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    networking principles Assignment Help

    networking principles Assignment Help


    Computer networking is considered as a critical component of the entire computer system as it is enriched with different components along with different protocols. A computer network allows the different nodes to share the different resources that are present in the network system. Therefore, according to Mikhaylov et al. (2016), the proper networking helps the organizations along with the individuals to maintain a healthy communication process and reduce the cost regarding the sharing of different resources.
    The primary aim of this study is to evaluate the importance of the networking technology as the organizations Beta Communication is planning to move into the LAN platform. In addition to that, the study also derives both the advantage and disadvantage of the different networking systems such as MAN, LAN, WAN along with the different topologies. Moreover, the study also provides a brief description regarding the role of both software and hardware as the organization is moving to LAN platform in order to enhance their communication process.
    Task 1: Understanding the networking principles
    1.1 Pros and cons of different networking system along with topology
    In order to shift from the current networking system to the LAN system can be considered as a huge change for Beta Communication Ltd. therefore, they need to identify the areas through which they can implement the system and how that system can enhance their level of performance. The different types of networking system that Beta Communication Ltd can use are LAN, WAN, MAN. All the mentioned networking systems have their own benefits and constraints.
    Local Area Network (LAN)
    The Local Area network mainly connects the multiple nodes within the computer network and generates a smooth information sharing process in between an office premises or a school campus.
    Advantage: when it comes to the advantages of LAN, the first thing Beta Communication Ltd needs to take into account is the resource sharing. According to Kuosa et al. (2014), the resources like the printers along with the other resources such as the modems can be shared by the LAN technology. It can help Beta Communication Ltd to reduce their cost regarding the resources. Moreover, the LAN technology is also able to share the different software applications. In addition to that, the LAN technology can also enhance the security system for Beta Communication Ltd.
    Figure 1: LAN connection
    (Source: Kuosa et al. 2014)
    Disadvantage: Privacy is the main feature of concern of the LAN system if Beta Communication Ltd incorporates this into their account. Along with that, the primary set up cost for the LAN technology is relatively higher than the other systems (Sahoo et al. 2014). Therefore, Beta Communication Ltd also needs to have a look at this matter that whether they can afford it or not. In addition to that, if the organizations someday think of a big expansion, then the LAN technology would not be enough for them.
    Wide Area Networking (WAN)
    This technology mainly comes into the action when the organizations are spread over different countries. Therefore, Beta Communication Ltd has a limited chance to use this technology.
    Advantage: This technology mainly centralizes the entire IT system for Beta Communication Ltd. in addition to that, if Beta Communication Ltd sometime expand themselves to the overseas countries, this technology can also increase their privacy measures. Moreover, it can also enhance the bandwidth and the security aspects.
    Figure 2: WAN connection
    (Source: Tzanakaki et al. 2013)
    Disadvantage: As this technology is very much complex, therefore it is very much expensive to set up (Tzanakaki et al. 2013). In addition to that, the organization, Beta Communication Ltd may have some issues regarding the maintenance as they do not have the proper expertise to handle the system.
    Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
    MAN is considered as the integration of an ample amount of LANs that are interconnected by having the high bandwidth technology.
    Advantage: As MAN deals with a high bandwidth, therefore the resource sharing such as the sharing of the database can be done at a very fast rate. In addition to that, it also allows the multiple users to share the same high-speed internet. Therefore, it also reduces the cost of resource sharing.
    Disadvantage: The main disadvantage of the MAN is the cost regarding the entire system. In addition to that, the equipment that need to be used for the connection is also hard to install.
    When it comes to the selection of the network topology, Beta Communication Ltd needs to make sure one thing that they have enough expertise to handle the network topologies. The different network topologies that Beta Communication Ltd can use in their network are Ring, Bus, Star, Mesh, and Cellular. 
    Ring topology
    In this topology, all the network nodes are connected with each other like a closed loop. According to Wang et al. (2014), this type of network topology is very much organized. Along with that, as the network traffic flows in a same direction therefore it enhances the speed of data flow. In addition to that, this topology does not require a network server in order to control the connectivity between the different nodes. However, there are some factors that Beta Communication Ltd. needs to take into their account while selecting Ring topology. One of them is, if any one of the port fails, the entire communication process would be disrupted.
    The configuration of Bus topology includes a main cable along with a terminator at both the ends. Beta Communication Ltd can easily connect a new system or any kind of external devices to a linear bus topology. Along with that, according to Zaman and Kildal (2014), it requires a less number of cables than the star topology. However, the entire network falls if there is any kind of issue in the main cable. Along with that, Beta Communication Ltd may find problems while identifying the issues regarding the network failure. 
    Star topology
    In a star topology, the entire network is dependent over the network hub. Therefore, it can be said that if there is any kind of issue in the main hub, then the entire network may shut down. However, this topology is very easy to handle because of its simplicity and the functionalities. Moreover, the problems can be easily identified in this system, therefore the process of troubleshooting also get easy for Beta Communication Ltd. however, the dependency over the network hub is considered as the biggest issue for the system (Bala and Venkatesh, 2015). In addition to that, the length of the cables that are required to set up the system is also a disadvantageous factor for the system.
    Figure 6: Star Topology
    (Source: Mikhaylov et al. 2016)
    Mesh topology
    In this topology, most of the network nodes are connected to each other through the cables. Therefore, it can help the organizations regarding the data flow, as they are able to handle their own data load. In addition to that, this topology can also provide a proper amount of security and privacy to the network. On the other hand, there are some loopholes regarding this topology. One of them is the huge requirement of cables and the connection is very much difficult. 
    can enhance their network performance. The organization can use the OSI model as it supports both connection=oriented and connectionless services. Along with that, according to Mikhaylov et al. (2016), the OSI model has the flexibility that can adopt with multiple protocols. In addition to that, this particular model is very much secure. However, some factors are considered as the loopholes for the model. One of them is that it does not define a particular protocol and may find it difficult to fit a new protocol in this particular model.
    In addition to that, when it comes to the data communication standards, Beta Communication Ltd can use the IEEE 802 as it mainly deals with the LAN and MAN. As these standards are restricted to carry the variable data packets, therefore it would help Beta Communication Ltd because they also have the limited amount of data packets. If Beta Communication Ltd introduces the IEEE standards, them they should use the IEEE 802.3 as it deals with the Ethernet.
    Along with that, when it comes to the different systems, Beta Communication Ltd may use the client-server technology into their account. This particular system has a main server and multiple client nodes that can have the access to the server machine. Therefore, the sharing of information can be very easy for the client nodes. In addition to that, as Beta Communication Ltd is using Class C IP address, therefore they also need to look at the bandwidth. They have the vision to provide 10Mbps bandwidth to all the workstations, therefore the client-server technology can be considered as a good one. However, Beta Communication Ltd can also use the cloud platform, but they also need to monitor the cost regarding the set up.
    1.3 Use of protocols to enable the proper communication in between the networking system
    IPv4 is considered as the connectionless protocol that can be used for the packet-switched networks. Along with that, it provides the assurance regarding the proper sequencing. Some particular aspects that include the data integrity can be addressed by the TCP. In addition to that, Beta Communication Ltd can use the protocols for the addressing purpose. As the organizations, use the Class C IP address, therefore the IPv4 can be useful for them. Along with that, Beta Communication Ltd can also use the FTP for file sharing. In addition to that, Beta Communication Ltd can also use the different routing protocols such as the RIP, RIPv2. According to Sahoo et al. (2014), these protocols specifies the fact that how the different routers communicate with each other in a particular computer network. As Beta Communication Ltd is also using the OSI model, they can also use the OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) as a routing protocol.
    Task 2: Understanding of different networking components
    2.1 Roles of different software and hardware
    For constructing the LAN connection for the company Beta Communication Ltd, they require to implement correct hardware components. The components, which are required for the company, comprised of network switches, hubs, routers, bridges, repeaters, modems along with various handheld devices as well as servers. Along with the above-mentioned devices, the company also requires workstation which may be the computers and mobiles, networking cables, wireless devices and mobile devices with the facility like the 3G, 4G, GPRS. The company hence requires selecting the proper devices which can fulfill their requirements for implementing the network LAN connection for the three buildings.
    The routers mainly capture the information set which generated by the broadband connection through the modems. Since the Beta Communication Ltd. is a medium sized organization hence according to Bonomi et al. (2014), the wireless and wired routers are suitable for them to create the LAN connection. Along with these since the beta communication LTD. Is using "Class C" IP address hence this would be perfect for them. Both wireless routers and wired routers are able to manage the proper routeing as well as configuration within the routeing table. This also allows for perfect filtering services related to the traffic monitoring on the outgoing data packets which are based on the provided IP address of service provider for the Beta Communication Ltd. 
    When the switch has to consider the company the beta communication Ltd requires to get Cisco series switches for maintaining their smooth networking functions. The business organization can also use the campus LAN switches. The 2960-X switch does provide the speed of 80 Gbps whereas; on the other side 160 Gbps speed is available with the 3650 series switches. Hence, the Beta Communication LTD can use the 3650 series networking switches, which provide the perfect data transmission from one building of the organization to other building for the same.
    Various wireless devices like the tablets, mobile phones are also helpful to manage the network traffic as a whole. According to Owen et al. (2015), the wireless devices like the mobile phones that are said as the smart phones are nowadays used heavily to perform various critical processes with the help of networking. Hence, the organization can use these smart mobile phones in order to perform work easily with wireless control. The smart mobile is capable of doing various tasks and for this; they require the network connection, which may be through the wireless routers. The use of GPRS, 4G, and 3G connections in the mobile phones may enhance the accessibility of the network for company's employees. There are security measures for the company and for the information security; there are restrictions to access the main server. Hence, the mobile devices are not able to access the main server of the organization (Afanasyev et al. 2014).
    There are various software components which the Beta Communication Ltd, can use different software from different clients with different server software. The company requires selecting the perfect software that is based on the quality as well as prices of the software product. The company also requires consideration for the fact that if they have correct labour for handling the software or does not have them. According to Sultana and Momen, (2017), the company can use the server from Ubuntu for their safe use of networking. This is easy to handle and effective for learning with the Ubuntu servers. For the workstation operating system, the company can use the Linux operating system as this is highly secured with the network intruders. The windows operating systems are more prone to get attacked by the intruders and viruses. Hence, this would make easy and convenient to use the Linux operating system for their workstations in the organization. The company can also use the server software, client operating system as well as server operating system. For this purpose, they can use the Linux operating system, which is best, used for the organizations with network securities as the windows operating systems are often attacked by the intruders such as the network intruders and viruses. As stated by the Kitsantas et al. (2016), the server that the company requires to use for their operations and communication within the three buildings there must be the server with the firewall. This must include the email, web, database management; file server system, virtualization and this should comply with safe server system for the company. The server must be selected with proper analysis of its cost, purpose in the organization and capability of it to perform the best for the company. The server system must be compatible with the operating system installed in it. Hence, this software and hardware required to implement in the organization for their respective functionality (Shaabana et al. 2014). 
    2.2 Different types of server and the selection criteria
    The correct database is essential for the Beta Communication Ltd for handling the customer's load as well as clients. The company has their three different buildings, which requires connection with networking. The organization consisting of their three buildings from where their employees require accessing the company's database for setting the data. Hence, the Beta Communication Ltd may use the architecture of client server. The effective line supporting technicians can access to the main server and the technicians must maintain the ethical consideration of the organization. Along with this, the manager for the network infrastructure also requires to have correct access to the company database and with this, the people in the organization can use the video conferencing. Thus, the networking switches also require to implement in the respective workstation of the employees who are within the network system has to be in the perfect bandwidth (Griths et al. 2014). Along with this, the Telco products manager requires having the secure and safe database. For this purpose, there is the requirement of proper security application for their database. The Beta Communication Ltd can use the firewall for the network gateways in order to make safe and secure for their database from the network intruders. 
    For the second building, this consists of the general staffs as well as ordering and delivery section requires access to the client database. The staffs require to handle the shipping processes. Within the third building, there exists the managing director as well as the personal assistant. They also require to have access to the main server from where they can take any kind of decision-related to the organization matter. For this purpose, the server acts as the major aspect of the organization (Zhang et al. 2014). Thus, the server must be protected with the firewall. This should have protection for the email, web and database that are used by various authorized persons in the organization. Hence, the organization requires client software server, client operating system as well as server operating system with safe and secure technology. The server selection must be done with proper analysis for the server cost. The organization must find the purpose of the server and avail according to the requirements of them in order to communicate the server within the three buildings which the company occupy for their ever business processes. The company must select the server after the complete analysis of the same. The server must be with the quick setup that is setup must be done within 24 hours of getting them. The server must feature rich with various tools, which can make easy for various organizational processes. There must be the management portal, which designed with the perfect sample interface with enriched tools. The hardware in the server must have their certification. According to Patrick et al. (2014), the organization must get their server with hardware, which has their brand new certificate server grade hardware. The server must be with management options, which the company plans to get maximum software support. The server must compatible with the powerful network. The server which the company choose for their business processes must be with the remote reboot option which can be controlled from anywhere with the wireless device such as smart mobile phones or tablets. The company has to consider for the server implementation with most of the safe and secure facilities, which cannot be intruded by the network intruders easily. 
    2.3 Dependency of the system hardware with the network components
    Before implementation of various network hard wares, the Beta Communication Ltd requires looking at their work system hardware. They must look for their computer hardware for effectiveness. The internal memory of the workstations must be high enough so that the machines can manage the server well to perform according to the organizational requirements. For having access to the server, the workstations must not go slow and for this fact, the workstation must be configured well for performing at the faster level. Along with this, the Linux operating system requires to be upgraded so that their users get it easy to work with the systems (Sommer and Dressler, 2014). The hard drive of the workstations also requires compatibility with different network devices. The network adapter card, which the Beta Communication Ltd requires, must be suitable in order to provide proper speed from the networks. The cabling to the network connection must be of better quality with which the data flow would be perfect without any kind of data loss on the way of communication through them. The organization also requires to implement various inputs as well as output devices such as the network printer, web cams and these require to set with their hardware systems since the managers require to use the video conferencing. This is essential for receiving the permission from ISP since this is based on the entire traffic of the networking that would be active at all the time for the organizational processes. 
    Task 3: Designing of a network system
    3.1 A network system
    Figure 9: Proposed network design
    (Source: Created by self)
    3.2 Evaluation of the design and analysis of the user’s feedback
    The business of Beta Communication Ltd is having their three buildings, which are connected to each other by the networking. The buildings have many workstations, which are connected with network cabling and hubs. There is a switch, which allows connecting each building and having their two access points such as servers. The main server is connected through the cloud computing system that is offered by some chosen vendor who provides the cloud service to the organization. The cloud server is connected to the switch through the router. This router is protected with the firewall. There also exists a test server, which allows testing any faults and performances. The test server is also firewalled so that no network intruder can invoke into the database of the organization. The network design for the company is well enough to process any work of them safely and securely. 
    Based on the designed network system for the Beta Communication Ltd this can be stated that the whole network traffic is safe. This is possible due to the firewall protection for the network system and for the routers and switch. In addition, the switch, which is of Cisco series switch, also ensures effective security measures for the whole network traffic. Hence, this is evaluated that the primary measure is the safety for Beta Communication Ltd. The company is able to maintain the safety measures effectively with the use of correct and proper software devices as well as hardware devices. Along with the above things and safety measures of the organization the data transmission by the router pass through in between the installed switches. There are two access points that help a large amount of data to transmit to test server and from the test server, the data is distributed through networking to other workstations of other buildings of the organization. The user also provides the feedback that implementation of the networking system for any organization requires the adequate amount of knowledge of the same so that they can check every aspect of the hardware as well as software within the networking system.
    Task 4: Implementation of the networked system
    4.1 Network system based on the design
    4.4 Recommendation regarding the network system
    When it comes to the proper recommendation regarding the proposed network, the firewalls can be used. Along with that, the network administrator also needs to maintain the proper monitoring the overall network. In addition to that, the testing also needs to be done by the experts so that it does not provide any kind of disruption regarding the system.
    4.5 Maintenance schedule for the network system
    Beta Communication Ltd should use the firewalls in order to maintain the security aspects. As the organization has three different buildings for their working purpose, therefore the network security is a very crucial factor that they need to take into consideration. On the other hand, in order to maintain the security the Beta Communication Ltd may also use the Onion routing network. However, for this implementation they need to switch on the TCP platform. Moreover, the organization, Beta Communication Ltd can also implement the intrusion detection system for their security reasons. That can easily prevent the intruders to break into the system. Along with that, the organization can also use the password protection system in order to ensure the security. Moreover, Beta Communication Ltd may also need to regulate the accessibility to the network.
    After summing up the entire study, it can be evaluated that the organizations, Beta Communication Ltd has maintained the different network related aspects properly in order to set up the new networking technology. In their new technology, they have provided an ample amount of focus over the network security part. Along with that, they have chosen the OSI model that can also produce security features to the organization’s network. In addition to that, as the organization deals with three different building and multiple rooms, therefore the client-server is the technology that is considered as the suitable one for Beta Communication Ltd. Therefore, it can be concluded that Beta Communication Ltd has incorporated the different networking aspects to such a standard so that it enhances their overall performance.