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    Project Management Assignment Help

    Project Management Assignment Help


    Project management brings clarity and transparency in the management of the company and also helps in identifying the areas where company can improve its working techniques. () has opined that, the role of project manager is important in the company not only because the project manager leads the project but also because the project manager is in a position from where project manager can evaluate the work of other members of the team. Handling a project efficiently requires a proper plan and the same plan needs to be properly executed. However, a project manager may face certain situations in which project manager has to modify the plan so that the adversities can be avoided.
    Modern era project management has grown tremendously as far as technology is concerned. In comparison to modern era, roman era project management was more labour intensive rather than machine intensive. In Roman era, labour management was a major concern for project managers as there used to be a large numbers of labors for any work unlike modern era where most of the work is machine job. According to (), in the Roman era, most of the construction projects were started near riverside area because any construction requires water and sand. However, in the modern era, because of better transport facility it is easily available anywhere.  
    Professionalism in project management is one of the major things that need to be handled properly. It is the responsibility of the project manager to see that every member of the team maintains professionalism in his or her work. Professionalism is about not only maintaining standards in work but also about maintaining a healthy relationship with other members and subordinates and maintaining ethical behaviour in work. Being professional is highly required in project management.
    Management and the higher authority also plays an important role in the completion of the project. Management of the company needs to be in touch with the project managers so that the top-level management can keep a track of the work and the difficulties that project manager faces or may face in future. Project manager’s role involves planning and organizing the resources and time necessary for successful completion of project. Without the support of  top-level management it is impossible to complete the project.Therefore, the combined effort of both the top-level management and the project management team is required to overcome all the barriers.
    Over the last, so many decades the world has changing very fast owing to technological advancement and in this ever-changing world innovative ideas and techniques must be developed regularly to maintain competency. The environmental factors also play an important role in the completion of the project and these environmental factors keep on changing so in order to complete the projects successfully the organization need to be adoptable to the frequent changes. Communication among various departments in the company must be sound so that the loopholes and gaps in work can be found and treated accordingly.
    It is the duty of the project sponsor to ensure whether the project has been delivered within the proper deadline or not. Moreover, it also goes through the effectiveness of the project work can be displayed by the way it works for the venture. Project effectiveness is completely based upon the performance that has been portrayed during the tenure of the work. Project managers are considered to be vital for delivering suitable work. Management decisions are considered more crucial in the case of management of project. Project sponsor has to be very active in their work. In the opinion of (), project sponsor is also responsible for ensuring that the business need is valid and correctly prioritized, approving key project deliverables and initiating project reviews and supporting the process of review. 
    Executing a plan properly requires proper delegation of authority, which means appointing right person for the right job. Project manager while delegating authorities must take proper care. Project manager should also decide responsibilities and jurisdiction of each member of the team so that the confusions can be avoided. Project manager must also take note of any variation between the actual and estimated cost of material/labour and analyze the reasons behind such variations.
    Senior management of the company is responsible for selecting the projects after examining all  the phases of the projects. This is done on the basis of the parameters already set by the top-level management. Outcome of the project is estimated to manage risks associated with the project and to exploit maximum profit from the project. Senior management may also adopt control systems and practices that reduces unnecessary costs and delays. Senior management can also adopt practices like fragmentation of work to breakdown the cost structure of the project. 
    Over the last so many decades the world has seen continuous improvement in the quality of  leadership and project management. The modern world is one big globally integrated competition-driven market where every organization is improving their product quality to retain existing customers and make new ones. Large organizations are developing innovative ideas everyday to identify what customer wants and how to satisfy the requirements of the customers spending minimum possible cost. That too without reducing the quality of the product. Management these days also spending handsome money on employment training programs.
    In order to implement new products, procedures, or any other change in the company, we need to understand the change management first. Change management is the process that assures that the organisational structure, including employees, can handle changes. When employees are prepared, they know the process and are comfortable with it. All the members of the organisation must make efforts simultaneously to avoid any problem due to changing environment. This is a difficult tasks which can be accomplished if the executive, project manager, resource manager and team members have the knowledge and practice to tackle such changes. Management should also adopt latest methodologies to improve the quality of work in the organization. 


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