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    Organisational Behaviour Assignment Help

    Organisational Behaviour Assignment Help

    Organisational Behaviour Assignment Help


    Adhesion of the employees is the important part for improving the business in the merchandise market. The efficient way of getting success in the business organisation is to develop the behavior of the employees in the appropriate way. The book of William Whyte named “The Organisation Man” has focused on the behavior of the employees in the ancient period. Hence, the behavior of employees in the organization helps to earn success for the enterprise. The study will focus on the changes of the recent system of ventures from the previous era. In this case, the organisational theory and leadership theory will be discussed for getting the clear conception on this matter. Different types of behavior and their importance will be emphasized as the authority of ventures can hold their position in the contemporary market. In time of negotiating the study, it would provide the importance of developing the skills of the employees for bringing reputation of the ventures.


    Changes in the atmosphere of the organisation in the contemporary era and behavior of the employees:-

    Organisational Behaviour Assignment Help

    Contemporary concept and theory of organisational behavior:-

    In the modern era, most of the time, it is seen that, people depend on the technology for completing their task. As per the viewpoint of Truss et al. (2013), in the previous era, the employees of the organisation did not use machines and the competition in the market was not so high. Hence, in the recent days, for running the ventures in the efficient way, the business organizations follow the theory of organisational behavior.

    According to the theory of organisational behavior, the employees need to develop their skills and knowledge for bringing success. In case of International Business Machine Corporation (IBM), their motto is to develop advanced technology for providing best service to the people (ibm.com, 2017). In the previous days, it is seen that, the employees were not aware of technology. However, in the recent days, they provide training to their employees as they can keep balance with the contemporary era.

    On the other hand, in case of DuPont, their aim is to provide safety to the people of the country by safeguarding the staple foods and many others (dow-dupont.com, 2017). As per the organisational theory, the behavior and knowledge of employees help to fetch success. In the previous period, people were not accustomed with the subject of agriculture. However, at present, the agriculture is the popular subject and it helps to bring good quality in the vegetables and foods. Hence, DuPont recruits experienced employees for holding their position in the contemporary market (dow-dupont.com, 2017).

    Different types of behavior and its importance in the workplace:-

    In the enterprises, different types of behavior like saying and joining with organisation, organisational citizenship, counterproductive behavior of work, task performers and many others are seen. As mentioned by William & Whyte (1956), as in the previous era, the competition was not high in the market, they were able to provide good quality products to the clients. However, they got time for providing the product. However, in the recent days, people want to get quick delivery. In this case, the employee's’ behavior helps to get success by developing their skills and knowledge.

    As per the theory of organisational behavior, it is necessary to set the objectives and goals of the organisation. If they are able to set their goals, the employees can divide the work among themselves for providing quick delivery. The task performers always focus on their task for touching the high point of success.

    The behavior of organisational citizenship assists the employees to get success. In the previous days, the organisation authority got much time for delivering the products. However, in present, people do not have much time. Hence, if the employees share their knowledge with others, it would help them to work in a team, thereby, uplifting the position of the enterprises.

    Explanation of the approach, which is evidence-based:-

    The evidence-based approach helps to the authority of organisations to bring development learning from previous situation. It is seen that, in case of IBM, at present, they introduce with the position of chief information officer (CIO), chief risk officer (CRO) for holding their reputation in the market. They continuously observe the social media for getting feedback about their organisation. It assists the management of the organisations to get success in the merchandise market (stotthoare.com.au, 2016). Behavior of the organisation can help to manage the situation in the proper way. As other ventures can see the success of IBM in the competitive market, they follow the approaches of IBM for getting success. The evidence-based approach assists the organisations to find out the best way for earning success in the market.

    Importance of skills and knowledge:-

    The experience of employees can help to develop the product’s quality of the ventures in the contemporary society. As asserted by Moxham & Kauppi (2014), in the organisation, it is seen that personal experience helps to develop the work in smoothie way. Often, it is seen that, one of the employees does not know the task in the efficient way. Hence, the other employee, as per his personal knowledge, can assist him to complete the task. Therefore, the company is able to get the job in the proper way. In recent days, the IBM, DuPont and many other organizations follow teamwork for getting effective outcome. In case of teamwork, if the employees do not know the task in the proper way, the leader can guide them for bringing success. As the leaders have experience, the new members do not face difficulties in time of working. Furthermore, it helps to develop the knowledge of the employees for earning success in context of organization.

    Discussion about the team importance and development of effective team:-

    As per the leadership theory, the teamwork is the effective way for the running the ventures appropriately. According to Dinh et al. (2014), the managerial grid of Mouton and Blake had provided the graphic portrayal for understanding the leadership style. As per the managerial grid, the team needs to focus on their goal for achieving it in right time. The team leaders need to have enough experience as they can guide the workers appropriately. They need to provide attention to the words of workers for providing solution of their problems. The teamwork helps get various ideas for developing the enterprises. If the employees of team are able to share their notion to the higher authority, the management team can find solution of their problems easily.

    The problems of organisation and its solution:-

    In the organisations, the employees can face many problems. Often it is seen that, the workers do not feel happy in time of team working, or the employees do not cooperate with others. Hence, it effects on the ventures. As suggested by Northouse (2015), the organisations need to find out the problems and solve it accordingly. At present, the entities face high competition in the market. For holding number 1 position, the employees become inimical with each others.In this situation, maintaining the organisational behavior, the authority has introduced with the policy of following good behavior in workplace. The leaders need to provide proper attention to employees for removing the difficulties as the behavior of the employees can bring reputation in market.


    In recent days, the organisations face high competition in the market. In previous era, employees got time for completing their task. Therefore, at present, the organisations follow various theories like leadership theory, organisational theory for developing the skills of employees. The organisation authority introduces with policy as the employees maintain discipline in workplace. Proper behavior of employees can earn success for the ventures.

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