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    Office Staffing Assignment Help

    Office Staffing Assignment Help

    Office Staffing Assignment Help


    1} We will be focusing on a contrast of the workplaces, describing both the advantages and disadvantages to working in both settings; both from a worker’s perspective and the firm’s point of view. 

    2} As the idea of working from home is a new idea, we are expecting to find most of our information in an online format; especially in journals published from 1980 onward. 

    3} Once we have our facts gather and organized, we will compare the two, presenting our conclusions; but also, the opinion of experts in the field or workplace studies.


    As this field of knowledge is somewhat new and experimental, we are not anticipating a plethora of scientific data. Also, we should remain aware of the bias and perspective of our sources to avoid embracing those same ideals.

    Reader Benefits

    As University studies continue to progress, the idea of Distance Education has been used to great levels of success. However, weI have not read a great deal on whether class room lectures trump individual learning. This report hopes to shed light on that subject as well as the benefits of post-graduate work. The perspective of four different authors does present editing challenges, but should expand the idea that we choose to focus on, and sharpen the overall message, whatever our studies show that to be.

    Goodwill Ending

    Aside from hoping to reach a great deal of different audiences; both in the public sector and in the education field, it is our intent to enlighten and entertain with our brief journey. As nearly everyone is faced with the perspective of working, it is our aim to provide a document informative to whomever should have to make the choice between working at home, or in an office setting.

    Greetings, Ms. Cooper,

    On behalf of our fledgling consulting company, let me thank you again for choosing Group Awesome, and assure you that we are committed to the very best in business reports, to assist you in your final decision.

    To help you prepare for your presentations, we thought we’d take a moment to send you this memo, detailing out intentions in brief:

    Our purpose for this report is to provide an unbiased, informative consider the positive and negative aspects of telecommuting, with the purpose of helping to assist in Acme’s decision to allow workers to work from home at your Thunder Bay location. In examining the subject in depth, we hope to provide insight into future policy making, while analysing the feasibility of the idea.

    Office Staffing Assignment Help

    Aside from yourself, we hope our finding can be of use to your corporate level, as well as possibly being distributed to any employees you might have who are unsure about the change. Telecommuting can have several significant lifestyle impacts, and as we all know: To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This study will not provide a decision, or suggestion, as that is best left to your organization.

    While I’m sure that telecommuting is known to virtually everyone in your organization,we’re hoping to fill in the gaps of knowledge in regards to what is an technology that has only begun to see implementation in the last quarter of a century. The basics of the process will be covered, as will some of the industry standards, the benefits and negatives of the lifestyle changes involved, and of course, a look at companies that allow telecommuting, and those who have not, to further highlight the possible changes, upcoming in your firm.

    Naturally, we’ll be looking at the benefits to the organization, from both sides; looking at financial costs, efficiency changes, and providing rationale for both sides of the equation. Thunder Bay is of course, its own market, but we feel that some truths are universal, whereas others will factor into your end decision.

    Objections are natural, and we intend to provide you with some of our own, on both sides. Change is scary, costs money, and disrupts morale; but in the end if you can have a net gain, will telecommuting be worth it? We hope to provide the tools to make that decision.

    Lastly, we feel its important to keep the report contextual. We’re aware of Thunder Bay’s isolation, economic struggles, and even some of the attitudes that permeate the workplace; Our firm hasn’t just read about the Thunder Bay Workplace: We’ve been there.

    If you have any questions, or feedback, please contact us by whatever means is most convenient. Otherwise, you can look forward to our finished product, later this week.

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