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    There are millions of albums songs and artists on the website of Bandcamp, where each one is placed with the notion that every person who would be pleased regarding the art would find it easy to purchase it. Since commencing its journey in 2007, this website had the distinction to implement itself, as a platform for advertising and distribution of many artists who are talented, and intends to carry out this business in the future as well.
    Various search engines for collecting and interpreting data all over the world implement various mathematical algorithms. These algorithms tend to be extremely complicated, which leads to more difficulties while implementing them. Project SORTLY, which is a compound word formed by Shortly and Sorted aims to deliver users with a brand new search engine that would find the most relevant and important content from the website. This would result in obtaining the desired results by sorting from best to worst, and presenting the data to users almost 50% quickly. 
    1.1 Record and   Formulation of possible project specifications
    Project Goals of SORTLY:
    As per the conducted surveys, 72% of the users are not satisfied with the ongoing search engines. This project named SORTLY desires to provide the users with a latest engine that would seek the most relevant and significant content from the website. This would carry out its operations by  sorting the findings from the best to worst findings using several criterions of search, and the search results are presented to the users almost in half the searching time. The population of the website is growing continuously, and as a result, it can be expected that this project would satisfy existing users and would also help them find new ones.
    Additional Objectives: 
    Integration of world-wide-web, help with sorting by utilising data from international websites
    Improved user experience by enhancing their trust with the website and also modifying convenience of the users
    Brand awareness and increased traffic
    Providing sufficient data to assist the website’s strategic planning
    Users would be spending more time with website
    Convenience and accessibility is expected to improve sales
    As per the available resources, which BandCamp possesses currently, it would be possible to implement project SHORTLY. Compared to ChatBot, SHORTLY is a comparatively much simpler project to implement, and would not be requiring breaking down of the budget. Three main steps need to be carried out to effectively implement SORTLY (Stobart and Parsons, 2008, p.48). 
    There are several categories of resources that are needed to be utilised by BandCamp for effectively implementing this software. They include labour cost, software cost, hardware cost, support and maintenance cost.         
    For enhancing traffic in the website, Yahoo Bing Network and Google Adwords need to be implemented. For this, over 500 pounds would be invested on this. Email marketing of the search engine is also needed to be done by BandCamp. Referring to Heldman (2015, p.285), the management of list is carried out effectively by one program only named Aweber. Optimization of Search Engine is a comparatively rather easy concept that would take consistent efforts and analysis to execute. Tools are needed to be utilized by BandCamp that would result in the gathering of necessary for developing a strategic action plan. The previous two tasks would both incur 600 pounds each. Tracking services such, as Call Tracking and Heat Maps are needed to be implemented that would result in sorting the desired search results from best to worst.
    1.2 Identification of various factors towards project selection

    The senior management team of BrandCamp plays an important role towards focusing on various approaches on determination of various factors towards selection of a project. As commented by Bianchi et al. (2015, p.2553) comparison on various factors in relation with a particular project results in proper selection of particular project. Various factors associated with project selection involves 
    Feedbacks from the user
    Reviews and feedbacks from customers contribute a lot towards project selection. As mentioned by Felix et al, (2017, p.120) opinions from consumers in form of likes as well as dislikes in relation to a particular product of commodity plays an important role towards further improvements. It offers an important tool towards measurement of satisfaction of consumers. In organisations such as Bandcamp, majority of projects associated with it mainly involves CampBot, SORTLY, MenuBar, Aesthetics and Categories. Survey conducted with reference to its project popularity indicates that project SORTLY has been able to meet the needs of the users. Project SORTLY in future will contribute towards improvement in user experience. It will also contribute a lot towards increasing trusts of the users. In future it will increase the popularity of the brand.

    Financial comparison
    Determination and analysis of factors in various projects contributes a lot towards project selection. As illustrated by Erragcha and Romdhane (2014, p.138), selection of the project must be such that it supports the budgets of the organisation. Survey on value of the product in the market towards revenue generation plays an important role towards selection of the project. For instance in organisations such as Bandcamp, various projects are presented by the organisation. Out of which, Chabot applications are very expensive and well as takes  sufficient amount of time in production process in comparison with others. Apart from it, addition of control panel will further increase the total cost.
    Alignment of project with organizational strategy
    It is important for the stakeholders in the organisation to have proper viewpoints of the overall strategy. Familiarity of the strategy among the stakeholders plays an important role towards identification of important factors towards project selection. Using organizational strategy offers as an important guideline towards determination of goals of the organisation. 
    Assessment of resources 
    Cheyne et al. (2013, p.565) commented that evaluation as well as assessment of resources plays an important role towards accomplishment of the project. Resources comprises of factors such as capital, labour, budget as well as time factor. Determination of resources available as well as amount of resources important for completion of the project results in selection of the project. Selection of projects without assessment of resources may result in wastage of financial resources. For instance in organisations such as Bandcamp, in addition with various projects, project SHORTLY offers an effective measure towards implementation of the same within present infrastructure of the organisation. It satisfies available resources of the organisation towards implementation. It will be relatively simple and easy for Brand Camp for development as well as maintenance 
    1.3 Specification of the project
    Scale of operations
    Brandcamp’s website consists of many things consisting of various artists, songs as well as respective artists. It is basically designed keeping in mind with respect to attraction of various people. It was built on the concept of art. Various search engines associated with Brandcamp consists of various algorithms related to mathematics. As opined by Fulgoni et al, (2014, p.116) complex nature of the mathematics results in difficulty towards project implementation. It carries its operations by means of online web stores. It offers important facilities towards clients to search for latest as well as innovative products as per the requirements. Client’s gains sufficient amount of freedom towards search as well as selection of products as well as services. Important platform with respect to price offers an important contribution in this respect. Clients are timely informed of about any alteration in price factor. As mentioned by Wedel and Kanna  (2016, p.100), timely as well as regular mode of information contributes a lot towards sufficient amount of guidance as well as well as timely information towards the consumer or clients 
    Resource implications
    Brandcamp offers an important option for various users towards development of various tools and techniques as well as customization of search engine process in such as way so as to offer benefits towards clients. It is designed in consideration with art. It offers substantial amount of attraction towards the clients. Brand camp plays an important role towards distribution of various concepts as well as advertisement for various users. It works towards development as well as distribution of advertisement records. The process associated with Brandcamp involves various as well as complex mathematical algorithms. Järvinen et al. (2016, p.165) commented that complex nature of mathematical algorithms offers difficulty towards project implementation. 
    The Problem:
    The problem in this case is generally associated with the working function as well as mode of operation of Elasticsearch. Sufficient amount of research as well as study results in definition as well as analysis of the concepts of Elasticsearch and its importance towards application of various process of application with Brandesearch. Survey as well as research on various factors lays importance towards determination of possible ways towards offering solutions. 
    During its development process, many alternative solutions may appear. Moran et al. (2014, p. 120) claimed that evaluation of various consideration as well as alternative options on various respects will add value towards the development process. Analysis as well as consideration of various options results in development of sufficient amounts of effective solutions. Appropriate documentation consisting of matters offers sufficient amount of descriptions. It also contributes a lot towards establishment as well as creation of new documents. Sufficient amount of initiatives are directed towards identification as well as storage of important improvements. Identification nas well as implementation of various improvements plays an important role towards future development as well as improvements 
    Objectives and Methods
    Data related to business play an important role towards identification as well as analysis of various factors associated to project development. It contributes a lot towards representation of data associated with business organisation. In consideration with various business data as well as factors such as reviews from the clients as well as from customers gains results in form of business data. Data collected from feedbacks from customers in forms of project surveys gains results in forms of SORTLY being popular among the clients as well as consumers. It has offered better support towards the clients the search functionality associated with it results in improvement in search functionality 
    1.4 Producing an appropriate project plan for the proposed project
    Appropriate project planning and development plays an important towards proper planning as well as the development of various tools towards the formulation of a project plan. 
    Work breakdown structure (WBS)
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    (Source: Self Created)
    WBS is represented as key project delivery structure which focuses towards the organisation of various practices of work into manageable sections. Studying the WBS structure in Figure - 1, the distribution of entire work of development of project SORTLEY is mentioned. The first stage associated with the task is planning. It involves consideration of various factors. It takes approximately 3 days for proper planning. The next involves analysis of feedbacks from users.. Next stage consists of research and analysis of competitor’s point of views It involves a determination of existing resources. The next stage consists of identification of main factors associated towards project development as well as financial considerations. The time period associated with this task involves 6 weeks. The following steps in this process involve selection of appropriate technology as well as the selection of suitable hardware. Modifications if necessary are made towards hardware. The whole operation involves 8 days. The following stages consist of development of prototype. After analysis as well as comparison of results final development takes place. It normally involves more than 2 weeks to arrive at a stage of final development.  
    Gantt chart
    It offers an easy as well as the comprehensive solution towards the proper planning of project schedule. It is represented in a form of a bar chart which looks forward toward illustration of a project schedule. In consideration of the Gantt chart represented in Figure - 2. The first portion involves planning. It starts on Friday and continues up to Tuesday. The next stage involves analysis of feedbacks from users. It begins on Monday and ends up to Tuesday.  Following this stage, it involves reviews and feedbacks from consumers to a determination of main factors towards production. Following stage deals with financial budgeting leading to hardware modifications. 

    2.1 Comparison of expected elements with actual elements

    rison of various researchers as well as feedbacks from the user's, laid importance towards the development as well as improvement of various practices associated to development of project known as SORTLEY. In reference with feedbacks and other related information’s from various users, focuses on development of search engine in such as way so as to offers users with numerous amount of benefits. The benefits associated in this regard consists of effective sort of results as per the importance as well as necessity of the users. It will be designed to work towards effective sorting results from best to worst to suite the requirements as well as meet the demands of the users. It plays an important role towards offering important results to users at about 50% faster. It is targeted towards retention of previous users as well as accumulation of new clients as well as users. 
    The costs associated with BrandCamp on deploying project SORTLY amounts to £20 000. The amount of funding invested by BrandCamp depends upon the amount of time by which the project is expected to be completed. As per schedule prototypes associated with project SORTLEY is expected to be completed within 8 weeks. The project is scheduled and expected to be completed within 6 months. The search engine associated with this project involves usage of ElasticSearch. Important other applications such as applications with reference to font based applications are scheduled to be implemented in latest as well as innovative application such as Javascripts applications as well as python. It is subjected to various types of risks from the HR department in forms of appropriate number of geeks towards solutions of efficient problems. Investment of sufficient amount of time as well as money is essential. 
    2.2 Undertaking the project as per the proposed specification
    Project SORTLEY as propounded by BrandCamp contributes a lot towards development as well as improvement of various factors towards an improvement of works. It introduces new features as well as offers new benefits in comparison with its other projects. As mentioned by Valentine et al.. (2015, p.16) introduction as well as upgrading to latest technologies contributes a lot towards work development. Project SORTLEY with an introduction of its innovative sorting techniques offers benefits towards many users. Project SORTLEY as introduced by BrandCamp aims to solve issues related to the search engine and looks forward towards search engine optimization. 
    It plays an important role towards offering its users sufficient amount of benefits in form of sorting results as per the necessity of the users. This project is basically designed towards retention as well as an addition of new clients as well as consumers. SORTLEY is designed towards integration of World Wide Web as well as support towards sorting websites. It is designed to lay focus towards development of user experience as well as offering sufficient amount of trust towards users. Bandcamp has invested an amount of  £20 000 towards the development of project SORTLEY. It is proposed to be developed by application of ElasticSearch, whereas font based applications developed in this process are to be developed by using modern technologies such as Python as well as JavaScript. 
    BrandCamp has established real-time prototype in reference with project SORTLEY which is to be introduced within a time period of 8 weeks. The final project is scheduled to be completed within a time interval of 6 months, Project SORTLEY is expected to offer benefits towards users in form of good search engines to help the growth of a business. It is expected to offer sustainable growth of user traffic towards increment of revenue. BrandCamp has offered sufficient amount of change towards project SORTLEY which is expected to gain trust from users
    2.3 Analysis as well as interpretation of relevant outcomes 
    Burwell et al..  (2015, p.899) commented that analysis of various results as well as outcomes in accordance to particular project results in better planning as well as representation. Project SORTLEY is designed by Bandcamp organisation to foster the needs of its clients. It is developed towards retention of previous clients as well as the attraction of new clients. The outcomes associated with implementations well as the development of SORTLEY is that it offers various benefits in comparison with other projects of BrandCamp. The benefits associated with SORTLEY lays emphasis towards simplification of search engine operations.  Apart from that, it's cost effective operations results in wide usage among its clients. Good as well as fast search engines play an important role towards easy as well as the early assessment of information which contributes a lot towards business development. Apart from appropriate as well as quick search, important functions such as integration of various search engines within the present as well as existing platforms results in sufficient amount of risks. Other risks such as uncertainty with reference with latest development techniques may cause effects. 
    3.1 Usage of various evaluation techniques associated with project
    Cameron et al.. (2014, p.226) has commented that program management as well as review techniques contribute a lot towards the appropriate planning of various works towards completion of a project. It offers benefits towards appropriate as well as systematic planning, scheduling as well as the execution of various work-related operations. Apart from planning it also helps in a proper arrangement as well as estimation of various costs associated with the project. Project evaluation techniques consist of PERT as well as CPM methods. These two methods hold appropriate specifically when time factor is associated with completion of various activities. Project SORTLEY as introduced by BrandCamp, it is planning to launch prototypes related to project SORTLEY within a time interval of 8 weeks. The actual model of this project is expected to launch within 5 months. 
    As illustrated by Coulter et al. (2014, p.348), proper project management as well as division of sufficient amount of time within various activities results in appropriate project completion. PERT plays an important role towards appropriate planning, scheduling as well as organisations of various activities associated with a project. This technique contributes a lot towards the identification of least possible time required to complete a task and also a determination of least amount of time by which the whole project will be completed. It uses a process known as time variable towards allocation of resources and its performance specifications. Application of this technique as well as process results in a proper evaluation of its tasks associated with project SORTLEY which contributes towards timely completion. PERT deals with various factors related to any uncertain events associated with project. Brandcamp in association with this method lays importance towards a division of the project into appropriate sequences in reference to proper events as well as well as activities from time to time which adds value towards completion.
    Apart from PERT, involvement of CPM in the process results in determination of time factor associated with determination of earliest possible time by which various activities associated with the project is scheduled to begin. Time factor in reference to latest possible time by which an activity associated with the project is scheduled to begin. Valentijn et al.  (2013, p. 13) illustrated that determination of earliest as well as latest possible time factor results in proper allocation of tasks associated to time factor. BrandCamp with implication of various project management as well as evaluation techniques results in timely completion of prototype related to SORTLEY as well as final completion.
    3.2 Analysis as well as interpretation of various results as per project specification
    Cameron et al. (2014. p.226) opined that application as well as involvement of various project management tools and appropriate techniques result in proper project planning as well as development as per project SORTLEY. Application as well as evaluation of customer feedbacks and consideration of various factors along with analysis of appropriate methods is essential. Allocation of various tasks as per project requirements results in appropriate task allocation. Project SORTLEY upon its completion is expected to offer solutions regarding proper sorting of necessary results. Brandcamp has invested an amount of £20 000 towards bringing in project SORTLY. The amount of money invested by Brandcamp towards SORTLEY depends upon the amount of completion time. Introduction of  prototype associated with this project is scheduled to be completed within 8 weeks. The ultimate completion of this project is expected to be completed within a time period of 6 months. In the way of smooth operation of this project, it involves various risk factors in from of HR department as well as resources allocation.  Sufficient amount of money as well as time may be lost in this operation. It is also possible that that the software may not satisfy or suite the requirement of the users. Valentijn et al., (2013, p.25) mentioned that simplicity is essential towards effective satisfaction of the users after its successful completion. It is expected to offer sufficient amounts of changes towards user experiences. It is expected to offer latest as well as innovative search engine towards users. Impacts as well as benefits towards users are expected to increase on successful implementation, in terms of business growth. 
    3.3 Recommendations as well as justification of various areas under considerations
    Brandcamp in reference with various factors such as feedbacks from its users as well as assessment of allocation of various resources plays an important role towards project selection. As mentioned by Cameron et al.. (2014. p.226) up gradations with changes with technology contributes a lot towards business performances Good as well as rapid search functionality offers countless improvement in business process and well as generate user traffic. Good sorting functionality in form of user requirements plays an important role towards problem solution as well as less time consumption towards task completion. Project SORTLEY as introduced by Brandcamp lays focus towards optimization for search engine process in such a way, such that it is able to meet the requirement of users in various organisations. Project SORTLEY is designed towards development of experiences of the users. Brandcamp deals with many projects such as ChatBot, Categories, MenuBar, Aesthetics as well as SORTLEY.  As mentioned by Michalos (2017, p.25). cost allocation of time and resources plays an important role towards project selection. In comparison with various other projects SORTLEY offers the best solution in low cost. For instance project ChatBot offers various facilities at a higher price. It further requires usage of Control Panel in its operations which increases the overall cost of the project. Management of Brandcamp may not invest huge amount of resources when availability of alternatives. Project SORTLEY not only offers advantages from cost factors but also easy development. According to Millar et al. (2013, p.924), easy development within a specified budget as well as cost results in ideal project. Project SORTLEY offers easy application, development as well as maintenance. It offers benefits towards the work of various personnel in industrial sectors such as finance, banking and other business sectors. It offers high quality data representation as well as search engine optimization at a lesser amount of costs towards the users. 
    4.1 Analysis as well as production of records of procedures associated to project
    Project SORTLEY as created by BrandCam organisation plays an important role towards provision of various factors as well as tools towards problem solution of clients in organisations. The project SORTLEY lays proper emphasis towards development as well as establishment of various practises towards simplification of life as well as working conditions in various industrial sectors. This project is adopted towards creation as well as development of various practises towards attraction as well as retention of new users. It offers support towards development as well as integration of various search engines to add value towards the users.
    4.2 Application of proper format towards presentation of the outcomes of the project to an audience (Refer to ppt)
    Agenda of this study
    This study is mainly focused towards introduction as well as development of project SORTLEY by BrandCamp. As comparison with others, the importance of project SORTLEY. The projects lays sufficient emphasis towards comparison of various factors associated with the importance of project SORTLEY. Cheyne et al. (2013, p.565) commented that evaluation as well as assessment of resources plays an important role towards accomplishment of the project The major factors which contribute towards the development as well as the risks associated with projects SORTLEY. Process on how project SORTLEY lays focus towards improvement of search engines. Users are widely benefited for application of the project SORTLEY. 
    Purpose of this Study
    The main purpose associated with this study is to lay focus towards development as well as improvement of technology for improving the lives of various personal working in various departments. This study lays sufficient amount of focus towards SORTLEY. It lays focus towards discussion of various factors as well as impacts of project SORTLEY in various sectors. This study conducts rigorous an analysis towards determination of appropriate techniques as well as strategies in form of user feedbacks and associated factors such as low cost product. This study also deals with important components and also identification of various factors towards product development. Moran et al. (2014, p.120) claimed that evaluation of various consideration as well as alternative options on various respects will add value towards the development process.
    Targeted Audience 
    Project SORTLEY plays an important role towards offering various improvements towards personal working in various industries such as Research and development (R&D), Administration personnel of various organisations, Production department of important organisations, Finance as well as HR department. Improvement on various factors as well as knowledge plays an important role towards the development of work functions. Project SORTLEY was designed with a view towards offers its targeted users on quick as well as efficient performance.  Personal working together in the finance department as a result of SORTLEY gets benefitted in form of assessment of relevant as well as useful content in lesser amount of time. Apart from that finance department personnel is benefitted towards sorting of relevant as well as useful information’s from worst to good. Personals belonging to R&D center get benefited in various ways by means of systematic research as well as less time consuming representation of results 
    Overview of the project 
    This project lays focus towards introduction as well as discussion of SORTLEY.  It consists of various important points with reference to SORTLEY as well as its impacts on business organisations. It consists of various discussions closely related towards the impacts of SORTLEY. It consists of important points of discussions regarding its functions in various industrial sectors and the amount of benefits towards them. It consists of rigorous analysis with reference to various risks associated towards its development towards the HR department. Sufficient amount of information is provided on the basics of investment as well as contribution of BrandCamp towards planning and development of SORTLEY. 
    SORTLEY as formulated by BrandCamp lays emphasis towards development of various factors towards project development in various organisations. It lays emphasis towards various tools as well as technologies such as Integration of World Wide web.. It uses various search engine concepts as well as technologies towards offering information at a rapid rate. The various important factors associated with SORTLEY is that it uses various tools such as python as well as other technologies towards the development of necessary points as well as factors. As illustrated by Erragcha and Romdhane (2014, p.138), selection of the project must be such that it supports the budgets of the organisation Application of various tools helps in project development 
    The advantages of project SORTLEY lays importance towards development as well as an introduction of various practices towards the development of search engines. It lays importance towards the application of various technologies to improve various experiences associated with users. Appropriate project management tools and techniques lay focus towards simplification of a various process associated with a project, This study lays important towards the importance as well as the impacts of SORTLEY in industrial sections. It consists of explanation as discussions of various results as per the study