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    Operations and Process Management Assignment Help

    Operations and Process Management Assignment Help

    1. Introduction

    This module explores the theory and practice of operations and process management in various organisational contexts across a range of industries. You will develop the critical, theoretical and practical skills to be able to position the role of operations and process management in the contemporary organisation. You will also be able to appreciate how they directly impact on the financial position and profitability of an organisation and how they are determined by and will influence organisational strategy.

    The assessment should be based on an organisation of your choice. This may be within your experience, or simply based upon your research interests, but should be concentrated where enough information is retrievable within your domain to enable you to research the organisation effectively.

    2. Portfolio Content
    Task 1: Supply Chain Optimisation 
    Supply chain design and/or Aggregate Production Planning are two issues that need to be optimised in SCM. Given a case problem, you are required to identify the appropriate model, deploy an optimisation tools namely Excel Solver and to find the optimal solutions. You need to interpret the results and to discuss the sensitivity analysis. You should also mention the model’s limitations and highlight other factors affecting the decision making. 

    Using the case problem and its questions which will be handed in the lecture session, you should produce an excel worksheet and a report with 1200 words.

    Submission Method
    You should submit both files to the BB Submission Point. Regarding to the hand in date, please see the Blackboard site/Assessment section.  
    Task 2: A3 Poster Presentation
    Toyota, often considered the originator of world-class process improvement methods, developed the idea of the A3 problem-solving technique - the suggestion that every problem an organisation encounters should be captured on a single sheet of paper which is A3 sized (297mm x 420mm).

    In this task you are required to use the A3 management process methodology to tackle a problem within an organisation you are familiar with and present your poster. As a team you can choose which problem/organisation but note that everyone will be expected to participate fully in the work so there may be a disadvantage in selecting one which is very familiar to just one of you.

    The tutors will assign you to your team. We will aim to have 3 students per team. 
    You are required to present your poster on the assigned presentation day to all students and at least one tutor. 

    Collective score unless extenuating circumstances (presentation on final day of block teaching)

    You may examine multiple operational aspects of the organisation including but not limited to the following options.

    Overview of organisation/department (mission, core objectives, etc.)
    Identifying the system inputs / outputs / outcomes
    Identifying the core process type (e.g. Project, batch, mass production etc..)
    A process map (and process chart or related data if available)
    Issues involved in design of product or service; value analysis, modularity, quality, life-cycle, etc.
    Is your process very complex? Give an overview and highlight bottlenecks
    Consider customer interaction and process strategy
    Consider use of process technology
    Assess layout and rationale behind it. Use a diagram.  How can layout be improved?
    Meaning of quality, e.g., in automotive if a part does not fit it is defective!
    Performance management and using appropriate measures
    Opportunities for process improvement- what are they? Are they recognisable? 
    Potential implementation challenges e.g. Cost, training, technological readiness

    (Please note that you’re not required to cover all of the above. These are just some indicators. You need to see for yourself what tools, models and concepts can help you analyse the case more effectively and fulfil the assessment criteria.)

    You could make valid assumptions about the organisation where data and/or information cannot be easily accessed e.g. privileged information to which you do not have access; however you are expected to carry out a fairly comprehensive research and will be marked according to the validity of the referencing.
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    Submission Method
    You should submit your A3 poster file, MS PowerPoint, MS VISIO or MS Publisher to the Blackboard Submission Point. 
    You should also hand in a hard copy of your poster just prior to your presentation slot at the final session of the block teaching. Regarding to the hand in date of the A3 poster, please see the Blackboard site/Assessment section.
    Task 3: Lean Management and its challenges 
    Lean management has been defined as, "The practice of using scientific methods to solve business problems in order to create value", by the lean thinking pioneer, author and academic Professor Daniel Jones.
    With reference to a particular business or organisational problem:
    Describe Jones's statement in the context of your chosen business problem
    Explain and discuss the benefits and challenges, as well as any strengths and weaknesses, of the broader lean management methodology in the context of your chosen organisation
    Illustrate how the relationship between Quality and Performance Measurement could be enhanced by an effective Lean Management intervention.

    The final submission will consist of an individual essay, 2500 words (+/-10%). 
    Your work must be supported by the relevant academic literature related to this field, as well as any necessary or relevant practice-based literature, to develop a fuller discussion.
    Your submissions will be expected to demonstrate the following qualities: 

    Answering the central focus of the assignment question
    A critical appreciation of relevant literature and its use to support argument, substantiate model(s) and other aspects of the assignment
    Ability to analyse relevant theoretical concepts in a critical manner, evaluation of material, indication of gaps in the literature
    Logical flow of ideas and treatment; imaginative approaches; appropriate selection of real world factors related to the model(s) or specific assignment topic
    Evidence of additional personal research, and the ability to analyse material from a variety of appropriate relevant perspectives
    Presentation, structure, appropriateness of methodology, breaking into section headings/subheadings, tidiness
    A strong and well considered conclusion
    Submission Method
    We can only accept the essay through the submission point on Blackboard and we will not usually consider other methods of assignment submission (such as printed hard copy or email) unless express permission is given by the module leader, or you have a disability-based learning contract stating otherwise.

    You should submit your MS word file to the BB Submission Point. Regarding to the hand in date, please see the Blackboard site/Assessment section. 
    Task 4: Reflection 
    Critically reflect on your own learning in this module, evaluating how the theories and concepts influence your role as a leader and manager and exploring the potential impact on your organisation.  As a result, please identify any effects on your personal and professional development, citing actions which you now need to take and any potential barriers.

    The word count for this component is 500 words (+/-10%).
    Submission Method
    You should submit your MS word file to the BB Submission Point. Regarding to the hand in date, please see the Blackboard site/Assessment section. 
    3. What You Should Do
    You have access to the module materials, recommended core text for the module, computing facilities, library books, journals and 'Library Search' databases, as well as to the module teaching team and your colleagues.  You will need access to information within the chosen organisation, some of which may publicly be available. This task will draw on the Business Operations and Process Management module; however, other modules or sources may have some relevance. You are always encouraged to explore further.
    4. Referencing & Plagiarism
    This work will require you to conduct an appropriate literature review. You must correctly cite and list all the references that you used to produce your paper. Please ensure that you exhaustively search reference sources in pursuit of the work you present in this assignment.
    Assignment submissions that rely upon undependable sources like Wikipedia or anecdotal web pages may not receive a strong mark. Focus instead on making good use of the SHU Learning Centre's online Information Databases - http://library.shu.ac.uk/ - . Such resources will point you to peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and book chapters.

    You must cite every source of information (even images, web pages, interviews and media broadcasts) that you use throughout all the sections of your work.  If you do not fully cite your references you are, in effect, stealing intellectual property – and the evidence will be there for all to see in your work. Plagiarism can be more extensive than you may realise (e.g. failing to reference your own previous assignments can sometimes be taken as plagiarising your own work. Ask your tutor if you are not sure about this). 

    Please also note that the university employs TurnitinUK, an electronic plagiarism detection technology as part of its anti-plagiarism responsibility and your submitted work will be subjected to this process. You may submit earlier versions of your paper to receive formative feedback on the extent of any plagiarism in your paper. Later submissions overwrite earlier ones. Therefore the version that will be assessed is the version that is on the submission site at the point the deadline passes.

    Please do not copy material into your paper. Even if you cite the original authors you are not adding any of your own interpretation, thus you are still plagiarising.  Read the university's up-to-date guidance on this which is always available from the Learning Centre or through SHUSpace.
    5. Marking Scheme
    Your work will be assessed using the marking scheme at the end of this section. Originality, quality of argument and good structure are required. Your work should evidence that you can take a body of theory, understand it, choose what you want from it, apply it in a reasonable fashion and hence evaluate it. The marking criteria give you a clear indication of what is required to achieve stronger grades.
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