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    Patient Safety Healthy Workplace Assignment Help

    Patient Safety Healthy Workplace Assignment Help


    Therapeutic communication in health care

    1.1 Introduction 

    Therapeutic communication is said to be a face to face communication process that helps in managing interaction with the patients. It is seen that it helps in developing and managing physical and emotional well being to a patient. On the other hand, it is said to be used by the nurses to generate emotional and moral support to the patients. It is also said to be one of the most effective communication strategies that get used for conducting communication advancement. It is also seemed to be used by the nurses to manage the situation along with analysing critical areas. The purpose of conducting this study is to generate help to the patients along with exploring the necessity of integrating this to the health care organizations.  

    1.2 Discussing the significance of the topic 

    In the case of developing interrelation between nurses and patients, Therapeutic communication is seemed to be useful. In most of the cases, no such support seems to get generated to the patients and thus it is turning out to be a major problem. It is turning out to be a global problem as patients do feel lonely and cannot find the issues which are major and needed to be looked after.

    Therapeutic communication is seemed to be effective in this part and thus most of the nursing and healthcare organizations are going to integrate this to develop interconnection. It seems to be useful in managing emotional well being along with providing support and sharing necessary information with the patients. It is necessary for nurses to understand the patients and also to keep them positive. Thus, in the case of discussing its significance, it seemed to be helpful in managing the patient’s positive which affects in dealing with critical parts.

    As per my view is concerned, I feel that it comes under the responsibility of the nurse to understand their needs by conducting communication. Verbal and non-verbal both kinds of communication are necessary to analyse the issues that patients are facing. On the basis of the issues, necessary steps are said to be taken by the doctors. 

    2. Objectives

    The objectives of the study are;

    To demonstrate the effectiveness of Therapeutic communication in the nursing industry

    To analyse the characteristics and affectivity of therapeutic communication

    The study is being conducted to develop the healthcare organisation to make their nurses aware of the effectivity of Therapeutic communication. In the study, the techniques, strategies and importances are going to be shared that stays integrated with this communication technique. In the case of making people aware of this, I am going to conduct research over the importance of therapeutic communication in nursing. In the case of demonstrating the objectives, I am going to share details of healthcare organizations where Therapeutic communication has turned out to be an effective part. I am also going to outline the areas that can be managed effectively by the integration of Therapeutic communication. It can be seen that Therapeutic communication also stays integrated with specific strategies that seem to be helpful in developing strategies which are deemed to be helpful in encouraging patients. 

    3. Outline of the topic

    3.1 Discuss the Therapeutic communication techniques and strategies 

    Therapeutic communication is said to be a collection that looks after prioritizing the physical, mental and emotional well being. It is said that nurses need to generate support along with providing necessary information along with maintaining a level of professional and objectivity. As stated by Martin & Chanda (2016), it is seen that Therapeutic communication helps in developing open-ended statements along with conducting open-ended questions to the patients. There have been a variety of therapeutic communication that stay integrated   nursing practices and those are;

    Using time and sequence in case of describing events: It is not always necessary to ask the patient about their condition, instead of that; nurses need to look after the patient’s health condition to understand their issues. As opined by Martin & Chanda (2016), it is also necessary for the patients to look after the particular event such as asking them about the symptoms. For example, languages are said to be used for encouraging patients to recall the sequence of time. It is said to be useful for managing better understanding which is seemed to be helpful for developing stimulation. 

    Build trust: It is necessary for a nurse to accept and recognize the areas that get looked after by the patients. This method of communication is seemed to be useful for managing areas which are said to be useful for managing trust margin. Apart from this, another important part is related to managing the areas which are said to be useful for developing areas of communication.

    Giving patients the change to direct communication- It is said to be a fundamental part that seemed to direct the way that manages conversation flow. It also looks after encouraging the behaviour of the patients by generating those open-ended questions (Yong-Shian et al. 2016). Such as, the nurses can ask for if they are feeling good or facing issues to the areas. It turns out to be easier for the patients to manage the situations along with developing thoughts.

    Asking relevant questions- It is necessary for the nurses to ask the patients so that areas can be explored where they are facing problems. It is also necessary to provide the necessary information so that areas can be analysed in a better way. 

    Focusing and clarifying- Focus is said to be developed along with managing the issues that patients face. Care is another important thing that is a part of Therapeutic communication which is said to be an effective technique for managing personal opinion. Felicetti et al. (2016) stated that it is also necessary for the nurses to ask for information so that a clear picture gets developed to the issues. 

    The nurses also need to have a clear idea over the questioning part which seemed to get conducted in the Therapeutic communication. Those are;

    Open-ended questions- In this type of question, the patients get the chance to discuss the health problems that they are facing. The assumptions are seemed to be stated in this type of question. Mostly, the nurses need to ask this type of question so that more information can be gathered. 

    Close-ended questions- In this type of questions the patients have to be answering in Yes or No. this type of question gets asked by the nurses to get to know about any particular issue if patients are facing or not. It is been stated by Arnold and Boggs (2019) that answers are needed to get collected on to the point by the nurses in this type of questions. 

    Focused questions- It is another type of question that also gets asked by the nurses in managing responses to the business by managing patience. MacLean et al. (2017) stated that it is said to be a comparatively lengthy process where professionalism is said to be an important part and which is also said to be an important part that stays integrated with managing issues to the business. 

    Basically, the nurses needed to have a clear idea over asking questions which are said to be impacting over managing business factors so that issues can be managed and identified. It looks after generating a cure to the issues along with managing critical areas. 

    3.2 State the purpose and importance of therapeutic communication in nursing 

    Quality of a therapeutic relationship depends upon the ability of the healthcare provider who the ability of effective communication. It is already mentioned that Therapeutic communication is necessary for healthcare organisations to integrate to develop nursing quality. Thus, on that basis, training is also necessary to be generated to the nurses so that communication efficiency gets developed. It seemed to be one of the effective parts that nurses need to integrate so that issues can be managed along with developing issues. Shaw et al. (2017) stated that ideal Therapeutic communication is also said to be an important fact that might stay integrated with generating confidence. Thus, integration of therapeutic communication is turning out to be extremely important to manage the issues and to develop effectively in the service margin of nurses. In case of discussing its importance, those are;

    Facilitates Client Autonomy- in Therapeutic communication, issues get managed along with developing necessary support. Instead of making random assumptions, it stays integrated with analysing the exact issue by generating open, close or focused questions. Hall et al. (2018) commented that it also makes the patients or the clients more comfortable who seemed to be helpful in analysing their symptoms and issues. 

    Creates a non-judgmental environment- It is stated to be one of the most important characteristics that stay integrated with Therapeutic communication. It is said to be encouraging confidence margin along with developing a non-judgmental mind. 

    Reduction of risk- It is said to be affecting the decision that gets influenced by the integration of the professions (Muddle et al. 2019). It is said to be affecting the maintenance that manages awareness so that areas of confusion can be managed in an effective way. 

    Providing Holistic view of the client- It is seen that Therapeutic communication looks after emphasizing the holistic view of a person that stays with managing the network that gets provided to generate necessary support. It is also said to be an important part that gets looked after to manage areas of communication (Moral et al. 2015). After developing Therapeutic relationship, it also looks at developing communication that stays integrated with improving the effective relationship. 

    In case of discussing the purpose of Therapeutic communication in nursing, it is seen to be people along with managing their personal work in a proper way. The people who are seriously ill are needed to be given this type of service so that healing can be generated to the issues. 

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