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    Personal Reflection Journal

    Personal Reflection Journal


    In my entire learning career, I have gained a lot of knowledge from my seniors while working with them on a specific activity. It has assisted me to enhance my inner capability to take a decision that can provide maximum benefits in future development. Nowadays, I have found that being a manager I need to have various carry either the soft or hard skills to attain long-term success. Soft skills tend to be consists of various range of personal attributes such as personality traits, attitude, behavior, and habits while working with the other in an organization. However, it further consists of various attributes also such as work ethics, optimism, goal orientated, emotional attachments, creativity, and cognitive flexibility. In my further learning processes, I have come to know that teamwork, leadership, and communication are essential components of soft skills hence it would assist me as well as organization to develop such a platform that can provide a great chance to attain a competitive benefit from the society (Jain and Anjuman, 2013).

    Similarly, hard skills are generally teachable as well as measurable capabilities such as writing, reading, and the ability to deal with the techniques system at the time of working in a team. These particular skills have equally important for me to improve my personal skills so that future growth and success could easily be achieved. The purpose of this individual reflection is to examine the role of soft and hard skills in my career development. In the context to achieve these skills, I have involved in various activities that have given a complete boost to enhance my ability to make better decisions in any tough situation. Thus, the entire focus of the report is to discuss different aspects of the learning phases regarding the use of hard and soft skills so that I can enhance self-awareness and a better understanding of management skills, attitudes, and capabilities.


    Learning tends to be an important aspect of my individual career development, thus I got involved in a situation where a customer is having a problem with the hotels' services and other accommodation facilities. I have decided to group into a team in which a senior hotel staff, two members of hospitality sectors, one from the top management, and the executive manager. I was working under one of the senior members who have the right to take the decision and provide the right direction to the staff in the case of any complications. I have asked seniors to note down each fact and movement of the entire hotels' operations. I have noticed that the customers were not satisfied with the services offered to them by the hotels as he booked a room online, but not get exactly as it was shown on the websites (Bevan and et.al., 2012). In the initial stage, I was getting problems to handle or understand the situation because of not having training and knowledge regarding the way these problems can be resolved. I do not have any specific skills that can help me to make appropriate decisions to deal with such types of complications. At that point in time, I got realized that being a manager I should possess certain soft and hard skills that can help me to make a positive decision without taking anyone's help. I then decided to make use of a Self-concept theory to improve my skills. It has been related to my individual beliefs, preferences, thought, and attitudes that are required to carry out any specific task in an organization. I have analyzed that the particular theory is a potential foundation of a knowledge that shaped perception towards my individual existence. One of the very important assumptions of this particular theory is that no individual is born with a self-concept. It is believed to be created as an individual grows in their future career (Weber and et.al., 2013). It means that our own perception towards us could be shaped as well as could be changing as per the time and get influence by the environmental factors. I have also determined that an individual is having a perception of himself in identical ways from what other people think regarding them. 


    On the other hand, the theory of behaviourism is also an effective psychological aspect that can provide me a vital learning opportunity in my career growth. It is based on the concept that all behavior is attained through a specific condition. However, conditioning tends to be arises by interacting with the current environment or situation. I can surely say that behaviourism is the response to the present surrounding stimuli that can-shaped my actions towards any activity. Moreover, these particular theories intend to provide various opportunities as a manager to take a vital decision that can more profitable for future career growth and sustainability (Levasseur, 2013). Furthermore, I can also provide a relevant use of soft and hard skills important in improving the complex situation so that it would increase my inner ability to handle the problem more closely. Behaviourism theory can help me to analyze the reaction of other colleagues towards the people those are having some kind of problems with the company of any other staff members. It could also guide me to reach to a prospective solution that can further be useful to examine the opposite reaction of the senior members towards me. It has assisted me to understand the other feelings, emotions, leadership intelligence, and other important factors as a soft skill, whereas I can knowable to identify the people's thoughts and perceptions more effectively. Further, I have helped to improve my managerial ability to take a positive decision in any tough situation and provide the right direction to the other colleague to perform their individual role positively.

                Taking a positive outcome from any specific case situation can help me to improve my career as well as learning ability. Being involved in an activity as discussed in the above regarding customer satisfaction from the hotel has open-eyes towards the behavior of others. It plays an eminent role in my personal development not because it is a leading indicator to measure customer loyalty, and increase revenue, but also to make it easy for me to differentiate the assistance I have learned to draw the attention of maximum customers in this particular competitive business environment (Hendarman and Tjakraatmadja, 2012). Being a manager I have come to know that businesses are continuously focusing on creating a strong network for its client so that they remain happy or satisfied with the services. But what I can see while taking the trained under the seniors they are unsatisfied with the hotel facilities as they are not offered them as per the requirements of the guest. Therefore, I have applied my soft skills to under the feeling of customers and assure them to have a great offer in its next visits. It has increased huge confidence among me and now I am able to take a positive decision in any specific situation.

    I have also analyzed that the manager of the hotel is suffering from a key management challenge that is confronting an employee’s performance problem. This particular issue has always been considered as the primary source of a manager within an organization. I have also noticed that the contingency arises with the customers from the hotels' side is due to the lack of performance evaluation system followed for the employees. I have also analyzed that the managers are generally in a commanding position to influence as well as lead changes regularly towards improving the employee’s performance. But at this time they got failed to do so, which results in a serious issue for the customers. In the hotel, being a manager it is primary responsibility is to analyze the core challenges that are faced by the employees due to which the other staff or entire hotel reputation gets affected. Thus, I have noticed these challenges closing and decided to consult with my senior supervisors about what other measures should be taken to deal with such types of complications (Griffith and Hoppner, 2013). They have guided me positively but also informed me about the intensity of these challenges on individual perception. These issues are not so easy; they do not have to be so difficult. I have found that many performances related problems could be prevented by taking appropriate selection guidance as well as by setting a clear performance goal. I have gone through a deep analysis to identify the accurate solution for these problems (Riggio and Tan, 2013). One of the senior members of the group has told me that once these problems have been identified, I can soon be able to facilitate a change in the behavior. In the case, it does not happen to be diligent to take a transparent, fair, and time-bounded discipline procedure to improve the performance. 

    After analyzing the challenges I have decided to take a serious decision that can help in improving the employee’s performance as a manager. In this particular process, the soft and hard skills tend to an effective source that can be applied to overcome the challenges. I have been noticed that these problems could be arises due to not having proper communication between the high authority and colleagues. Therefore, I have decided to take advantage of this situation and develop an effective relationship with the employees so that they can share their problems with me clearly (Stewart, Wall and Marciniec2016). Apart from this, I have applied an employee development campaign on a priority basis by taking certain positive steps towards improving morale so that they can deal with the client with a positive mindset. All these think could be made possible by taking regular feedback from the concerned employees so that an idea regarding what actually they feel regarding the facilities that are offered to them by the hotel management. I have also planned to organize their work schedule so that they can improve their performance one-by-one. Apart from this, I put some new responsibility to certain employees and speak up on a consistent basis so that they can perform their job role accurately and with extra efforts. I have analyzed that the particular theory is a potential foundation of a knowledge that shaped perception towards my individual existence. One of the very important assumptions of this particular theory is that no individual is born with a self-concept. It is believed to be created as an individual grows in their future career (Weber and et.al., 2013).

    The motivation level has assisted me as well as others to make a positive decision in the future. I have shown certain emotional intelligence and positive attitude as a soft skill towards them so that they can feel confident to share their valuable issues clearly. I have also used teaching skills to provide specific learning or training to capable employees so that they can do less mistake while serving the client during their visits. However, the key to success in my work is to make use of both hard and soft skills elements with each other so that potential challenges can be overcome without having any complication (Rao, 2014). Before hiring the employees for a certain post, I have closely looked into their resume because the hard skills usually appear on it that make up the education level, experience, and expertise areas. Generally, I can say that soft skills assist me to stand out between job seekers, and create positive opportunities in future development. By realizing this, I would presently aim at producing skilled employee’s abilities regarding its disciplines of work performed as well as the ability to handle the situation effectively. It has also been examined that doing certain preventive measures I can easily able to make a strong decision in the favor of the company can avoid future mistakes so that my individual learning capabilities could not get affected. The ethical aspects of the management tend to be followed accurately by each employee. If one of my employees crosses over the limit of ethical attitude as well as not behaving positively, I can confront the challenges quickly as well as get assistance from the senior department to take a reliable solution to this particular issue (Ibrahim, Boerhannoeddin and Bakare, 2017). It means that our own perception towards us could be shaped as well as could be changing as per the time and get influence by the environmental factor.

                I have gone through various potential facts regarding the use of soft and hard skills that are much easier to assess the formal learning ability of a person. However, it has been determined that the modern workplace is based on various dealing with other people. It is an effective environment that can help me to negotiate, communicating, and taking specific concerns on the other issues. It has always been quite challenged for me to analyze the situation or mental condition of the employees who are working within an organization. Thus, soft skills would assist me to understand the emotional, positive attitude of employees, habits, and personality traits so that interpersonal ability and relationship could be maintained for a longer period (Carvalho and Rabechini Junior, 2015). Similarly, being a manager I have applied certain hard skills also that have to provide me great confidence to identify the specific needs of the employees from the organization such as extra benefits, allowances, rewards for the works. It has assisted me to acquire a strong set of effective self-awareness towards the overall growth in my future learning career.

    Therefore, I need to change the current skills that are restricting me to perform freely towards my potential growth. Because changes are part of life, it can help me to make more ethical decisions that can improve the long-term career growth options as well as increase maximum focused on attaining the set targets without having any barriers. I can now easily be able to analyze the current problems and weaknesses that are affecting my skills to perform perfectly. This learning has given a great chance to plan from the starting phases so that long-term goals can positively acquire in future success (Deepa and Seth, 2013). After examined that entire learning capability as a manager I could suggest that the management need to take some serious decision regarding the improvement of employee’s performance. It can help them to perform its job more accurately without facing any kind of difficulties during their working tenure. It has further been suggested that certain strategies should be applied regarding increasing the motivation level with the employees so that they can perform positively towards their set goal of an organization. I can say that with the growing need for soft skills, it is important to examine effective practices that can facilitate the development of an individual career. I have also found that there have been limited research findings on the employee’s performance as well as the interest in achieving these skills within the organization. Therefore, the senior member’s direction has helped to improve maximum knowledge regarding the current ongoing situations that are affecting the entire business environments (Anthony and Garner, 2016). I also feel that with effective programs I should be able to determine the perceived needs as well as understand the employees regarding the employees' performance. However, all these specific needs those are efficiently valuable for the successful growth of the manager can be identified for the long-term success of the company.


    Throughout the entire personal reflection, I have analyzed various facts and skills that are required to be effectively used for managing the employee’s performance. I can surely see that the key management challenges tend to be identified accurately so that the future growth and success of an individual could understand accurately so that future complicity could be avoided. I feel that it is important to have certain programs for the employees so that it should be easy for me to identify their weaknesses. It means that our own perception towards us could be shaped as well as could be changing as per the time and get influence by the environmental factor.It is important because certain employees have less training and experience regarding handling the customers. This particular research has assisted me to take specific knowledge of the soft and hard skills that are needed to take the analysis for the current problems that are faced during taking care of the others. In this process, various theoretical concepts and methods could also be applied to support decision-making. Based on the collected results, the different soft skills to be incorporated such as communication ability, thinking, and problem-solving skills could accurately be applied so that future complications could be resolved easily. This self-reflection process tends to evaluate my individual capabilities that will be used to deal with any complex situation arises within an organization. It can help me to improve my own experience and decision-making ability which is an important role to play in the overall management of employee behavior. Thus, it is vital for me to take maximum advantage of the soft and hard skills so that future career development can be increased and I can easily be able to attain my long-terms goals.

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