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    Negative Emotions Assignment Help

    Negative Emotions Assignment Help

    Negative Emotions Assignment Help


    Negative emotions have a way of piling up in many organizations. Surprisingly, most employees fail to take notice until when it is too late. Some of the causes of these depressing emotions include personal stress, work stress, unfair treatment at the workplace or sometimes they are related to drug and substance abuse. If not properly managed, negative emotions can disrupt workflow, violence incidences can occur, and some employees can end up losing their jobs. In a worst case scenario, some companies can even be forced to suspend their operations. Most people tend to quell negative emotions with equally negative ones. What they do not know is that negativity and negativity only breed more negativity. There exist better and more productive ways of dealing with this problem.

    The first step is watching out for the warning signs that indicate the underlying negative emotions. These kinds of feelings do not just blow over the roof in a single day. They build up bit by bit. If the management is keen enough, then they will surely take notice. Some of the signs that should raise a red flag include:

    • Employees putting in fewer hours or they are no longer enthusiastic about their work;

    • Workers are adamant to put more efforts than the expected in the execution of their duties;

    • Individuals fail to turn up for duties and give petty excuses in return and being easily agitated for no good reason.

    Whenever these indicators arise, the employer should strategize on ways promoting positivity at the workplace (Pearson, 2017).

    Secondly, the management should seek out distressed employees. This can be achieved through asking them questions followed by an observation on the tone of the response. If an employee’s behavior seems unusual or is out of synch with the flow of the conversation, there is a high possibility that they are emotionally disturbed. Through the interaction, a negative tone is likely to dominate (Pearson, 2017).

    Negative emotions assignment help

    Thirdly, resist the urge that makes you want to solve others’ problems. As a leader in an organization, you should master the technique of listening and giving a little advice. However, you can still offer support to those who need it. Help the troubled employees determine the best solutions to their problems. At the same time, you need to put yourself in their shoes and understand how they are feeling. What should be avoided in this case is helping a colleague or staff member justify their negative emotions (Bregman, 2012).

    Fourthly, know when to agree with the distressed person. The likelihood of you not agreeing with everything said by a depressed person is very high. Nonetheless, you can agree with some that make sense. Make it known to them which complain you agree with. This strategy portrays you as an understanding person (Bregman, 2012).

    Lastly, strive to know what the employees or workers are positive about and purpose to build on it. You don’t want to try to persuade them to be positive because this will only make it look bad and selfish in a way. You should focus on giving much attention to positive feelings exhibited by the personnel. Sometimes it’s hard to draw some people out of their negativity. If this occurs, show so much support to individuals who have changed positively, and perhaps the stubborn ones will finally come to their senses and change too.

    Employers support

    Negative emotions derail the progress of companies. It also affects the social-emotional well-being of human beings. Even so, there is a still hope of coming out of the depression stronger. Every employee just needs to focus on the good and positive feelings when faced with distressing issues. Employers support to employees is essential in promoting emotional growth.


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