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    NIT5150 Advanced Object Programming Assignment

    NIT5150 Advanced Object Programming Assignment

    NIT5150 Advanced Object Programming Assignment


    This report will provide user documentation by providing necessary details which were required to run a program. Program is about a chair shop which takes input from the user according to the various categories of chair which were already predefined in the program. User has to enter the type of chair from the list which was displayed in the program. After entering the type of chair and the name of the customer which wants to order that chair, the quantity of the chair is being asked which should have been entered by the user. After that total amount which should be paid by the customer is being displayed as a bill in the output.


    Figure 1 first Output

    The above image will display the message of welcome and after that, it will ask the user to enter its name which was ordering the chair. After entering the name various types of the chair is being listed and the customer has to select among them and after entering the data correctly it will be moved further and ask the customer for the location they want to order. After that the number of chairs is being entered by the customer and after that bill amount is being displayed at the bottom of the display. ( Rothschild, W.S., 2017)

    Figure 2 Second Output

    This image will be showing the different number of customers who were placing the order and their quantity of chairs they have been ordered. The image will display the various types of customers who were ordering the chairs is being displayed. After that number of chairs they want to enter is being entered by them and after that net price or total price is being displayed.

    Figure 3 Third Output

    Above image is in the continuation of second output in which more customers are ordering their chairs and the price of the total chairs is being displayed at the bottom of the display. Different types of chairs can be used in various functions and can be used in different locations according to requirements.

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    Figure 4 Fourth Output

    Total chairs which should be entered by the customer will between 20 and 500. In the above image violation of this validation will be displayed in which the number of chairs entered is not in the given range. Due to which chairs quantity should be again entered by the user and the total price of the order is being calculated accordingly.

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    Figure 5 Fifth Output

    This snippet of code will be displaying the summary of the orders which is being taken by the customer and their price is being displayed accordingly. After that Quantity of chairs which is being entered by the customer is being displayed and after that type of chair is being displayed in the next column and total order for each customer is being displayed in tabular form. After printing the summary of the customer of the order with maximum order price is being displayed at the bottom and lowest order is being printed as well.

    Test Validations


    Description of Test Case

    Expected Outcome

    Actual Outcome


    List of the chair is being displayed while entering the type of chair. Chair type should be selected from the list only if it doesn’t happen then an error will occur.

    According to the validation, the user will again have to enter the correct input with a message showing the types of chair which are being available for selection.


    Quantity of chair is being defined within a range of 500 and 20. If any quantity larger or smaller than that will be entered in the input, the error message will be printed which will ask them to enter the quantity within that range. (Braberman, V., Garbervetsky, D., Godoy, J., Uchitel, S., de Caso, G., Perez, I. and Perez, S., 2018)

    According to the validation range of quantity of chair is being predefined and it should follow the same range as well.


    This report is being designed to provide a better understanding of the program and the validations which are being used in the program. The program will have two validations, which have been displayed in the test validation column and the outcome according to the validation is being displayed in the tabular format. Snippets of output are being attached which will provide a better understanding of the program and the user documentation which should be taken care of while executing the program.


    Rothschild, W.S., 2017. C#: Learn by coding your own project-Gain outstanding experience by coding your first windows app and actively learn 18 thoughtful and clear-cut lessons.

    Braverman, V., Garbervetsky, D., Godoy, J., Uchitel, S., de Caso, G., Perez, I. and Perez, S., 2018, October. Testing and validating end-user programmed calculated fields. In Proceedings of the 2018 26th ACM Joint Meeting on European Software Engineering Conference and Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (pp. 827-832). ACM.

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