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    Organisation Communication Assignment Help

    Organisation Communication Assignment Help


    The car leasing is the common factor in the recent era. However, as the cost of the casr is not very high, most of the people like to purchase the cars instead of taking lease. In Australia, many organisations, like VTI group, are there, who provide the service of car leasing. In this situation, the ventures like to focus on the services and sales in order to gain profit in the contemporary merchandise market. The entire study will emphasise on the development of policy for bring improvement in the communication system. The communication theories and Aristotle’s model of communication have been used for analysing the study in the effective way. 
    Policy framework for handling the internal consultation and   communication 
    In order to build the policy of the business enterprises, it is necessary to focus on the organisational objectives, compliance requirement and ethics of business.  As per the viewpoint of Åkerman (2015), the accurate policy of business like maintaining communication, consultation and many others can bring success in the contemporary competitive market. 
    Business objectives
    To increase the sale and quality of service
     To improve the skills of the existing employees
    To develop the communication system in the venture of VTI
    To provide recommendation for increasing sales of the entity
    Business ethics
    In case of VTI group of car manufacturing, the ethics is to behave equally with the employees as they can provide satisfaction to the customers. 
    Compliance requirement
    In order to develop the car selling service, the VTI group needs to recruit few experienced candidates as they can earn profit in the effective way. 
    The policy framework
    In order to exit from the service of car leasing, the business ventures need to develop the substitute business plan, from which they can acquire profit in the competitive market. In the opinion of Roth (2014), the organisations need to build the effective way of communication system for getting success. 
    Set the goal
    In the venture of VTI group, it is seen that, they face deficiency in the internal communication system. Many times, it is seen that, the employees are not able understand the goal of the ventures. Hence, they cannot perform the job in the effective way. In order to remove this situation, the higher authority of VTI group needs to set the goal for selling the car in the appropriate way. The policy of setting goal helps the employees to provide the shape in reality. 
    Proper business plan
    As suggested by Gibbs et al. (2015), the proper business plan can bring success for the organisation, who has introduced new services in the market. In case of VTI group, it has been observed that, they leased car to people. At present, as people like to purchase the car, they transfer their business from leasing to selling. In this situation, the authority needs to make their business plan clear to their employees for earning their position in the market. 
    Informing strategies  
    Mishra, Boynton & Mishra (2014) commented that, in order to maintain the internal communication system in the appropriate way, the higher authority can create the system of intranet. Through intranet, all employees of VTI group are able to know their updated strategies as the higher authority provided post through this system.  
    On the contrary, Delmas, Fischlein & Asensio (2013) stated that, the higher authority of business group can send email or message for communicating with the employees. They can call over telephone for discussion about the upcoming business strategies. The above mentioned policies assist to increase the sales and service of VTI group. If the authority of VTI group follows the above mentioned communication strategies, they will be able to hold their position in the contemporary market. They would be able to solve the communication problem in time of consultation.
     Policy framework
    Building support and communication in the organisation
    Proper communication system in the business environment provides success to the venture in the contemporary market. In the opinion of Adler, Rodman & DuPré (2016), the authority of the business enterprise needs to build effective way of communication for touching their goal in the appropriate way. 
    Communication for improving the product quality
    It has been observed that VTI group has started to sell the cars instead of giving lease to the customers. In order to change their services, it is necessary to develop the product’s quality. In order to support the objective, the authority of VTI group needs to provide training to their employees. For giving the information of providing training to the employees, the business authority needs to use the proper communication system like provide notice or sending email and many others. The support of training assists the employees of business venture to touch their goal in the effective way.
    On the contrary, Ferrante et al. (2014) mentioned that, the authority can introduce the system of group working. If the employees are able to create group in time of working, they can share their ideas. This system helps the enterprises to find out the best idea of increasing the product quality. The VTI group can follow the above mentioned strategy for developing their internal communication system. 
    Communication for increasing sale   
    In order to increase sale of the venture, the consultation is the effective way.  In order to consult with the employees of the ventures, the proper communication system is necessary. In the opinion of Breitsohl Khammash & Griffiths (2014), the authority of business ventures needs to arrange the group meeting for identifying the best ways of increasing the sales. In the meeting, the employees can share their opinion as they can increase the sales. In case of VTI, as they want to sell the cars, the employees need to receive training for convincing the buyers. 
    On the contradiction, Seymour et al. (2015) stated that, the business organisation can recruit experienced candidate for increasing the sales. Many times, it has been noticed that, the employees not give importance about the requirement of the customers. In this case, the experienced candidates have the knowledge of providing importance of the knowledge of the customers. As per the Aristotle’s model communication, the employees need to hear the speech of higher authority in the appropriate way for increasing their sales. The VTI group can follow the model of Aristotle for improving their internal communication system. 
    Managing information 
    The business organisation needs to follow the flow of providing information to the employees in the effective way. According to Bloom et al. (2014), proper management of information helps to imply the business plan in the perfect way. 
    Preparing the handout of planning and dividing the responsibilities
    In this case, the business authority needs to prepare the hand out of implementing the upcoming plan. If the authority of the ventures is able to do it, the employees can get the clear perception about their strategies. In this time, the business authority needs to divide responsibility among the employees in the equal way. The above mentioned management is considered is the first step of the managing the information. In the context of VTI group, the higher authority needs to prepare the hand out of the planning of selling car. In this time, they need to divide the responsibilities in the equal way.  The authority should provide the handout to the employees for making them know about the strategies. 
    Ideas for improving the service or product quality
    After providing the hand out, the business needs to think of developing the product quality as they can get position in the market. As suggested by Hashim (2015), the business authority can follow the communication system of bottom up and top down. As per the concept of top down, the team leader generally takes the decision of improving the product quality. 
    On the contrary Laudon & Laudon (2016) stated that, the bottom up communication system is the effective way of improving the product quality. In this system, all employees can share their perception. The above mentioned internal communication system helps to bring success for the ventures. 
     However, in case of VTI group, for getting profit in car selling business, they prefer the communication system of bottom up. In this system, the higher authority can get the perception of every employees of their entity. 
    Feedback of managing the policies of information
    The feedback helps to understand the business authority that whether their policy is correct or not. In case of VTI group, after completing the goal, they need to collect the review about their above mentioned taken strategies from the management department and employees. The feedback helps to identify the difficulties of the system. In future, they would be able to manage the problems in the appropriate way. The above mentioned flow of communication system helps to bring success for VTI group in the effective way. 
    In order to change the business from one perspective to another, the proper communication system is necessary. The effective way of internal communication system helps to make proper plan for getting success. In case of VTI group, as they try to sell their cars, it is necessary build good communication among the employees. They need to provide importance of the requirement of the customers. The Aristotle’s model of communication has been used for making effective internal communication system.