducted that healthy public relation is the key principle that helps to maintain huge marker share domestically and globally.

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