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    Network infrastructure Assignment help

    Network infrastructure Assignment help

    Network infrastructure Assignment help

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    I want to analyze network infrastructure that could assist in connecting different campuses of a university. For this, the methodology would focus on secondary research.

    Answer : An answer has been included in the Adeel Response sheet.


    These are the two articles the data collecting from:

    Multi-Campus Universities Private-Cloud Migration Infrastructure (Abdel Rahman Alzoubaidi, Department of computer Engineering, Al Balqa Applied University, Salt, Jordan)

    Exploration of informatization and Digital Campus in college (Hong-Yan SHI’, Lin JIANG, Man LIU, Hu CHAO (Aerial Ammunition Department, Air Force Logistics College, P.R. China,210000,Department of Basic Education, Air Force Logistics College, P.R. China, 210000.

    Answer : Both the journals have been found and included for study.


    The sampling method will be applied to the gathering of articles in a systematic manner. For this, non-random sampling techniques would be followed which is known as convenience sampling. The secondary research will be gathering information through this sampling method.

    Answer : Questionnaire has been framed for conducting survey in this regard.


    I will not use a simulator for the project. My project focuses on secondary research along with analyzing the information of various articles to provide a coherent approach towards understanding the feasibility of such network infrastructure. I believe that my project is better as compared to online sources as my project would focus gathering information and applying the information in a hypothetical manner.

    Answer : A design of logical network is given as follows.

    A design of logical network


    1. Alzoubaidi, A. (2016). Multi-campus universities private-cloud migration infrastructure. IJCCSA.

    2. Shi, Hong-Yan & Jiang, Lin & Liu, Man & Chao, Hu. (2016). Exploration of informatization and digital campus in college. Destech Transactions on Engineering and Technology Research. 10.12783/dtetr/ssme-ist2016/3960.

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