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    Project Planning Assignment Help

    Project Planning Assignment Help

    Project Planning Assignment Help



    Project is an opportunity through which a business institution through a collaborative effort of personnels and enterprises make a business transaction. It consists of series of task and is completed in a sequences, it can also be said as a set of output that needs to be achieved in order to reach a particular goal or objective

    Project management

    The process of a project is generally a temporary activity. The management of the project means the application of the knowledge, tools and the skills to conduct the activities of the project so that the requirements and goals of the project are met.

    Project life cycle

    The most important past of the project is to properly carry out the entire project for sole purpose to meet the objective. All the projects start with a planning process and ends after its completion and handover to the customer and stakeholders. Generally a project has nearly 4 phases . the first phase being the initiation phase followed by the planning phase and then the implementation phase and lastly the closure.

    Phase 1: Project initiation phase

    Stakeholders- the stakeholders to this project plan are mainly the students and the client for whom the project is carried out that is the University of Sunderland London campus. Other than this the stakeholders to the project are the investors, the employees and workers involved in the project and the companies associated with the project. The technological aspect is overseen by a company and another company is related to install a proper network system for the whole system to work.

    Clients  and the audience

    The clients in the project are the management group of the University of Sunderland London campus. The Sun-Project 20X20 is initiated for refurbishing the campus building of the college. The target audience for the project is the students and the faculty members of the university


    The Sun-Project 20X20 is one of the upcoming projects the main tasks related to the project is to refurbish classrooms and build halls. The client for the project is University of sunderland London campus. The main activities in the project is to refurbish the classrooms and lecture halls, implement new technology and new softwares for modern learning. A project management software to be installed in twenty of the workstations and 5 dedicated workstations to be built for helping job search. The budget for the project is estimated around 8 million euro and the time period for the project is around two years.  


    The aim of the project work is to provide new and high-quality infrastructure to the campus of the university. Another major aim is to provide state of the art design and new technological experience in the teaching with quality and access to modern facilities. Completing the project within the stipulated budget and providing the minimum and necessary commitments made


          To complete all the task as planned with the customer

          To complete the project within the given time frame

          To complete the project within the forecasted budget

          To maintaining the standard and quality required for the project



    Phase 1 Initiation

    Phase 2 Planning

    Phase 3 Implementation

    Phase 4 Closure

    Phase 2: Project planning and Phase Review of Sun-Project 20X20

    Resource plan

    Project Name: Sun-Project 20X20

    Roles Table

    Role /Title


    Project Manager

    The project manager plans, organizes, tracks and controls various activities. The manager also leads the activities and initiates the development from one phase to the other. They also ensure that the project is completed within the budget and the project is delivered within the time frame.

    The project manager mainly oversees the management of the team and leads the project along with developing and maintaining the project plan.

    Project Sponsor

    The project sponsor helps in allocating local funds and resources to the project manager. The main role of the sponsor is to bring in resources, personnel according to the plan and requirement to match the goals and objectives of the project plan

    Technological development team

    The technological development team in this project shall develop new and modern ways through educational interaction. The campus could be provided with the best possible ways to interact with the students

    Construction team

    The construction team in the project would help in making meeting the construction requirement and the specific task to reduce the noise inside the campus building

    RACI Chart (Roles and Responsibilities)

    Activity Categories

    Project Manager


    Technological development team

    Construction team

    Project planning





    Quality management










    Noise cancellation





    Software management





    Work Breakdown structure

    Refer to Appendix 2

    Financial plan

    Refer to Appendix 3

    Quality plan

    The project management team is responsible for the quality of the work and supplies. The project management team will regularly participate to review the improvement of the quality checking activities. Specific responsibilities according to the roles are revised below


    Quality Assurance Responsibility

    Project sponsor

          Assuring the availability of the required resources

          To ensure the quality of the resources are maintained

          Ensuring the quality requirement is checked and upgraded by the project manager

    The technological development team and the construction team

     (division manager and unit manager )

          Encourage the staffs to maintain the quality of work

          Encourage the department to work in the development of improvement of quality service and products

    Project manager

          To review, check and approve the quality of the resources and the work done

          To include quality assurance activities in the project planning to ensure the quality is maintained overall

          To improve and evaluate the quality of the product as and when required

    Project Owner

          Feedback on the quality assurance report and plan

          Offer inputs while quality checking activities

    Team members

          Providing feedback and consultation on the quality plan, criteria of the project.



    Quality planning area

     Key quality concepts

    Supplier control

          Construction materials match the industry requirements and are certified for quality assurance

          Software materials are adequate and meet the specific requirements of modern learning

          Providing quality internet access

          Providing noise reduction windows and carpeting of walls

          Smartboards quality assessment before installation.


    Tools, techniques

          PMP certificate

          ISO certification

          Six sigma approach

          Total Quality Management Technique



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