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    Personalities Assignment Australia

    Personalities Assignment Australia

    Personalities Assignment Australia


    Several strategies assist in organisational growth in a glorious way and organisational theory as well as motivational theory are some of those. The perception of employees of various organisations is completely different. In this study, the focus is to emphasise the different viewpoints of personalities that lead to their success in business. Using different organisations, this study helps to understand different personalities. In order to run the business in the effective way, the psychology of the person is an important factor. As per the viewpoint of Leutner et al. (2014), the personalities help to determine the values, emotion and goal of the venture. The thesis statement of this coursework is to provide proper contrast and comparison regarding the different personalities of the companies for ensuring the success.


    Comparison between different personalities:- 

    Different person, in this world, possess distinctive personalities that assist them to be made different from that of others. Nomothetic and idiographic approach of personalities help in understanding the unique qualities that are present among different people. In case of nomothetic approach, it identifies the common aspects that are present within people. As per the viewpoint of nomothetic psychologist, people, being extrovert, is an important characteristics that is identified (Study.com, 2017). With the help of nomothetic approach, psychometrics is used extensively for measuring the traits of people. It is also stated that different features of people are nothing but an amalgamation of common traits that they portray in their lifetime. On the contrary, idiographic approach looks through only the quirky traits that are present in an individual. As per this approach, individuals might display different characteristics in their personality but it is next to impossible when it comes to comparison of people based on these traits.

    Idiographic approach mostly, individualises the entire concept of personality whereas nomothetic approach is inclined towards reflecting psychological definition of traits among each people. In this society, multi-faceted people are present in large numbers. That is why, theories like those that Skinner’s operant theory and Bandura’s social learning theory are essential in understanding idiographic approach appropriately. Individuals learn to behave and react in different situation because of the external presence of stimuli that agitates further in displaying desirable behaviour (graduatewings.co.uk, 2017). On the other hand, Bandura’s learning theory mentions that individuals learn to react with the assistance of socialisation. Such attributes help in shaping the personalities of individuals in a proper way.

    On the contrary, scholar argued that nomothetic approach concentrates upon different people and leads to develop connection with the help of law (Markedbyteachers.com, 2017). Thorndyke’s law of effect is a perfect law that is applicable to this approach. It is completely focused upon behaviour based on the operant conditioning. Classical conditioning is also a part of this law that helps in associating several events in a particular chain (Edward Thorndike, 2017). Psychologists tried to study the behaviour of individuals based on these aspects. Therefore, it can be said that nomothetic and idiographic approaches completely contradicts to each other in terms of calculating personalities of individuals.

    Implications of personality:-

    It is seen that, for running the organisation in the successful way, it is necessary for the entity to maintain different theories. As per the viewpoint of Ezzamel, & Willmott (2014), different personalities follow different theories and their perception is not similar. Hence, in order to get the position in the contemporary society, the personalities of the organisations have played a great role.

    It is seen that different ventures follow different theories for getting success in the organisation. As asserted by Durand & Paolella (2013), in the organisational theory, modern thinking is a part of this. Following this theory, the managing directors of different enterprises incorporate updated machines for increasing their production.Their viewpoint is that they want to hold their position in the contemporary society. Different managing directors buy some automated machines for increasing their production.

    On the contrary, the managing directors of various organisations follow the theory of motivation. As per his viewpoint, if the organisation can motivate to their employees, they would be able to increase their production in the market. Following the hierarchy needs of Maslow, different enterprises follow the specific needs of the organisation. As opined by Bozeman & Su (2014), if the authority of entities is able to satisfy their customers and employees, they can hold their position in the market.

    The higher authority of different ventures follows the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. According to Organisational theory, modern thinking is the part of that. Hence, in the contemporary era, the authority of entities tries to prepare the eco friendly products for securing the environment. As per his viewpoint, if the authority can give importance to the environment of the society, the people would like to use their products. It helps to expand their business in the market.

    On the contrary, few organisations do not think about the safety of the environment. As asserted by Leutner et al. (2014), some entities only want to receive the satisfaction of the customers. As per the motivational theory of Herzberg, it is necessary to maintain the satisfaction of the customers and the employees (Gunnell et al. 2014). As few ventures provide the products for men, they want to be at the top in this section. Hence, they focus on the opinion of the customers for developing their enterprise. Hence, they provide award and extra remuneration to their employees. According to his viewpoint, employee satisfaction adds the extra wing to the organisation for getting success.

    The organisational behaviour helps to provide satisfaction to the employees of the enterprise. Various entities follow this technique for developing their production in the market. As they provide different kinds of cloth to the customers, the authority likes to get review of them. As per the viewpoint of the directors of different ventures, the higher authority’s decision is the ultimate in context of business. They think, it is the proper way of earning success.

    On the other hand, in time of decision-making, the middle class ventures follow the opinion of the employees. As per their perception, the ideas of the employees help them to find out the best way for getting prosperity.

    The different entities of Australia follow the promotional strategies in the effective way for getting their position in the merchandise market. Directors of the companies are of the viewpoint that branding is one of the main components that helps in developing a business.

    The company displays their brands in international ceremonies to reach to a wide range of buyers at a time. The board of directors has set a specific goal for their business that has helped them to flourish themselves. On the contrary, few ventures are unable to set their goal in the proper way. Most of the time, it is seen that those are the middle class company of the market. Perhaps the reason behind this is its slow growth. It can be said that there is a differentiation between the personalities of the leaders of the two companies because an organization's success is depended upon the personalities and perspectives of their leaders. In this case, it is seen that few organisations are able to increase their market share due to the optimistic personality of the directors. On the other hand, few entities are not able to increase their share as their growth is slow. It indicates the pessimistic personality of the directors.

    One of the important concepts of a business is its brand loyalty. Brand loyalty ensures success in a business. These strategies are implemented by the different organisations. The companies provide vouchers and gifts to their regular customers and it has helped them to gain trust of their customers. On the contrary, it is also seen that, few enterprises are not able to satisfy the requirement of the customers. Hence, they do not follow the review of the customers. Therefore, it decreases the growth of the organisation.

    Hence, it is seen that the personalities leave the major impact for running the business in the proper way. Different kinds of personality have been outlined here in order to get the effective outcome. Ideographic and Nomothetic personalities have been used here with the organisational and motivational theory. These indicate that proper implementation helps to hold the position in the market. The personality of the directors of different enterprises assists to set their goal in the appropriate way.


    The study outlined the contrasting viewpoints of the directors of different organisations. The respective theoretical prospects differ according to context as well as requirements of implementations. Based on the same, the two prospects of personality seem to be prevailing in organisations. The leaders of few organisations have gained a larger share in the merchandise market with their optimistic, determining and risk taking personality. Their personality has enabled them to gain customer satisfaction and gain control over the merchandise industry of Australia. On the other hand, few entities are not able to increase their growth as they have lack in their viewpoint of strategy.

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