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    National Diploma Assignment Help

    National Diploma Assignment Help

    BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing

    Cloud Computing 


    Working in the current scenario is supported by the cloud and is easily acceptable by the people when working with information is an easy task. Another important discussion is how the working of the cloud goes into any company and is it desirable to adopt cloud by the company. Cloud computing is a new concept which overpowers the existing strategies of working. Cloud computing works best with the collaboration of competitive hardware and software. The company will be able to spread its network and will be able to provide access to information to the employee at any minute and any hour.

    P1: The analysis of Cloud and its fundamental concepts

    The older times were where the computers were huge and difficult to handle so the buying of computers was avoided back then and even if any company was having the computer then the company was not having the computers equal to the number of employees. There were only 1 or 2 computers. Today every person has a computer or a device that has internet access and is capable of communication. The use of a computer for an employee is to perform a task that is given by giving instructions to computers. 

    The cloud back then was a faded concept and the name was grid where the use of parallel computing was done for solving big problems. Then followed by the utility computing that was offering the resources of the computer by the services of the meter. The next advancement was SaaS (Software As A Service) where the subscription to the applications was provided based on the network. Finally, it reached to cloud computing. The start from monolithic and taken by the servers of a client moving from the web and SOA has reached to the service domain and has gained momentum with new generation computers, devices, and data centers.

    P2: Designing frameworks of Cloud Computing

    The architecture of Cloud Computing

    Information transferring from one end to another by using advanced technology is termed Cloud computing. The company is trying to develop new information storing and exchange system that is based on the cloud. The company has to develop a system so they can exchange information and store information and access information. For the development of a cloud-based system, the company has to develop or purchase a cloud that will be the domain of the company, and all employees will report to the domain along with the upcoming ideas and advancements. The important feature of using the cloud is the access to the information is allowed from all devices that include PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones that to at any hour of the day. 


    The architecture of cloud computing has 4 layers and the layers are Infrastructure, Platform, Software, and BPO. Cloud computing has the connection from the browser to PC using the internet and the front end is the combination of them. The other name of the four layers of cloud architecture is the Application layer, platform layer, infrastructure layer, and hardware layer. The cloud layers in combination provide the best management and security. The cloud will be developed and the company will be using it for communication. 

    M1: The reasons why a company is adopting Cloud computing

    The company is adopting cloud technologies because it is very beneficial in all aspects and the company can manage the system in a very sophisticated manner. The advantages of adopting cloud computing by the company are mentioned below:

    Cost-efficient: The use of cloud by the company is allowing the company to save a lot and the company can work efficiently. While using the cloud the company does not have to spend on the hard disk and also on much hardware as the information can also be access using mobile phones and the storing of information is done at the cloud.

    Modifiable: The important feature of the cloud is that it gets modified or advanced with the requirements or needs according to the environment and suitability the modifications in the cloud are made. It always provides the latest updated version of the cloud which helps in working with new features.

    Easy maintenance: the maintenance of the cloud is easy as the downtime is very low and most of the time downtime is not there. The fixing of bugs is an ongoing process in the cloud and this supports the cloud.

    Availability: the availability of the cloud is accurate according to the needs as it provides the storage space in different ratios and people and companies according to their needs can get the desired amount of storage space. 

    Secure: the information available in the cloud does not get lost as the snapshots are taken at a particular duration which prevents information loss even after the failure of the servers or systems.   



    According to the need the clouds are selected by the company and if the requirement is for the transferring or exchanging of personal information is there then the private cloud is set up and if the cloud is to be used for the exchanging of information to public or to all then for this purpose the public cloud is to be used again when the needs are both and are changing then the use of hybrid cloud is done. When the range is defined for sharing of information then the community cloud is used.


    Accessing the information and the network using the different mechanisms.

    Provision of the features that too in automatically in different cases.

    The working goes self of storing network and the commands are not required.


    The clouds available as per the needs of any organization or the need are public, private, community, and hybrid. The availability of the cloud will be according to the installation and as the need goes the installation will be done. The company according to the department's needs has to install the cloud and take advantage of the available clouds. The different clouds are:


    The cloud that is accessible by the company owners, employee, clients, and even sometimes those members who go for the surfing purpose of the cloud. The cloud that is open for all is the public cloud.


    The cloud is only for the owner or the CEO of the company and is used for the exchange of confidential information which is not to be shared with everyone. The cloud is not accessible by everyone and is developed with high security.


    The cloud is developed for specific people which may include the heads of department and owners and CEO of the company.


    The combination of 2 or more different cloud and to create a safe cloud. It is used by governments and industries with a broad network.


    SaaS (Software as a service) the applications that are available at the browsers and can be downloaded or installed from the web such as salesforce are considered as SaaS and are cloud-based and is the layer of cloud which helps in the installation of the cloud.

    IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) the services that provide resources of servers on-demand and are provided by utility computing. The virtual provision is also provided and the cost is very less which the company can easily fund and so it will be deployed by the company as the deployment cost is less and it provides more benefits. 

    PaaS ( Platform as a Service ) here the environment is provided and the applications are deployed at the server and the competitive platform is provided to them. The company will be deploying such a cloud so that the applications are supported and perform the best in communication and information exchange. The deployment of the following can be done easily.

    M2: Deployment Models 

    The use of cloud is now common and is required by everyone, the daily routine has so many activities that require cloud taking the example of education system everywhere students take classes and gets their study materials from the cloud, in industries the databases are prepared of the client data and another example can be of health care centers, there the cloud is most useful for storing the information of disease, drug and also the information of patients. The company getting a cloud-based system that will allow the employee and concerned authorities to access the data at any minute and at any location, where the only requirement will be internet connectivity.

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