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    Promoting Clinical Excellence

    Promoting Clinical Excellence



    Quality improvement in the healthcare setting plays an important role in enhancing the health care organizational performance with reference to enhancing the   health quality of the service users. Quality improvement and enhancement of the healthcare organizations can be accessed through approaching different quality improvement models. In addition to that, the health care organizations can improve and intensify their quality, through approaching different key quality indicator implementation in the   organizational setting. Basically, the key quality improvement indicators are approached, in the health care settings in order to measure and analyze the quality performance of the organizational performance and procedures. As the health care organizations are majorly focused on enhancing quality of health of the service users of the health care organizations, thus, it is necessary for the health care organizations, to maintain quality, in their settings and service delivery.  

    This concerned discourse demonstrates different types of quality indicators, which can help to analyze the organizational performance and quality of service delivery. This course study highlights the application of key quality indications, in the health ca re organizations. This study analyzes aspects of care, which are related to the key quality indicators, in the health care, using the model of PDSA cycle. 

    Clinical scenario

    This study is based on the clinical scenario a healthcare organization, where the organization needs to recheck and monitor their performance, in terms of quality care delivery to the service users of the health care organization.  The clinical scenario, demonstrates the quality of services, which are delivered to the service users. The organization has less numbers of beds and thus, the service users, cannot access the beds, in terms of emergency periods. In addition to that, the health care organization has evidenced to deliver improper and inappropriate care services to the service users with disability. More often, the service users have to lie down, due to insufficient number of beds, which might spread germs and virus. On the other hand, the health care organization has faced continuous loss in the numbers of service users due to dissatisfaction of the services. The health care organization is   concerned on the methods and techniques, which can help them to enhance their organizational performance and procedures. Due to poor quality service delivery, by the health care professionals, the health care organization has faced several losses. Thus, the health care organization needs to implement strategies, which can help them to regain their quality and service users.

    Quality indicators in health

    In order to enhance the quality in the health care organization, proper implementation of quality improvement strategies need to be done. One of the effective quality improvement strategy, which can be accessed by the health care organization are key quality indicators (Chartier et al. 2017, p.5). However, in addition to that, there are different types of key quality indicators, which can be approached by the health care organizations. In the view of Toussaint et al. (2015, p.187), the implementation of quality improvement indicators, in the healthcare organization can help them to gain high satisfaction of the service user, in terms of accessing the care services. In addition to that, the key quality indicators approach, by the health care organizations, can also measure the effectiveness and performance of the health care services, to their service users.