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    Mechanical Engineering

    MME315 Mechanical Engineering Solution Help

    MME315 Mechanical Engineering Solution Help

    MME315 Mechanical Engineering Solution Help

    Numerical Solutions (Sec 3.8):-

    The task in hand is to compute the analytical, numerical, laplace and Simulink modeling of spring mass damper system shown in following figure

    Following the above model, following equation represent this model

    mx ̈(t)+cx ̇(t)+kx(t)=F(t)

    Where the parameters for the given circuit is defined as,





    t_o=2 sec

    x(0)=0 m

    v(0)=0 m/s

    1. Analytical Method:-

    From the graph give, the system can be divided into two conditions, one is when t is less then or equal to t_o and second is when t is greater than t_o

    For 0 < 


     2.  Numerical Method:-


    3. Laplace Transform:-

    4. Simulink Modeling:-

    mx ̈(t)+cx ̇(t)+kx(t)=F(t)

    The block diagram of above-mentioned equation is as follows



    Appendix (Coding):-

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