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    Professional Development Policy Assignment Help

    Professional Development Policy Assignment Help

    Policy statement
    BizOps Enterprises recognises the need for employees to be provided with opportunities to acquire additional knowledge and skills as part of their career development.
    The formal opportunity for identifying professional performance and development needs of each employee is the annual performance and development review process.
    This policy incorporates avenues of training and development that are undertaken for the following purposes:
    • To develop skills to meet significant changes to an employee’s current work or an expanding role within BizOps
    • Professional development requirements
    • Career development and progression within BizOps
    This policy also provides a system for reimbursement of fees to eligible employees who are undertaking an approved course of study.
    Policy application
    This Policy applies to all employees of BizOps Enterprises.
    Short courses
    Short courses are defined as those not exceeding 80 hours in duration. Wherever possible, these courses shall be scheduled during normal working hours.
    In the event of courses being scheduled outside normal working hours, time off in lieu may be granted if the time exceeds two 2 hours in any one week.
    Tertiary courses
    Tertiary courses’ contact time should, wherever possible, be scheduled outside of ordinary office hours. Limited study leave for tertiary courses may be negotiated and approved by the Executive Director based on relevance of education and training to BizOps.
    Study leave
    Study leave may be granted as follows. Study leave only applies where formal examinations must be undertaken as part of the course:
    • One day paid leave per tertiary course subject per semester for study purposes
    • Half a day per subject examination attendance (may be granted to a maximum of six days per year)
    Criteria for approval and reimbursement of study fees
    The employee must have completed at least twelve months’ continuous service with BizOps Enterprises and be employed on a full-time or part-time basis.
    On approval of a tertiary course, the employee shall be eligible for reimbursement as follows:
    • Up to a maximum $500 reimbursement per semester of all compulsory registration, tuition and fixed costs (such as examination and institution fees). This is subject to producing evidence of satisfactory results and continuing satisfactory work performance. The cost of books and any other expenses will not be reimbursed.
    • Applications for reimbursement must be accompanied by evidence of payment and proof of the successful completion of each course/subject such as an official transcript of grades.
    Professional memberships
    The company may reimburse the cost of one professional membership per annum, where it can be demonstrated that such a membership is directly linked to the employee’s current position. Memberships will not be provided for an individual where BizOps already has a corporate membership.
    Employees are responsible for:
    • conducting a discussion with their immediate manager or the Executive Director prior to undertaking any courses that may impact the workplace
    • discussing any proposed courses/study with their immediate manager during the performance and development review process
    • outlining to their manager the likely costs of the course, the duration of the course and the proposed leave required
    • completing the Application for Fee Support form and the Terms and Conditions of Fee Support form
    • completing the Application for Study Leave Form if applicable
    • at the conclusion of the course, completing relevant claim forms and submitting appropriate documentation to support expense claims
    • ensuring that attendance at such course does not impact their daily performance
    • seeking approval from their immediate manager and the Executive Director prior to taking study and examination leave if applicable
    • advising the Executive Director in writing of any proposed changes to the course; for example, cancellation, deferment or withdrawal.

    Managers are responsible for:
    • discussing the proposed course with the employee
    • raising any proposed course/study with the employee during the performance and development review process
    Professional development policy
    • providing a recommendation to the Executive Director regarding the study application, including proposed reimbursement and study leave
    • making arrangements to cover the employee’s absence, ensuring that work is not impacted
    • providing appropriate support to the employee so that they can be successful in pursuing their studies
    • providing recommendation to the Executive Director if there are any proposed changes to the course
    • verifying expense claims and forwarding these to the accountant
    • making a recommendation to the Executive Director regarding professional membership subscriptions.
    Procedure for undertake education and training
    • Prior to undertaking a course for which an employee is seeking paid/unpaid leave or reimbursement of costs, an employee should discuss with their manager such intentions and complete the Application for Fee Support Form and Terms and Conditions of Fee Support form.
    • The employee’s immediate manager will review the application. If the application falls within the scope of this policy, the manager will make a recommendation to the Executive Director for approval of leave and /or cover any absence on study leave and any costs associated with the course.
    • The employee’s immediate manager will ensure the employee has completed the correct forms and supplied the appropriate information.
    • Application for both study and examination leave, paid or unpaid, must be submitted on the appropriate form, and approved, prior to leave being taken.
    • The Executive Director will make the final decision in relation to the approval of study leave, paid or unpaid, and any recommended reimbursement of educational expenses.
    Procedures for changing course arrangements
    If alterations are made to the schedule and/or for costs of a course, the employee must forward a revised Application for Fee Support form to the Executive Director as soon as possible. If the revised leave and/or expenses are greater than the amount originally approved, the form shall be submitted to the Executive Director for authorisation.
    Procedure for applying for authorisation for professional membership
    Prior to taking up a professional membership, the employee shall discuss with their manager such intentions. The employee’s immediate manager shall check whether BizOps has a corporate membership. If there is no corporate membership and the membership is relevant to the employee’s position, the manager shall make a recommendation to the Executive Director for approval of the cost of the professional membership.