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    Assessment 1:
    Preparation of for and run of information 
    Objectives of the task 
    The main objective of this task is to complete the task in a proper way within the given time. In an information technology organisation, the work load gets divided due to the use of various software and technologies such as computers. Kerr & Hayward, (2013) has stated that in work activities such as in marketing or sales, the main motive is to earn profit.
    Outline of the team expectations 
    In every organization it is important to work in a team to achieve a specific target. For this reason, all the team members need to be a contributor. Every team member should communicate with each other’s and exchange ideas among themselves to make a task successful. It is expected to be cooperative from all the team members of a team. They must realize that coordinated work is more productive.
    Objectives, values and standards of the team and organization 
    Organisational objectives may be short term or long-term goal that an organisation needs to accomplish. An organisational objective plays an integral part in developing organisational policies and determines the allocation of the organisation resources.  There must be a particular target deadline to achieve the objectives and goal of the organisation. The decision makers should be committed to the objectives. Achievement of objectives helps an organisation to reach a specific goal. 
    Need of team in motivational and encouraging way 
    Pollitt (2013) has stated that in every organization the team members of all the team should be motivated and encouraged to achieve success. It is very important for a team that to win or complete a specific task, they have to be motivated. However a team motivation is affected by various factors. As long as the team shares a common goal, they will get a motivation to work together. The team will get motivated if they understand the purpose of the task to be done.
    Expectation of organizations in terms of environmental management, product safety 
    Every organisation expects loyalty and dedication from all the employees or team. All the team members should be hard working and must do their work sincerely to achieve a specific result (Vukšić et al. 2013). It is very important for the entire team member to understand that why they are participating on the team and how the team fits within the organization. Organisation expects that all the workers will work according to the strategic plan and goal.
    Leadership of the team 
    Create trust within the team
    Khamooshi, & Golafshan, (2014) has commented that a team without trust can never achieve success. It does not matter how capable and responsible all the employees are, if trust is not presence then it is no value. Trust among the team members makes that team stronger. 
    Improvement of the organizational culture
    Organisational culture can be improved by creating a healthy work environment. All the employees or team members should get motivated from their team head. Employers must be encouraged so that they do they work properly. Modern technology and tools should be implemented.
    Consult with the team members
    To achieve the target it is essential to consult with all the team members. Without communicating with the team members, the productivity and efficiency of the team will not get fulfilled. Consulting with the team members help to grow the organisation. It also helps to build opportunity for every employee to share their thoughts.
    Making decisions that consider the needs and expectations of the stakeholders
    Poister et al. (2013) has stated that any employee within an organisation with an interest is called a stakeholder. Each stakeholder has needs and expectation. The needs and expectations will depend on the perspective of the stakeholder group involved.
    Responsibilities of the team
    It is the responsibility of the entire team in an organisation to work effectively to achieve the target of the company. Every team member of the team should understand the purpose and objectives of the project. It is the duty of the team member to ensure the current balance between project and non project work.
    Empowerment of the team
    Empowerment of a team can be enhancing potency, meaningfulness, autonomy and impact. Empowered team is mainly project based and cross discipline. It is also possible to have team empowerment without much individual empowerment. Empowered team also has high morale.
    Coaching and mentoring the team
    Coaching and mentoring the team will make every team member more efficient and talented. They can easily accomplish the particular target of the organisation. This will help them to understand that project in a detailed manner. They will not get confused while doing their works.
    Maintaining a positive work environment
    Maintaining a positive work environment will enhance the workers to work in a fresh mind. They can do their work in a proper way without any fear. It will also create positivity in the work culture. People will feel satisfied with their jobs. 
    Encouragement of diversity and ingenuity from the team
    Foerstl et al. (2013) has mentioned that encouragement of diversity and ingenuity from the team helps in the betterment of an organisation. The more workers will work together and share their thoughts, the more successful a company will be. Discrimination among the team members in a organisation should be avoided.
    Assessment 2:
    Part A: student performance management 
    Design of a performance management
    Structure followed for the performance review 
    The objectives, which are placed for the performance review, are based on the individualized section. The goals should be clearly mentioned and must be within the employee’s reach. The employee’s performance is based on the workplace responsibilities, such as attendance, punctuality and policy adherence.
    Performance management template used by the reviewer
    Performance management template is needed to build trust which help to behave and express everyone in an open and honest manner. This also provides regular, consistent and meaningful information. It helps to demonstrate skills and knowledge which is relevant to the work groups.
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    (Source: Kallio et al. 2016 )

    Appraisal form used by the team members
    A performance appraisal form is a type of form, which help to evaluate the performance of each employees working in a particular organisation. These forms are designed to support and automate various review process.
    Train assessor on performance management
    Performance management can be trained by providing proper training and coaching for the specific jobs to every employees working in an organisation. Different seminars and programmes on performance management should be organised in the company.
    Implement review to assess performance of the team
    Performance of the team can be increased by introducing leaders in a team. The organisation must be focussed on their business strategy. They have to use proper training and development strategy also.
    Provide formal structure feedback to the team
    Formal feedback is very important to increase the effectiveness of the team member in an organisation. It helps to understand the employees about the drawbacks and fault of them.
    Part B: Follow up performance review
    Development of performance improvement 
    In order to develop performance of a team, it is essential to involve every team member in the task completely (Kallio et al. 2016). Their opinion needs to be asked for so that they find interest in the work. In addition to this, reward scheme can be initiated for the best person, who performed well for gaining the attention of team members. Constant motivation is required to be provided to the subordinates for betterment
    Seeking assistance for HR specialist
    In case of any issue, expertise suggestions can be asked for. Since it is an IT project, suggestion of experienced people is highly recommended. This would help in driving profit in the particular task and engage team members properly into work. Along with that, experts can be asked to provide their opinion regarding the work that has been completed. This will help in adding more excellence to the task.
    Reinforce excellence with team if suitable
    When it is found that team members are working properly with complete dedication, they can be further encouraged to work more efficiently. Such approach will not make them feel isolated from the task and consider the words of the leaders with utmost importance. It is necessary that subordinates of the leaders provide them proper attention (Abidi, de Leeuw, & Klumpp, 2014). Active participation of leaders will help in gaining such support of the team members.
    Provide additional coaching for individuals
    Gerrish, (2016) has demonstrated that leader needs to be very active and monitor their team members appropriately. This will assist them to understand their flaws and guide the team members in the proper way. When it is found that employees are failing to deliver their skills correctly, they can be provided training. It will help in improving their efficiency and add extra attributes to their respective set of skills.
    Provide support services as per the team need
    Supportive nature has to be the main feature of any individual’s character when that individual is a leader (Van, Fruytier, & Thunnissen, 2013). Similarly, in the task of installation of IT system, employees might need guidance. A leader needs to be familiar with the task from initial stage only so that they can guide their followers in the proper way. In addition, politeness needs to be present in the attributes so that employees can perform their respective task without any chaos.
    Part C: (evaluation of performance management system)
    Report of the performance of the individuals
    The performance management helps to get effective outcome of the venture. As per the viewpoint of Budworth, Latham & Manroop (2015), if the higher authority of organisation is able to improve the performance of the employees, they would be able to hold their position in the contemporary merchandise market.
    In order to install new IT system in the workplace, it is necessary to manage the performance of the employees. All that technologies help to complete the job as soon as possible know it. Therefore, for managing performance of the employees, the organisations need to chalk the plan. It helps to complete the job in the appropriate way. 
    For introducing new IT system in workplace, the authority should provide training to their employees. 
    Recommendation for improvement
    In order to improve the service of the performance of the employees, the authority needs to maintain the techniques, which are followed by-
    Training: In the opinion of Kloot & Martin (2014), providing training is the appropriate way of developing performance of the workers. As the venture installs new IT system, they need to provide training to their employees. It helps workers to access it. 
    Monitoring: In order to develop performance of employees, the authority of enterprise can recruit new candidates. The observers need to observe the performance of workers. Therefore, if the employees do any mistake, the observers are able to find it out. Henceforth, it helps to improve performance of employees after installing new IT system.
    Self reflection
    In order to manage the performance of the employees after installing IT system in workplace, I try to set the proper plan for completing the task. In order to maintain the performance of the employees, I try to find out the difficulties of the employees. For example, as the venture has installed new IT system, many employees are not familiar with it. Therefore, I try to arrange training, as the employees are able to improve their performance in the appropriate way.
    On the other hand, I constantly observe the performance of the workers to bring improvement in the work procedure. If the workers were able to provide their best performance, the venture would be able to uplift their position in the contemporary market.
    Opinion from the team member about the process
    In the opinion of Van Dooren, Bouckaert & Halligan (2015), after introducing new system in the venture, the authority needs to collect the opinion of the members for understanding its outcome. Many times, it has been seen that, the workers are unable to complete the job. Hence, if the authority hears the opinion of members, they would be able to confess it. Therefore, the authority can take steps as per the opinion of the team members. 
    In case of installing new IT systems, the authority should provide training for earning effective outcome. If they are able to operate new IT systems, it helps to bring prosperity for the venture in the market.