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    Networking System Programming Assignment Help

    Networking System Programming Assignment Help

     A.C 1.1 Discuss the benefits and constraints of different networking systems, types and topologies.  Analyse and clearly identify the requirements of the system for this network in order to convince the management of the given case study company.

    How to answer
    Types e.g. LAN, WAN, PAN, MAN (Definition, advantage disadvantage, Recommendation)
    Topologies e.g. Ring, Mesh, Tree, Hybrid, Star, Bus (Definition, advantage disadvantage, Recommendation)
    Strategies e.g. peer-to-peer, client/server (Definition, advantage disadvantage, Recommendation)
    A.C 1.2 Evaluate the impact of current network technology, communication and standards for the given case study company.
    - Components
    Cables e.g. UTP, coaxial, fibre optic (Compare and recommend)
    Devices e.g. Network interface card, routers, bridges, hubs, Servers (Compare and recommend)
    OSI Model, TCP/IP Model (Compare and recommend)
    A.C 1.3 Discuss how protocols enable the effective utilization of different networking systems.
    Definition of a network protocol
    Explain at least 5 examples (HTTP, FTP, UDP, Ethernet, ARP, SSL, TCP, IP, Token ring, SMTP, POP3)
    Give real life examples of when these protocols are used
    A.C 2.1 discuss the role of software and hardware components for the given company case study.
    How to answer
    Operating system Software (Include Screenshots)
    Client Operating systems e.g. Windows 7, 8, 10, MAC 0S Sierra (What role do they play?)
    Server Operating systems e.g. Windows Server 2012, Linux (Red hat)
    Team Viewer, Remote Desktop, Command prompt (What role do they play?)
    Windows services, Apache, Internet Information Service (IIS) (What role do they play?)
    Laptop, Printer, Cables, Switches, Hub, Bridges, Repeaters, etc.
    A.C 2.2 discuss server types and selection requirement for the given company case study.
    Discuss server types
    File server, Print Server, Application Server (e.g. JBoss), Web Server (e.g. IIS, Apache), Server operating systems
    What are the costs of these servers and that should influence your choice.
    Which of the above server types would you recommend for the case study?
    A.C 2.3 discuss the inter-dependence of workstation hardware with network components
    How to answer?
    - How does the NIC on your computer work with a router (access point)?
    - Explain how Wi-fi works and how it involves the NIC and the access point.  Explain how  Ethernet involves the NIC and the cables and how data is transmitted?
    A.C 3.1 Design a network system diagram using MS Visio or any other tools of your choice for the given case study. In the design you should consider current and future provisions in terms of user requirements and the network infrastructure itself.
    How to answer?
    Using Lucid charts or MS Visio draw a network topology diagram that looks like something below:
    However, your diagram should be based on the case study showing the three buildings and all the network components required.
    Also consider the future when choosing network components e.g. you could recommend a 48 port switch for 30 computers in case of expansion.
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    A.C 3.2 Evaluate the design you have produced for 3.1 is validated in terms of user feedback and other key factors e.g. future provision and use of proposed technology
    - Design a questionnaire to get feedback from colleagues and analyse the feedback
    - Explain why you chose certain types of network components e.g., why you chose a Wireless G router instead of a Wireless AC standard.
    -Explain what topology is shown in the diagram and why?
    - Explain any limitations in the diagram
    A.C 4.1 Implement a network systems based on the proposed design. You are required to use means of simulation software, establish a network according to the design in task 3.
    How to Answer
    Use Cisco Packet tracer to implement the network showing the following
    The computers (configured with IP addresses)
    The Servers (configured)
    The routers (configured)
    The switches
    Useful links for Cisco Packet Tracer
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSuZ7xxQjJo (FTP Server)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9IkAmYkWsg (Mail Server)
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEj6Fu4tGEM (Web Server)
    A.C 4.2 Test network systems to meet user requirements. Your testing includes functionality of the network to ensure that your developed network will operate seamlessly in a physical environment so that it can satisfy user requirements.
    How to Answer
    Use ping to test all the computers on the network including
    From a computer in building one to a computer in building 2 and vice versa
    From a computer in building 2 to a computer in building 3 and vice versa
    From a computer in building 1 to a computer in building 3 and vice versa
    Between two computers in the same building
    Test the Web server by browsing a webpage on a packet tracer pc
    Test the email server by sending and receiving an email
    Test the FTP server by uploading and downloading email
    - Test the DHCP and DNS servers
    A.C 4.3 Document and analyse test result against expected results. While carrying out task 4.2, the testing of the network has produced a number of results. List the results you have found in task 4.2 by contrasting them with your expected results.  
    How to answer
    Show results in a table with the following columns
    Test Cases
    Expected Result
    Actual Result

    Analyse the results in 4.2 and discuss any discrepancies you had, possible causes and how they were resolved
    A.C 4.4 Recommend potential enhancement for the networked systems. Your discussions should include how your developed network will cope with future changing needs and should address possible enhancements of your network to satisfy needs of changing future environment.
    How to Answer
    Discuss how your current network design can accommodate future changes?
    What improvements can be made to your network design in the future?
    A.C 4.5 Design a maintenance schedule to support the network system. Your maintenance schedule should address various factors like personnel allocation, backup and recovery policy, maintaining security & integrity; and general administration to support the users.
    How to Answer
    Create a table showing a schedule which contains various maintenance tasks and the different times they’ll be performed