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    Professional Development Assignment Help


    Choice of own career path is a critical aspect in a student's life as the process involves consideration of lots of factors that are both internal and external to the students. Such choice and finalisation of own career path depend largely on the student's own strength and weakness and most importantly inclination towards the specific subject or subject sets which he or she may excel in the future. On the other hand, the market trend in terms of job opportunity and growth potential for a specific and intended career is also an important consideration in order to choose a finalise career. Researchers have argued that such choice is largely driven by the theories of personal and professional development and hence it may be interesting to identify the same from own perspective of the researcher.
    The instant essay delves into the discussion of own career path as chosen by the researcher for own self from the context of the relevant theoretical framework. At the very outset of the study, the researcher has identified the subjects he needs to complete in order to complete his own study. Such identification will involve the detailed description of the subjects one needs to complete to achieve the chosen career and also the subjects which might be studied in future for the purpose of professional development. In the subsequent sections of the paper, the researcher has discussed the skills required to achieve the intended career. Furthermore, the researcher has also identified the gaps in subjects and also the skills in the context of own chosen subjects and skill sets. Based on the discussion, the researcher finally provides a recommendation for own career and wraps up the discussion by way of concluding note.
    Professional Development and Business Communication
    Identification of Subjects
    In order to initiate career planning, it is important to identify the subjects which the researcher needs o undergo in order to complete his own courses which are enrolled in currently. Since the course is of business studies, all the subjects will relate to business and commerce and are briefly enumerated herein.
    The student will need to learn both micro and macroeconomics. In microeconomics, the student will learn the economic theories like the law of demand, supply, production and also the concept of market and competition etc. On the other hand, macroeconomics section will focus on the application of those theories in the national context. For example, the researcher will be able to learn the Australian Government’s monetary and fiscal policy, nature of the market prevailing in the country, unemployment, inflation etc.
    Business statistics:
    Statistics is a core subject rooted in almost all kinds of subjects in terms of its applications. In the given course, the students will learn the concept of mean, median, mode, standard deviation, regression analysis, time series and forecasting technique etc. 
    Foundation of accounting:
    Accounting is one of the core subjects in the given course. The students will be able to learn the concept of accounting theories, journal, ledger, trial balance, preparation of financial statements, rectification and adjustment to the financial statements etc.  
    Fundamentals of management:
    Here, the students will study the basics and theories of management, the concept of entrepreneurship, essence of organisational behaviour etc. 
    Human resource management:
    This is another core subject in the unit wherein the students will learn the different aspects of HRM like employee motivation, rewarding and appraisal, recruitment and selection, staffing etc. 
    Accounting for business development:
    The course is divided into few parts and focuses on the goodwill valuation and business, consolidation, merger and acquisition, cost derivative accounting, accounting, management accounting marginal costing and standard costing, variance analysis etc.
    Managing people and organization:
    This is an extended part of HRM wherein the students may focus on the organisational behaviour in terms of cultural diversity, inclusion, organisational culture etc. 
    Marketing foundation:
    This is another core subject which will lay down the foundation of the marketing concept in the field of pricing, promotion, market analysis, branding etc,
    Fundamental of business finance:
    This course will focus on the financing and fundraising aspects of the business by discussing the capital structure, cost of capital, dividend policy, working capital management etc. 
    Business strategies:
    Discussion ion strategies will be limited to few widely applied strategies such as blue ocean strategy, competitive advantage, cost leadership, product differentiation, SWOT and PESTLE framework, Porter’s Five Forces model etc.
    Management skills:
    This is primarily a soft skill part of the course where the students will enable themselves to develop their communication skills. The same will involve writing skills, oral skills, team bonding skills, analytical skills etc.  
    Innovation and entrepreneurship:
    Lastly, the given subject focuses on the concept of entrepreneurship and different leadership theories along with their practical application in the business context.
    Identification of Gaps in Subjects 
    The preceding section of the essay provides a brief description of the subjects the researcher will need to undergo in the given study program. However, the researcher has chosen the career of “Accountant” in future and therefore, the subjects taught in the program will be of great help for him. Moreover, the course program focuses on the accounting paper which may be substantiated from the above mentioned subject lists also where accounting related themes occupy substantial space. 
    As far as the job market in Australia is concerned, the same is extremely competitive and hence it is expected that the same will provide ample opportunity as well for the perspective and able students who can apply their knowledge they have garnered during their study programs  in terms of the business context (Chen and Huang, 2017). In terms of accounting courses in the given study program, it may be stated that the courses have been designed in an extremely strategic manner in order to give the students an overall idea about the accounting discipline followed by the detailed analysis and evolution of the intricacies of subjects. Corporate reporting is one of the most success-critical aspects of the businesses and hence, it is wise to consider the career of an accountant in future which will leverage the benefit of knowledge of accounting in the practical field (Wehmeyer et al 2018). 
    However, CPAs are generally considered to be experts in the given field and hence it may be wise to undertake such course in future, by way of company-sponsored course. Alternatively, the certification courses on accounting theories, IFRS, Australian GAAP, merger and acquisition, business reconstruction, insolvency, insurance and brand valuation may also be considered as these areas are booming and it is expected that the rapid and sustainable growth in the corporate accounting will significantly enlarge the job opportunities in the respective fields as well (McIlveen, Perera and Blustein, 2018). Lastly, the courses on MYOB software and other accounting software may also be considered by the researcher as initially the candidates will be generally required to start their career with data keeping and transaction recording in order to support the accounting functions of the corporate houses (Vondracek, Lerner and Schulenberg, 2018). 
    Identification of Skills
    The preceding sections of the essay discuss the ‘hard skills’ required to complete the study programs. However, it is also to be noted that ‘soft skills’ are equally important and success-critical for the students to succeed in their professional life and therefore, it is utmost necessary to identify the soft skills needed to apply the knowledge so earned in the practical field in an efficient manner. The researcher underscores the importance of interpersonal skills, including normally-expected verbal communication skills, that are learnt as part of the course curriculum. It has been noted that oral skills including group and public speaking, is extremely important for any job applicants (be it a job interview or be its formal client presentation through PPT). In addition, the accountant may need to write several reports as part of the organisations’ MIS (management information system) to senior management (McMahon, 2016). Therefore, business writing skills also play a significant role in the skill development process. Every employee are needed to work in a group and understanding the group dynamic is also the need of the hour and hence, team-working skills also assume its implication accordingly. As the aspirants grow in the corporate ladder, it may be needed to undertake the charge of management by managing teams and recruiting the workforce (Vansteenkiste, Aelterman, De Muynck, Haerens, Patall and Reeve, 2018). Therefore, the students should hone their job-interview skills as well. However, the same may be viewed from an employee’s perspective also. In the initial days, graduates are to sharpen their interview facing skills to get through the interview. The same may also be linked with resume writing skills as a professionally written resume as the same may act as a marketing document for prospective job applicants (Passarelli, 2016). Finally, an accountant, it is important to analyse the data in a spreadsheet and hence the technical skill relate to data processing and presentation with analysis may also be kept into the consideration in developing the intended skill sets.
    Identification of Gaps in Skills
    In the final part of the essay, the researcher will aim to identify the gaps in the aforesaid skills from an individual perspective. It is needless to mention that all these skills, as stated above, are extremely critical for the students to acquire and develop with the passage of time. However, the role of the accountant may demand certain other skills like time management skills which are very critical for the successful execution of given tasks and responsibilities. In fact, the said skill is needed in almost all kinds of jobs irrespective of the designation and functions assigned (McIlveen, Perera and Blustein, 2018). Moreover, the ethical framework should be strong for the accountants who are especially intending to secure the jobs of treasurer or cashier. They will be responsible for handling cash at times, hence deal with book profit figure, It has been often observed accountants are involved in misappropriation of funds and hence, it is required to get trained on the process as to how to build a sound ethical mindset (Faris, 2018).  
    Based on the discussion and analysis performed in the preceding sections of the essay, it may be construed that the identification of own career path and subjects and skill sets is a tricky affair and consists of several considerations as stated herein. The accounting profession has been extremely growing profession and expectedly the marker for the same will continue to grow in future in line with the development and expansion of business and commerce all over the world (Chen and Huang, 2017). In such a context, it is wise to undertake accounting as a profession. In short, choice and justification are apt and logical. However, there are certain certification courses that may enhance the skills, knowledge and abilities of the researcher in the job fair and hence it is suggested to undertake the same once the given course of business study is completed (Brockett and Hiemstra, 2018). Finally, it may therefore be concluded that a well-designed carer panning identifying own strength and weakness in the respective and chosen subject field may contribute significantly towards a successful career and thereby help the individual students to achieve their own aims and objectives of a sustainable career in the future and in the long run in most efficient manner (Baruch, Szűcs and Gunz, 2015).
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