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    Project Management Plan Assignment Help

    Project Management Plan Assignment Help


    This document, the Project Management Plan (PMP) .This project will be used for managing the project. The Project Management Plan outlines the scope of the project, deliverables of the project, structure of the team, roles and responsibility of each member in the team. The Managerial and Technical Processes have been outlined as well identification of any risks. It also outlines the schedule and budget for each resource required.
    Finally, the project plan results in conclusion and recommendations for the reference of the project team.
    Executive summary:
    The project is about creating a finance application for feed franchise. The Management Team members have strong computer backgrounds. The information collected from the members and the sponsor thus assigning work to each individual. The objective of the project is:- 
    Creating a customized finance application contains payroll, debtors, creditors, BAS calculation, bank reconciliation, stock control, reports etc...
    Application should support the multi user operating system.
    Application should be web-based, running on current browsers and the Windows Vista operating system..

    The scope of the project which defines what the project boundaries, the project clearly and explicitly defines what the project is to cover and not to cover. It states hardware, deliverables, assumptions and constraints of the project. The project gives a precise definition of  the  purpose and scope of the project to ensure that both Business Partners and Technical personnel are clear about the field of reference. It explains about  the number of phases in the project. All of which creates  schedule  and budget of the project. The schedule creates a timeline for each individual phase which has to be completed by the milestone and critical path for the project. The schedule of the projects is breaking down of work into various categories which also brings the budget; it creates an estimate of  cost for each phase and estimate for completion date for the project.

    2.0 Introduction
    “A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.”(Scott Allen).  The project clearly explains the name of the  project which is a positive aspect but it doesn’t say much of the feed  franchise and the layout. The description of the project gives a clear statement objective of the project which very much useful for the sponsor so that he can what is the project is all about. The sponsors detail is provided in the project which is very essential to the project. The sponsor has to know who has been appointed as a team for this project where the sponsor has to be informed about the team member’s details which are done in the project
    This is a positive thing in the project. Each team member’s details like phone number and email address is provided to contact which is very useful. The deliverables and the documentation of the project are explained in detail  which gives a clear understanding of the project. The Reference details has been left out or omitted in the project which is a negative aspect of the project. The project should have references where the material was taken or cited from which gains knowledge in order for preparing the project. The  phase review of each stage is completed at each stage and asked for acceptance for the project which is omitted in the project which is not a good thing in the project. However this list would be more helpful if it contained a greater number of references.

    Project manager and team details:
    The Project Management Plan (PMP) outlines the  project.  Project team members are responsible for documentations, which show team has worked on PMP. Through out the development cycle all team members of the project are responsible for updating and maintaining the Plan. At weekly team meetings will be discussed about the various issue and motivate the group by participating in the problem solving. If there is necessary to make changes in the plan then it is done.
    Project Deliverables
    Project Management Deliverables
    The major project deliverables for the project include:
    Project Management Deliverables
     A completed PMP document
    A Gantt Chart
    A completed and signed-off Design document
    A completed and signed-off Test plan document
    Test reports
    A presentation to key stakeholders
    A working prototype(s)
    A project customises finance application containing all documents and information relating to the project for team and client to view.

    Application Deliverables
    Completed Customized finance application
    Definitions / Acronyms
    The team will apply a process models to the Customised finance application project .The prototype model were chosen for the design of the
    application because the application is planned to be built in stages. Building the application in stages allows testing during each stage to find bugs early and also allows the client to approve the prototype and allows the developers to implement changes early and more efficiently then waiting till the application is finished.
    The three phases of the prototype model have been briefly described below:
    Design: This is a design phase where the planning of the prototype is done and the design of the prototype is defined...
    Implement: After the design phase, the implement phase where the applications coding is done for the prototype and implemented.
    Testing: This phase is where prototype is checked whether it is working properly or not and check for any bugs in the application