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    Preparing Meeting Assignment Help

    Preparing Meeting Assignment Help


    Adept Owl is a Australian organization that develops, publishes and distributes different dice, card and board games to its people. In order to enhance its sales and profitability, the organisation has conducted a meeting with its different managerial people, employees and external stakeholders. The meeting held in the boardroom of the organisation where 30 people can join to the meeting. The organization has developed different policies and procedures for the meeting and invite different stakeholders to conduct the meeting successfully. The report will focus on different tasks in order to plan and prepare the meeting successfully. 
    Task 1
    Preparing for meeting
    In order to conduct the meeting, I have invited 8 people from management along with the different employee and external stakeholders. The meeting has arranged to develop a marketing strategy to enhance the sales volume profitability for the organisation. The CEO, Assistant of CEO, General operations manager, product development manager, sales manager, manufacturing manager, finance manager, distribution manager is the main speakers of this meeting. Tim Davis who is the CEO of Adept Owl had been chosen as chairperson of the meeting. These people are mainly related to operational activities, development of products and marketing of the organisation. Therefore, these people required to develop future strategies for the future of the organization. The invitation for the meeting was sent through the email to the participants of the meeting. 
    I have chosen seven conventions for the meeting that includes time maintenance by the participants, reasons to leave the meeting before time, take care of the meeting room and equipments. Apart from this, the participant cannot smoke or drink during the meeting at the boardroom. In order to conduct the meeting, $5000 budget has been prepared for the meeting. The budget was developed to rent catering, gather required equipments for the meeting and more. The documents of the meeting includes the agenda of the meeting, Id card of the participants, paper of policies or procedures of the meeting. These papers are appropriate because the participants can gain knowledge about different requirements and policies of the meeting. The organization can conduct and monitor the meeting successfully by this procedure. The obligation of different people is different in the meeting. The CEO is the chairperson of the meeting and the assistant of him is required to send meeting invitation, meeting minutes, monitor the meeting and take notes. General Manager has spoken on the problems to connect with people. Product development manager discuss the supply channel, distribution manager discuss the distribution of the products, manufacturing manager focus on manufacture the products. Sales Manager elaborates the future sales strategies, finance manager focuses on budget and requirement of finance in future. The action plan for the meeting has been implemented successfully and the meeting has achieved its goals. All the people associated with the meeting has completed their parts of work successfully, which is helpful to complete the meeting at given time. However, the catering needs to be more time efficient and provide the foods to the participants on time. 
    Conducting and following up meeting:
    A communication problem was arisen during the meeting due to difference of opinion of the participants. However, the communication gap was successfully mitigated by the mediator of the meeting. The mediator has introduced voting policies through which participants voted the different opinions and the meeting approved the opinions that get highest amount of votes from the participants. As a chairperson of the meeting, I need to perform some responsibilities. I have selected people who can participant of the meeting. I have monitored the meeting and take final decision. I was an effective chairperson for the meeting because I was successfully completed the meeting on time. I selected the people who can contribute to the topic of the meeting such as sales, distribution, manufacturing and more. Apart from this, the employees and external stakeholders of the organisation were selected by me. I arranged fooding, lodging of the external stakeholders, took decision and more. All these works have been done by the participants together and the teamwork is helpful conduct and complete the meeting successfully. 
    The desired outcome of the meeting was to develop new strategies for marketing the product of Adept Owl to enhance profitability. The meeting was successfully achieved its target and the organization developed new marketing strategy for the future. In order to review the meeting minutes, team was made by me who ensure that the meeting minutes were developed based on the organisational policies and take care of different requirements of the meeting. The meeting minutes were develop based on different factors that are essential to conduct and complete the meeting and no adjustments were made on it later. The meeting minutes were stored in the server of the organisation. It sent to the stakeholders of the meeting through email. 
    Task 2
    The documents were submitted successfully according to the requirement of the trainer. 
    The meeting of the Adept Owl is helpful to make strategies to enhance the growth of the orgasiation. The meeting minutes was made and distributed through email. I am as the chairperson completed my key responsibilities successfully that is helpful to achieve the target of the meeting.